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URI: citation-styles/resource/citation-styles186520 Name: Catholic Biblical Association (full note)CSL: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <style xmlns="http://purl.org/net/xbiblio/csl" class="note" version="1.0" demote-non-dropping-particle="sort-only" default-locale="en-US"> <info> <title>Catholic Biblical Association (full note)</title> <id>http://www.zotero.org/styles/catholic-biblical-association</id> <link href="http://www.zotero.org/styles/catholic-biblical-association" rel="self"/> <link href="http://www.zotero.org/styles/society-of-biblical-literature-fullnote-bibliography" rel="template"/> <link href="http://cba.cua.edu/instruct2%5Ccbqinstr%5Cinstrcbq.pdf" rel="documentation"/> <author> <name>Nathan LaMontagne</name> <email>nathan.lamontagne@gmail.com</email> </author> <category citation-format="note"/> <category field="theology"/> <updated>2012-10-25T21:15:26+00:00</updated> <rights license="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/">This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License</rights> </info> <locale> <terms> <term name="editor" form="verb-short">ed.</term> <term name="translator" form="verb-short">trans.</term> </terms> </locale> <!-- Using Zotero with CBQ Style: Using CBQ style in this form means primarily only using a small set of the possible Zotero item types. If you need to use an item type not discussed in CBQ styles, the default style used should be Chicago if you are writing an article, but Turabian if you are writing a paper or dissertation. If you must use an item type other than the ones listed below, I'm afraid you will have to copy and paste the citation in a different format from the Zotero GUI into your document. Sorry. CBQ Style will only be designed to handle the following item types, and uses them in the following ways: [CBQIns = CBQ Instructions for contributors, available at the website listed above under "documentation"] book: as normal; CBQIns 21.(a) article-journal: as normal;. Always uses the Journal abbv, where available; CBQIns 21.(b) chapter: as normal; CBQIns 21.(c) entry-encyclopedia: These are used for citations to articles in bible dictionaries, FOR WHICH ONLY A SHORT FORM IS EVER USED - the TWNT, TDOT, and other dictionaries for which there is a standard abbreviation in CBQIns section 49. The Encyclopedia entry is used for sources for which an author's name is given at the end of the entry, and the author's name is cited. entry-dictionary: This is used for citations to articles in LEXICONS, for which ONLY A SHORT FORM IS EVER USED e.g., BDAG, HALOT, BDB, and other lexicons for which there is a standard abbreviation in CBQIns seciton 49. The Dictionary entry is used for sources which do not give an author's name at the end of any entries. NOTE: In the current version of Zotero, the two above types are not mapped to a Zotero item type; they both function as the chapter type. So in using these, just make sure that you only put in the information that you want to be seen into Zotero, and no more. You must set the item type to "book section". When these variables are mapped, the commented out selection below in <citation> can be uncommented, but until then, there is no helping it. thesis: as normal, for citing dissertations. Standard format. paper-conference: as normal, standard format. webpage: This will be for internet resources which are published primarily online; uses date posted and accessed; post: this will be for internet resources which are found on a forum type website. Two dates: date posted, date accessed IMPORTANT: If you use the above online format rsources, note the following for CBQ: Putting the URL info in, you MUST include the angle brackets in the Zotero field; xml can't parse the brackets otherwise You should use the Post Type field for what the resource IS - e.g., forum post, homepage, PDF document, etc. Inside the square brackets, the first thing put is what type of post it is - e.g., "database online" or "review online"- This data must go into the ABSTRACT field (sorry, there's no way around this-CBQ doesn't really know how to handle online stuff) Before the citation of the URL, you also must provide instructions to navigate to the selected page, or simply put "online:" Whichever one you have to write, this data must go in the "Extra" field in Zotero (again, sorry), whatever you put will be followed immediately by a space, a < and then the URL, closed by a >, so write carefully. The Last thing is the date accessed, which should be entered in full date format in the Accessed field of Zotero. There