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This is the publication repository of the Max Planck Society.
It contains bibliographic data and numerous fulltexts of the publications of its researchers.
The repository is based on PubMan, a publication repository software developed by the Max Planck Digital Library.

Currently we are working on the migration of the data base of the predecessor system eDoc into this repository.

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Most Recently Released Items

Bernal Sierra, Yinth Andrea; Rost, Benjamin R.; Pofahl, Martin; Fernandes, Antonio Miguel ...
Optogenetics enables manipulation of biological processes with light at high spatio-temporal resolution to control the behavior of cells, networks, o...
Windler, Florian; Bönigk, Wolfgang; Körschen, Heinz Gerd; Grahn, E. ...
Voltage-sensing (VSD) and cyclic nucleotide-binding domains (CNBD) gate ion channels for rapid electrical signaling. By contrast, solute carriers (SL...
Saggiorato, G.; Alvarez, Luis; Jikeli, Jan; Kaupp, Ulrich Benjamin ...
Sperm are propelled by bending waves traveling along their flagellum. For steering in gradients of sensory cues, sperm adjust the flagellar waveform...
Perkins, Scott E.; Nair, Remya; Silva, Hector Okada da; Yunes, Nicolas
Gravitational wave observations of compact binaries allow us to test general relativity (and modifications thereof) in the strong and highly-dynam...

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