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  Measurement of acoustic attenuation in South Pole ice

Abbasi, R., Abdou, Y., Abu-Zayyad, T., Adams, J., Aguilar, J. A., Ahlers, M., et al. (2011). Measurement of acoustic attenuation in South Pole ice. Astroparticle Physics, 34(6), 382-393. doi:10.1016/j.astropartphys.2010.10.003.

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Abbasi, R.1, Author
Abdou, Y.1, Author
Abu-Zayyad, T.1, Author
Adams, J.1, Author
Aguilar, J. A.1, Author
Ahlers, M.1, Author
Andeen, K.1, Author
Auffenberg, J.1, Author
Bai, X.1, Author
Baker, M.1, Author
Barwick, S. W.1, Author
Bay, R.1, Author
Alba, J. L. Bazo1, Author
Beattie, K.1, Author
Beatty, J. J.1, Author
Bechet, S.1, Author
Becker, J. K.1, Author
Becker, K. -H.1, Author
Benabderrahmane, M. L.1, Author
Berdermann, J.1, Author
Berghaus, P.1, AuthorBerley, D.1, AuthorBernardini, E.1, AuthorBertrand, D.1, AuthorBesson, D. Z.1, AuthorBissok, M.1, AuthorBlaufuss, E.1, AuthorBoersma, D. J.1, AuthorBohm, C.1, AuthorBoeser, S.1, AuthorBotner, O.1, AuthorBradley, L.1, AuthorBraun, J.1, AuthorBuitink, S.1, AuthorCarson, M.1, AuthorChirkin, D.1, AuthorChristy, B.1, AuthorClem, J.1, AuthorClevermann, F.1, AuthorCohen, S.1, AuthorColnard, C.1, AuthorCowen, D. F.1, AuthorD'Agostino, M. V.1, AuthorDanninger, M.1, AuthorDe Clercq, C.1, AuthorDemiroers, L.1, AuthorDepaepe, O.1, AuthorDescamps, F.1, AuthorDesiati, P.1, Authorde Vries-Uiterweerd, G.1, AuthorDeYoung, T.1, AuthorDiaz-Velez, J. C.1, AuthorDreyer, J.1, AuthorDumm, J. P.1, AuthorDuvoort, M. R.1, AuthorEhrlich, R.1, AuthorEisch, J.1, AuthorEllsworth, R. W.1, AuthorEngdegard, O.1, AuthorEuler, S.1, AuthorEvenson, P. A.1, AuthorFadiran, O.1, AuthorFazely, A. R.1, AuthorFeusels, T.1, AuthorFilimonov, K.1, AuthorFinley, C.1, AuthorFoerster, M. M.1, AuthorFox, B. D.1, AuthorFranckowiak, A.1, AuthorFranke, R.1, AuthorGaisser, T. K.1, AuthorGallagher, J.1, AuthorGanugapati, R.1, AuthorGeisler, M.1, AuthorGerhardt, L.1, AuthorGladstone, L.1, AuthorGluesenkamp, T.1, AuthorGoldschmidt, A.1, AuthorGoodman, J. A.1, AuthorGrant, D.1, AuthorGriesel, T.1, AuthorGross, A.2, Author           Grullon, S.1, AuthorGunasingha, R. M.1, AuthorGurtner, M.1, AuthorGustafsson, L.1, AuthorHa, C.1, AuthorHallgren, A.1, AuthorHalzen, F.1, AuthorHan, K.1, AuthorHanson, K.1, AuthorHelbing, K.1, AuthorHerquet, P.1, AuthorHickford, S.1, AuthorHill, G. C.1, AuthorHoffman, K. D.1, AuthorHomeier, A.1, AuthorHoshina, K.1, AuthorHubert, D.1, AuthorHuelsnitz, W.1, AuthorHuelss, J. -P.1, AuthorHulth, P. O.1, AuthorHultqvist, K.1, AuthorHussain, S.1, AuthorImlay, R. L.1, AuthorIshihara, A.1, AuthorJacobsen, J.1, AuthorJaparidze, G. S.1, AuthorJohansson, H.1, AuthorJoseph, J. M.1, AuthorKampert, K. -H.1, AuthorKappes, A.1, AuthorKarg, T.1, AuthorKarle, A.1, AuthorKelley, J. L.1, AuthorKemming, N.1, AuthorKenny, P.1, AuthorKiryluk, J.1, AuthorKislat, F.1, AuthorKlein, S. R.1, AuthorKnops, S.1, AuthorKoehne, J. -H.1, AuthorKohnen, G.1, AuthorKolanoski, H.1, AuthorKoepke, L.1, AuthorKoskinen, Dj.1, AuthorKowalski, M.1, AuthorKowarik, T.1, AuthorKrasberg, M.1, AuthorKrings, T.1, AuthorKroll, G.1, AuthorKuehn, K.1, AuthorKuwabara