are several item types which Zotero is simply not equipped to handle, for instance, citations to ancient resources, which are frequently, if not always, given in a highly abbreviated form. These you will have to handle manually. Also, references to the PG and the PL will have to be entered manually. --> <macro name="point-locators-subsequent"> <group> <choose> <if locator="page" match="none"> <choose> <if type="book"> <choose> <if variable="volume"> <group> <number variable="volume" form="numeric" suffix=". "/> <label variable="locator" form="short" suffix=" "/> </group> </if> <else> <label variable="locator" form="short" suffix=". "/> </else> </choose> </if> </choose> </if> <else-if variable="volume"> <choose> <if type="chapter"> <group delimiter=" " suffix=", "> <text term="in"/> <text variable="title"/> <text macro="container-contributors-short" prefix="(" suffix=")"/> </group> </if> </choose> </else-if> </choose> <text variable="locator"/> </group> </macro> <macro name="container-contributors-short"> <choose> <if type="chapter"> <group delimiter="; "> <choose> <if variable="author"> <names variable="editor" delimiter=", "> <label form="verb-short" suffix="."/> <name form="short" and="text" delimiter=", "/> </names> </if> </choose> <choose> <if variable="author editor" match="any"> <names variable="translator" delimiter=", "> <label form="verb-short" suffix=". "/> <name form="short" and="text" delimiter=", "/> </names> </if> </choose> </group> </if> </choose> </macro> <macro name="contributors-short"> <names variable="author"> <name form="short" and="text" delimiter=", "/> <substitute> <names variable="editor"/> <names variable="translator"/> </substitute> </names> </macro> <macro name="title-short"> <choose> <if variable="title" match="none"> <choose> <if type="interview"> <text term="interview"/> </if> <else-if type="manuscript speech" match="any"> <text variable="genre" form="short"/> </else-if> <else-if type="personal_communication"> <text macro="issued"/> </else-if> </choose> </if> <else-if type="book"> <text variable="title" form="short" font-style="italic"/> </else-if> <else> <text variable="title" form="short" quotes="true"/> </else> </choose> </macro> <macro name="contributors"> <names variable="author"> <name and="text" sort-separator=", " delimiter=", "/> <substitute> <text macro="editor"/> <text macro="translator"/> </substitute> </names> </macro> <macro name="title"> <choose> <if variable="title" match="none"> <choose> <if type="personal_communication" match="none"> <text variable="genre" text-case="capitalize-first"/> </if> </choose> </if> <else-if type="book"> <text variable="title" font-style="italic"/> </else-if> <else> <text variable="title" quotes="true"/> </else> </choose> </macro> <macro name="container-title"> <choose> <if type="chapter"> <text term="in" suffix=" "/> <text variable="container-title" font-style="italic"/> </if> <else-if type="article-journal"> <text variable="container-title" font-style="italic" form="short"/> <text variable="volume" prefix=" "/> </else-if> <else> <text variable="container-title" font-style="italic"/> </else> </choose> </macro> <macro name="translator"> <names variable="translator"> <label form="verb-short" suffix=". "/> <name and="text" sort-separator=", " delimiter=", "/> </names> </macro> <macro name="editor"> <names variable="editor"> <label form="verb-short" prefix=", " suffix="."/> <name and="text" sort-separator=", " delimiter=", "/> </names> </macro> <macro name="volumes"> <choose> <if type="book chapter" match="any"> <group> <number variable="number-of-volumes" form="numeric"/> <text term="volume" form="short" prefix=" " suffix="." plural="true"/> </group> </if> </choose> </macro> <macro name="secondary-contributors"> <group delimiter=", "> <choose> <if variable="author"> <names variable="editor" delimiter=", "> <label form="verb-short" suffix=". "/> <name and="text" delimiter=", "/> </names> <choose> <if variable="container-author"> <group prefix=" by "> <names variable="container-author"> <label form="verb-short" prefix=" " suffix=" "/> <name and="text" delimiter=", "/> </names> </group> </if> </choose> </if> </choose> </group> </macro> <macro name="collection"> <text variable="collection-title"/> <text variable="collection-number" prefix=" "/> </macro> <macro name="edition"> <choose> <if type="book chapter" match="any"> <choose> <if is-numeric="edition"> <group delimiter=" "> <number variable="edition" form="ordinal"/> <text term="edition" form="short" suffix="."/> </group> </if> <else> <text variable="edition" text-case="capitalize-first" suffix="."