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  Multi-wavelength observations of blazar AO 0235+164 in the 2008-2009 flaring state

Ackermann, M., Ajello, M., Ballet, J., Barbiellini, G., Bastieri, D., Bellazzini, R., et al. (2012). Multi-wavelength observations of blazar AO 0235+164 in the 2008-2009 flaring state. The Astrophysical Journal, 751(2): 159, pp. 1-20. doi:10.1088/0004-637X/751/2/159.

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Ackermann, M., Author
Ajello, M., Author
Ballet, J., Author
Barbiellini, G., Author
Bastieri, D., Author
Bellazzini, R., Author
Blandford, R. D., Author
Bloom, E. D., Author
Bonamente, E., Author
Borgland, A. W., Author
Bottacini, E., Author
Bregeon, J., Author
Brigida, M., Author
Bruel, P., Author
Buehler, R., Author
Buson, S., Author
Caliandro, G. A., Author
Cameron, R. A., Author
Caraveo, P. A., Author
Casandjian, J. M., Author
Cavazzuti, E., AuthorCecchi, C., AuthorCharles, E., AuthorChekhtman, A., AuthorChiang, J., AuthorCiprini, S., AuthorClaus, R., AuthorCohen-Tanugi, J., AuthorCutini, S., AuthorD'Ammando, F., Authorde Palma, F., AuthorDermer, C. D., Authordo Couto e Silva, E. , AuthorDrell, P. S., AuthorDrlica-Wagner, A., AuthorDubois, R., AuthorFavuzzi, C., AuthorFegan, S. J., AuthorFerrara, E. C., AuthorFocke, W. B., AuthorFortin, P., AuthorFuhrmann, L., AuthorFukazawa, Y., AuthorFusco, P., AuthorGargano, F., AuthorGasparrini, D., AuthorGehrels, N., AuthorGermani, S., AuthorGiglietto, N., AuthorGiommi, P., AuthorGiordano, F., AuthorGiroletti, M., AuthorGlanzman, T., AuthorGodfrey, G., AuthorGrenier, I. A., AuthorGuiriec, S., AuthorHadasch, D., AuthorHayashida, M., AuthorHughes, R. E., AuthorItoh, R., AuthorJóhannesson, G., AuthorJohnson, A. S., AuthorKatagiri, H., AuthorKataoka, J., AuthorKnödlseder, J., AuthorKuss, M., AuthorLande, J., AuthorLarsson, S., AuthorLee, S.-H., AuthorLongo, F., AuthorLoparco, F., AuthorLott, B., AuthorLovellette, M. N., AuthorLubrano, P., AuthorMadejski, G. M., AuthorMazziotta, M. N., AuthorMcEnery, J. E., AuthorMehault, J., AuthorMichelson, P. F., AuthorMitthumsiri, W., AuthorMizuno, T., AuthorMonte, C., AuthorMonzani, M. E., AuthorMorselli, A., AuthorMoskalenko, I. V., AuthorMurgia, S., AuthorNaumann-Godo, M., AuthorNishino, S., AuthorNorris, J. P., AuthorNuss, E., AuthorOhsugi, T., AuthorOkumura, A., AuthorOmodei, N., AuthorOrlando, E.1, Author              Ozaki, M., AuthorPaneque, D., AuthorPanetta, J. H., AuthorPelassa, V., AuthorPesce-Rollins, M., AuthorPierbattista, M., AuthorPiron, F., AuthorPivato, G., AuthorPorter, T. A., AuthorRainò, S., AuthorRando, R., AuthorRastawicki, D., AuthorRazzano, M., AuthorReadhead, A., AuthorReimer, A., AuthorReimer, O., AuthorReyes, L. C., AuthorRichards, J. L., AuthorSbarra, C., AuthorSgrò, C., AuthorSiskind, E. J., AuthorSpandre, G., AuthorSpinelli, P., AuthorSzostek, A., AuthorTakahashi, H., AuthorTanaka, T., AuthorThayer, J. G., AuthorThayer, J. B., AuthorThompson, D. J., AuthorTinivella, M., AuthorTorres, D. F., AuthorTosti, G., AuthorTroja, E., AuthorUsher, T. L., AuthorVandenbroucke, J., AuthorVasileiou, V., AuthorVianello, G., AuthorVitale, V., AuthorWaite, A. P., AuthorWiner, B. L., AuthorWood, K. S., AuthorYang, Z., AuthorZimmer, S., AuthorModerski, R., AuthorNalewajko, K., AuthorSikora, M., AuthorVillata, M., AuthorRaiteri, C. M., AuthorAller, H. D., AuthorAller, M. F., AuthorArkharov, A. A., AuthorBenítez, E., AuthorBerdyugin, A., AuthorBlinov, D. A., AuthorBoettcher, M., AuthorBravo Calle, O. J. A. , AuthorBuemi, C. S., AuthorCarosati, D., AuthorChen, W. P., AuthorDiltz, C., AuthorPaola, A. Di, AuthorDolci, M., AuthorEfimova, N. V., AuthorForné, E., AuthorGurwell, M. A., AuthorHeidt, J., AuthorHiriart, D., AuthorJordan, B., AuthorKimeridze, G., AuthorKonstantinova, T. S., AuthorKopatskaya, E. N., AuthorKoptelova, E., AuthorKurtanidze, O. M., AuthorLähteenmäki, A., AuthorLarionova, E. G., AuthorLarionova, L. V., AuthorLarionov, V. M., AuthorLeto, P., AuthorLindfors, E., AuthorLin, H. C., AuthorMorozova, D. A., AuthorNikolashvili, M. G., AuthorNilsson, K., AuthorOksman, M., AuthorRoustazadeh, P., AuthorSievers, A., AuthorSigua, L. A., AuthorSillanpää, A., AuthorTakahashi, T., AuthorTakalo, L. O., AuthorTornikoski, M., AuthorTrigilio, C., AuthorTroitsky, I. S., AuthorUmana, G., AuthorAngelakis, E., AuthorKrichbaum, T. P., AuthorNestoras, I., AuthorRiquelme, D., AuthorKrips, M., AuthorTrippe, S., AuthorArai, A., AuthorKawabata, K. S., AuthorSakimoto, K., AuthorSasada, M., AuthorSato, S., AuthorUemura, M., AuthorYamanaka, M., AuthorYoshida, M., AuthorBelloni, T., AuthorTagliaferri, G., AuthorBonning, E. W., AuthorIsler, J., AuthorUrry, C. M., AuthorHoversten, E., AuthorFalcone, A., AuthorPagani, C., AuthorStroh, M., Author more..
1High Energy Astrophysics, MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_159890              




Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2012-06-01
 Publication Status: Published in print
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 Rev. Type: Peer
 Identifiers: DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/751/2/159
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Title: The Astrophysical Journal
  Abbreviation : Astrophys. J.
Source Genre: Journal
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Pages: - Volume / Issue: 751 (2) Sequence Number: 159 Start / End Page: 1 - 20 Identifier: ISSN: 0004-637x