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  Gamma-ray Excess from a Stacked Sample of High- and Intermediate-frequency Peaked Blazars Observed with the MAGIC Telescope

Aleksic, J., Antonelli, L. A., Antoranz, P., Backes, M., Baixeras, C., Barrio, J. A., et al. (2011). Gamma-ray Excess from a Stacked Sample of High- and Intermediate-frequency Peaked Blazars Observed with the MAGIC Telescope. The Astrophysical Journal, 729(2): 115. doi:10.1088/0004-637X/729/2/115.

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Aleksic, J.1, Author
Antonelli, L. A.1, Author
Antoranz, P.1, Author
Backes, M.1, Author
Baixeras, C.1, Author
Barrio, J. A.1, Author
Bastieri, D.1, Author
Gonzalez, J. Becerra1, Author
Bednarek, W.1, Author
Berdyugin, A.1, Author
Berger, K.1, Author
Bernardini, E.1, Author
Biland, A.1, Author
Blanch, O.1, Author
Bock, R. K.1, Author
Bonnoli, G.1, Author
Bordas, P.1, Author
Tridon, D. Borla1, Author
Bosch-Ramon, V.1, Author
Bose, D.1, Author
Braun, I.1, AuthorBretz, T.1, AuthorBritzger, D.1, AuthorCamara, M.1, AuthorCarmona, E.1, AuthorCarosi, A.1, AuthorColin, P.1, AuthorCommichau, S.1, AuthorContreras, J. L.1, AuthorCortina, J.1, AuthorCostado, M. T.1, AuthorCovino, S.1, AuthorDazzi, F.1, AuthorDe Angelis, A.1, Authordel Pozo, E. De Cea1, AuthorDe los Reyes, Raquel2, Author           De Lotto, B.1, AuthorDe Maria, M.1, AuthorDe Sabata, F.1, AuthorMendez, C. Delgado1, AuthorDoert, M.1, AuthorDominguez, A.1, AuthorPrester, D. Dominis1, AuthorDorner, D.1, AuthorDoro, M.1, AuthorElsaesser, D.1, AuthorErrando, M.1, AuthorFerenc, D.1, AuthorFonseca, M. V.1, AuthorFont, L.1, AuthorLopez, R. J. Garcia1, AuthorGarczarczyk, M.1, AuthorGaug, M.1, AuthorGodinovic, N.1, AuthorHadasch, D.1, AuthorHerrero, A.1, AuthorHildebrand, D.1, AuthorHoehne-Moench, D.1, AuthorHose, J.1, AuthorHrupec, D.1, AuthorHsu, C. C.1, AuthorJogler, T.1, AuthorKlepser, S.1, AuthorKraehenbuehl, T.1, AuthorKranich, D.1, AuthorLa Barbera, A.1, AuthorLaille, A.1, AuthorLeonardo, E.1, AuthorLindfors, E.1, AuthorLombardi, S.1, AuthorLongo, F.1, AuthorLopez, M.1, AuthorLorenz, E.1, AuthorMajumdar, P.1, AuthorManeva, G.1, AuthorMankuzhiyil, N.1, AuthorMannheim, K.1, AuthorMaraschi, L.1, AuthorMariotti, M.1, AuthorMartinez, M.1, AuthorMazin, D.1, AuthorMeucci, M.1, AuthorMiranda, J. M.1, AuthorMirzoyan, R.1, AuthorMiyamoto, H.1, AuthorMoldon, J.1, AuthorMoles, M.1, AuthorMoralejo, A.1, AuthorNieto, D.1, AuthorNilsson, K.1, AuthorNinkovic, J.1, AuthorOrito, R.1, AuthorOya, I.1, AuthorPaiano, S.1, AuthorPaoletti, R.1, AuthorParedes, J. M.1, AuthorPartini, S.1, AuthorPasanen, M.1, AuthorPascoli, D.1, AuthorPauss, F.1, AuthorPegna, R. G.1, AuthorPerez-Torres, M. A.1, AuthorPersic, M.1, AuthorPeruzzo, L.1, AuthorPrada, F.1, AuthorPrandini, E.1, AuthorPuchades, N.1, AuthorPuljak, I.1, AuthorReichardt, I.1, AuthorRhode, W.1, AuthorRibo, M.1, AuthorRico, J.1, AuthorRissi, M.1, AuthorRuegamer, S.1, AuthorSaggion, A.1, AuthorSaito, T. Y.1, AuthorSalvati, M.1, AuthorSanchez-Conde, M.1, AuthorSatalecka, K.1, AuthorScalzotto, V.1, AuthorScapin, V.1, AuthorSchultz, C.1, AuthorSchweizer, T.1, AuthorShayduk, M.1, AuthorShore, S. N.1, AuthorSierpowska-Bartosik, A.1, AuthorSillanpaeae, A.1, AuthorSitarek, J.1, AuthorSobczynska, D.1, AuthorSpanier, F.1, AuthorSpiro, S.1, AuthorStamerra, A.1, AuthorSteinke, B.1, AuthorStruebig, J. C.1, AuthorSuric, T.1, AuthorTakalo, L.1, AuthorTavecchio, F.1, AuthorTemnikov, P.1, AuthorTerzic, T.1, AuthorTescaro, D.1, AuthorTeshima, M.1, AuthorTibolla, O.1, AuthorTorres, D. F.1, AuthorVankov, H.1, AuthorWagner, R. M.1, AuthorWeitzel, Q.1, AuthorZabalza, V.1, AuthorZandanel, F.1, AuthorZanin, R.1, Author more..
1External Organizations, ou_persistent22              
2Division Prof. Dr. Werner Hofmann, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_904550              




 Dates: 20112011
 Publication Status: Issued
 Pages: 10
 Publishing info: -
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Title: The Astrophysical Journal
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: Chicago, IL : University of Chicago Press for the American Astronomical Society
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 729 (2) Sequence Number: 115 Start / End Page: - Identifier: ISSN: 0004-637X
CoNE: https://pure.mpg.de/cone/journals/resource/954922828215_3