/> </else> </choose> </if> </choose> </macro> <macro name="issue-note"> <choose> <if type="article-journal"> <text macro="issued"/> </if> <else-if variable="publisher-place publisher" match="any"> <group delimiter=" "> <group delimiter=" "> <choose> <if variable="title" match="none"> </if> <else-if type="thesis speech" match="any"> <text variable="genre" suffix=","/> </else-if> </choose> <text macro="event"/> </group> <text macro="publisher"/> <text macro="issued"/> </group> </else-if> <else> <text macro="issued"/> </else> </choose> </macro> <macro name="publisher"> <group delimiter=": " suffix=","> <text variable="publisher-place"/> <text variable="publisher"/> </group> </macro> <macro name="event"> <group> <text term="presented at" suffix=" "/> <text variable="event"/> </group> </macro> <macro name="issued"> <choose> <if variable="issued"> <choose> <if type="graphic report" match="any"> <date variable="issued"> <date-part name="month" suffix=" "/> <date-part name="day" suffix=", "/> <date-part name="year"/> </date> </if> <else-if type="legal_case"> <text variable="authority" suffix=" "/> <date variable="issued"> <date-part name="year"/> </date> </else-if> <else-if type="book chapter thesis" match="any"> <date variable="issued"> <date-part name="year"/> </date> </else-if> <else-if type="entry-dictionary entry-encyclopedia" match="any"> </else-if> <else> <date variable="issued"> <date-part name="month" suffix=" "/> <date-part name="day" suffix=", "/> <date-part name="year"/> </date> </else> </choose> </if> <else-if type="chapter"> </else-if> <else> <text term="no date"/> </else> </choose> </macro> <macro name="point-locators"> <choose> <if variable="locator" match="none"> <text macro="pages" prefix=" "/> </if> <else-if type="article-journal chapter" match="any"> <text macro="pages"/> <text variable="locator" prefix=", here "/> </else-if> <else-if type="entry-dictionary entry-encyclopedia" match="any"> <text macro="pages"/> <text variable="locator" prefix=", esp. "/> </else-if> <else> <choose> <if variable="volume"> <number variable="volume" form="numeric" prefix=" " suffix="."/> </if> </choose> <text variable="locator" prefix=" "/> </else> </choose> </macro> <macro name="pages"> <choose> <if type="article-journal"> <text variable="page" prefix=" "/> </if> <else-if type="chapter entry-dictionary entry-encyclopedia" match="any"> <choose> <if variable="volume"> <number variable="volume" form="numeric" suffix="."/> </if> </choose> <text variable="page" prefix=" "/> </else-if> </choose> </macro> <macro name="webpage-title"> <group delimiter=", "> <text variable="genre"/> <date variable="issued"> <date-part name="month" suffix=" "/> <date-part name="day" suffix=", "/> <date-part name="year"/> </date> <text variable="container-title" quotes="true"/> </group> </macro> <macro name="webpage-information"> <group delimiter="; " prefix="[" suffix="]"> <text variable="abstract"/> <group> <text variable="note"/> <text variable="URL"/> </group> <date variable="accessed" prefix="accessed: "> <date-part name="month" suffix=" "/> <date-part name="day" suffix=", "/> <date-part name="year"/> </date> </group> </macro> <citation et-al-min="4" et-al-use-first="1" disambiguate-add-names="true"> <layout delimiter="; "> <choose> <if position="ibid-with-locator"> <group delimiter=", "> <text term="ibid" text-case="capitalize-first" suffix="."/> <text macro="point-locators-subsequent"/> </group> </if> <else-if position="ibid"> <text term="ibid" text-case="capitalize-first" suffix="."/> </else-if> <else-if position="subsequent"> <group delimiter=", "> <text macro="contributors-short"/> <text macro="title-short"/> <text macro="point-locators-subsequent"/> </group> </else-if> <else> <choose> <if type="book chapter article-journal thesis paper-conference" match="any"> <group delimiter=", " suffix=" "> <text macro="contributors"/> <text macro="title"/> <text macro="container-title"/> </group> <group delimiter="; " prefix="(" suffix=")"> <text macro="translator"/> <text macro="volumes"/> <text macro="secondary-contributors"/> <text macro="collection"/> <text macro="edition"/> <text macro="issue-note"/> </group> <text macro="point-locators"/> </if> <!-- <else-if type="entry-encylopedia entry-dicitonary" match="any"> <group delimiter=", "> <text macro="contributors"/> <text macro="title"/> <text macro="container-title"/> <text macro="point-locators"/> </group> </else-if> --> <else-if type="webpage post" match="any"> <group delimiter=", "> <text macro="contributors"/> <text macro="title"/> <text macro="webpage-title"/> <text macro="webpage-information"/> </group> </else-if> </choose> </else> </choose> </layout> </citation> </style>