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  Measurement of the diffractive longitudinal structure function FLD at HERA

Aaron, F. D., Alexa, C., Andreev, V., Backovic, S., Baghdasaryan, A., Baghdasaryan, S., et al. (2011). Measurement of the diffractive longitudinal structure function FLD at HERA. European Physical Journal C, 71(12): 1836. doi:10.1140/epjc/s10052-011-1836-6.

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Aaron, F. D.1, Author
Alexa, C.1, Author
Andreev, V.1, Author
Backovic, S.1, Author
Baghdasaryan, A.1, Author
Baghdasaryan, S.1, Author
Barrelet, E.1, Author
Bartel, W.1, Author
Begzsuren, K.1, Author
Belousov, A.1, Author
Belov, P.1, Author
Bizot, J. C.1, Author
Boudry, V.1, Author
Bozovic-Jelisavcic, I.1, Author
Bracinik, J.1, Author
Brandt, G.1, Author
Brinkmann, M.1, Author
Brisson, V.1, Author
Britzger, D.1, Author
Bruncko, D.1, Author
Bunyatyan, A.1, AuthorBuschhorn, G.1, AuthorBystritskaya, L.1, AuthorCampbell, A. J.1, AuthorAvila, K. B. Cantun1, AuthorCeccopieri, F.1, AuthorCerny, K.1, AuthorCerny, V.1, AuthorChekelian, V.1, AuthorContreras, J. G.1, AuthorCoughlan, J. A.1, AuthorCvach, J.1, AuthorDainton, J. B.1, AuthorDaum, K.1, AuthorDelcourt, B.1, AuthorDelvax, J.1, AuthorDeWolf, E. A.1, AuthorDiaconu, C.1, AuthorDobre, M.1, AuthorDodonov, V.1, AuthorDossanov, A.1, AuthorDubak, A.1, AuthorEckerlin, G.1, AuthorEgli, S.1, AuthorEliseev, A.1, AuthorElsen, E.1, AuthorFavart, L.1, AuthorFedotov, A.1, AuthorFelst, R.1, AuthorFeltesse, J.1, AuthorFerencei, J.1, AuthorFischer, D. -J.1, AuthorFleischer, M.1, AuthorFomenko, A.1, AuthorGabathuler, E.1, AuthorGayler, J.1, AuthorGhazaryan, S.1, AuthorGlazov, A.1, AuthorGoerlich, L.1, AuthorGogitidze, N.1, AuthorGouzevitch, M.1, AuthorGrab, C.1, AuthorGrebenyuk, A.1, AuthorGreenshaw, T.1, AuthorGrell, B. R.1, AuthorGrindhammer, G.1, AuthorHabib, S.1, AuthorHaidt, D.1, AuthorHelebrant, C.1, AuthorHenderson, R. C. W.1, AuthorHennekemper, E.1, AuthorHenschel, H.1, AuthorHerbst, M.1, AuthorHerrera, G.1, AuthorHildebrandt, M.1, AuthorHiller, K. H.1, AuthorHoffmann, D.1, AuthorHorisberger, R.1, AuthorHreus, T.1, AuthorHuber, F.1, AuthorJacquet, M.1, AuthorJanssen, X.1, AuthorJoensson, L.1, AuthorJung, H.1, AuthorKapichine, M.1, AuthorKenyon, I. R.1, AuthorKiesling, C.1, AuthorKlein, M.1, AuthorKleinwort, C.1, AuthorKluge, T.1, AuthorKogler, R.1, AuthorKostka, P.1, AuthorKraemer, M.1, AuthorKretzschmar, J.1, AuthorKrueger, K.1, AuthorLandon, M. P. J.1, AuthorLange, W.1, AuthorLastovicka-Medin, G.1, AuthorLaycock, P.1, AuthorLebedev, A.1, AuthorLendermann, V.1, AuthorLevonian, S.1, AuthorLipka, K.1, AuthorList, B.1, AuthorList, J.1, AuthorLopez-Fernandez, R.1, AuthorLubimov, V.1, AuthorMakankine, A.1, AuthorMalinovski, E.1, AuthorMarage, P.1, AuthorMartyn, H. -U.1, AuthorMaxfield, S. J.1, AuthorMehta, A.1, AuthorMeyer, A. B.1, AuthorMeyer, H.1, AuthorMeyer, J.1, AuthorMikocki, S.1, AuthorMilcewicz-Mika, I.1, AuthorMoreau, F.1, AuthorMorozov, A.1, AuthorMorris, J. V.1, AuthorMudrinic, M.1, AuthorMueller, K.1, AuthorNaumann, Th.1, AuthorNewman, P. R.1, AuthorNiebuhr, C.1, AuthorNikitin, D.1, AuthorNowak, G.1, AuthorNowak, K.1, AuthorOlsson, J. E.1, AuthorOzerov, D.1, AuthorPahl, P.1, AuthorPalichik, V.1, AuthorPanagoulias, I.1, AuthorPandurovic, M.1, AuthorPapadopoulou, Th.1, AuthorPascaud, C.1, AuthorPatel, G. D.1, AuthorPerez, E.1, AuthorPetrukhin, A.1, AuthorPicuric, I.1, AuthorPiec, S.1, AuthorPirumov, H.1, AuthorPitzl, D.1, AuthorPlacakyte, R.1, AuthorPokorny, B.1, AuthorPolifka, R.1, AuthorPovh, Bogdan2, Author           Radescu, V.1, AuthorRaicevic, N.1, AuthorRavdandorj, T.1, AuthorReimer, P.1, AuthorRizvi, E.1, AuthorRobmann, P.1, AuthorRoosen, R.1, AuthorRostovtsev, A.1, AuthorRotaru, M.1, AuthorTabasco, J. E. Ruiz1, AuthorRusakov, S.1, AuthorSalek, D.1, AuthorSankey, D. P. C.1, AuthorSauter, M.1, AuthorSauvan, E.1, AuthorSchmitt, S.1, AuthorSchoeffel, L.1, AuthorSchoening, A.1, AuthorSchultz-Coulon, H. C.1, AuthorSefkow, F.1, AuthorShtarkov, L. N.1, AuthorShushkevich, S.1, AuthorSloan, T.1, AuthorSmiljanic, I.1, AuthorSoloviev, Y.1, AuthorSopicki, P.1, AuthorSouth, D.1, AuthorSpaskov, V.1, AuthorSpecka, A.1, AuthorStaykova, Z.1, AuthorSteder, M.1, AuthorStella, B.1, AuthorStoicea, G.1, AuthorStraumann, U.1, AuthorSykora, T.1, AuthorThompson, P. D.1, AuthorToll, T.1, AuthorTran, T. H.1, AuthorTraynor, D.1, AuthorTruoel, P.1, AuthorTsakov, I.1, AuthorTseepeldorj, B.1, AuthorTurnau, J.1, AuthorUrban, K.1, AuthorValkarova, A.1, AuthorVallee, C.1, AuthorVan Mechelen, P.1, AuthorVazdik, Y.1, AuthorWegener, D.1, AuthorWuensch, E.1, AuthorZacek, J.1, AuthorZalesak, J.1, AuthorZhang, Z.1, AuthorZhokin, A.1, AuthorZohrabyan, H.1, AuthorZomer, F.1, Author more..
1External Organizations, ou_persistent22              
2Prof. Bogdan Povh, Emeriti, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_907545              




 Dates: 2011-122011-12
 Publication Status: Issued
 Pages: 21
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Title: European Physical Journal C
  Other : Eur.Phys.J.C
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: Les Ulis, France : EDP Sciences
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 71 (12) Sequence Number: 1836 Start / End Page: - Identifier: ISSN: 1434-6044
CoNE: https://pure.mpg.de/cone/journals/resource/954925624278