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This is the publication repository of the Max Planck Society.
It contains bibliographic data and numerous fulltexts of the publications of its researchers.
The repository is based on PubMan, a publication repository software developed by the Max Planck Digital Library.

Currently we are working on the migration of the data base of the predecessor system eDoc into this repository.

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Most Recently Released Items

Stevelink, Remi; Luykx, Jurjen J.; Lin, Bochao D.; Leu, Costin ...
Abstract Objective Paroxysmal epileptiform abnormalities on electroencephalography (EEG) are the hallmark of epilepsies, but it is uncertain to what ...
Schubotz, Louise; Holler, Judith; Drijvers, Linda; Ozyurek, Asli
When comprehending speech-in-noise (SiN), younger and older adults benefit from seeing the speaker’s mouth, i.e. visible speech. Younger adults addit...
Serrano-Sánchez, Federico; Luo, Ting; Yu, Junjie; Xie, Wenjie ...
Half-Heusler compounds with a valence electron count of 18, including ZrNiSn, ZrCoSb, and NbFeSb, are good thermoelectric materials owing to favorabl...
Debnath, A.; Rubio, A.
We present a theoretical formulation of the frequency domain multidimensional pump-probe analog spectroscopy, which utilizes the spectral–temporal en...

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