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This is the publication repository of the Max Planck Society.
It contains bibliographic data and numerous fulltexts of the publications of its researchers.
The repository is based on PubMan, a publication repository software developed by the Max Planck Digital Library.

Currently we are working on the migration of the data base of the predecessor system eDoc into this repository.

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Most Recently Released Items

Lam, Kin-Chung; Chung, Ho-Ryun; Semplicio, Giuseppe; Iyer, Shantanu S. ...
Nucleosomal organization at gene promoters is critical for transcription, with a nucleosome-depleted region (NDR) at transcription start sites (TSSs)...
Berens, Philipp; Freeman, Jeremy; Deneux, Thomas; Chenkov, Nicolay ...
In recent years, two-photon calcium imaging has become a standard tool to probe the function of neural circuits and to study computations in neuronal...
de Vrese, Philipp; Brovkin, Victor
Minimizing the risks and impacts of climate change requires limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5 °C above preindustrial levels, while the ...
Drexl, Josef; Fetzer, Thomas; Grünberger, Michael; Hoffmann, Jörg ...
Datenzugang kommt zentrale Bedeutung für die Datenwirtschaft und die Förderung zahlreicher Gemeinwohlbelange zu. Vor diesem Hintergrund stellt sich d...

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