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  Pathogenic autoantibody responses in multiple sclerosis

Elliott, C., Arthur, A., Derfuss, T., Meinl, E., Olsson, T., Jarius, S., et al. (2009). Pathogenic autoantibody responses in multiple sclerosis. GLIA, 57(13 Suppl.), S144-S144.

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Date of Discard: 2022-01-08
Comment: Dubl
Elliott, C.1
Arthur, A.1
Derfuss, T.2              
Meinl, E.2              
Olsson, T.1
Jarius, S.2              
Barnett, S.1
Linington, C.2              
1[Elliott, C.; Arthur, A.; Barnett, S.; Linington, C.] Univ Glasgow, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.; [Jarius, S.] Univ Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany.; [Olsson, T.] Karolinska Inst, Stockholm, Sweden., ou_persistent22              
2Department: Neuroimmunology / Wekerle, MPI of Neurobiology, Max Planck Society, ou_1113547              
 Dates: 2009-10
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version ID: item_1130120_1
Item State: Discarded
Name of Context: Import Context of the MPI of Neurobiology, Affiliated to: MPI of Neurobiology