, T.1, AuthorLabare, M.1, AuthorLafebre, S.1, AuthorLaihem, K.1, AuthorLandsman, H.1, AuthorLauer, R.1, AuthorLehmann, R.1, AuthorLennarz, D.1, AuthorLuenemann, J.1, AuthorMadsen, J.1, AuthorMajumdar, P.1, AuthorMaruyama, R.1, AuthorMase, K.1, AuthorMatis, H. S.1, AuthorMatusik, M.1, AuthorMeagher, K.1, AuthorMerck, M.1, AuthorMeszaros, P.1, AuthorMeures, T.1, AuthorMiddell, E.1, AuthorMilke, N.1, AuthorMontaruli, T.1, AuthorMorse, R.1, AuthorMovit, S. M.1, AuthorNahnhauer, R.1, AuthorNam, J. W.1, AuthorNaumann, U.1, AuthorNiessen, P.1, AuthorNygren, D. R.1, AuthorOdrowski, S.2, Author           Olivas, A.1, AuthorOlivo, M.1, AuthorOno, M.1, AuthorPanknin, S.1, AuthorPaul, L.1, Authorde los Heros, C. Perez1, AuthorPetrovic, J.1, AuthorPiegsa, A.1, AuthorPieloth, D.1, AuthorPorrata, R.1, AuthorPosselt, J.1, AuthorPrice, P. B.1, AuthorPrikockis, M.1, AuthorPrzybylski, G. T.1, AuthorRawlins, K.1, AuthorRedl, P.1, AuthorResconi, E.2, Author           Rhode, W.1, AuthorRibordy, M.1, AuthorRizzo, A.1, AuthorRodrigues, J. P.1, AuthorRoth, P.1, AuthorRothmaier, F.1, AuthorRott, C.1, AuthorRoucelle, C.1, AuthorRuhe, T.1, AuthorRutledge, D.1, AuthorRuzybayev, B.1, AuthorRyckbosch, D.1, AuthorSander, H. -G.1, AuthorSarkar, S.1, AuthorSchatto, K.1, AuthorSchlenstedt, S.1, AuthorSchmidt, T.1, AuthorSchneider, D.1, AuthorSchukraft, A.1, AuthorSchultes, A.1, AuthorSchulz, O.1, AuthorSchunck, M.1, AuthorSeckel, D.1, AuthorSemburg, B.1, AuthorSeo, S. H.1, AuthorSestayo de la Cerra, Yolanda2, Author           Seunarine, S.1, AuthorSilvestri, A.1, AuthorSlipakaj, A.1, AuthorSpiczak, G. M.1, AuthorSpiering, C.1, AuthorStamatikos, M.1, AuthorStanev, T.1, AuthorStephens, G.1, AuthorStezelberger, T.1, AuthorStokstad, R. G.1, AuthorStoyanov, S.1, AuthorStrahler, E. A.1, AuthorStraszheim, T.1, AuthorSullivan, G. W.1, AuthorSwillens, Q.1, AuthorTaboada, I.1, AuthorTamburro, A.1, AuthorTarasova, O.1, AuthorTepe, A.1, AuthorTer-Antonyan, S.1, AuthorTilav, S.1, AuthorToale, P. A.1, AuthorTosi, D.1, AuthorTurcan, D.1, Authorvan Eijndhoven, N.1, AuthorVandenbroucke, J.1, AuthorVan Overloop, A.1, Authorvan Santen, J.1, AuthorVoigt, B.1, AuthorWalck, C.1, AuthorWaldenmaier, T.1, AuthorWallraff, M.1, AuthorWalter, M.1, AuthorWendt, C.1, AuthorWesterhoff, S.1, AuthorWhitehorn, N.1, AuthorWiebe, K.1, AuthorWiebusch, C. H.1, AuthorWikstrom, G.1, AuthorWilliams, D. R.1, AuthorWischnewski, R.1, AuthorWissing, H.1, AuthorWoschnagg, K.1, AuthorXu, C.1, AuthorXu, X. W.1, AuthorYanez, J. P.1, AuthorYodh, G.1, AuthorYoshida, S.1, AuthorZarzhitsky, P.1, Author more..
1External Organizations, ou_persistent22              
2Elisa Resconi - Emmy Noether Junior Research Group, Junior Research Groups, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_907554              


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Title: Astroparticle Physics
  Other : Astropart. Phys.
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: Amsterdam, Netherlands : North-Holland
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 34 (6) Sequence Number: - Start / End Page: 382 - 393 Identifier: ISSN: 0927-6505
CoNE: https://pure.mpg.de/cone/journals/resource/954925567770