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  Direct Measurement of Backgrounds using Reactor-Off Data in Double Chooz

Abe, Y., Aberle, C., Anjos, J. C. d., Barriere, J. C., Bergevin, M., Bernstein, A., et al. (2013). Direct Measurement of Backgrounds using Reactor-Off Data in Double Chooz. Physical Review D, 87(1): 011102, pp. 1-7. doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.87.011102.

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Abe, Y., Author
Aberle, Christoph1, Author              
Anjos, J. C. dos, Author
Barriere, J. C., Author
Bergevin, M., Author
Bernstein, A., Author
Bezerra, T. J. C., Author
Bezrukhov, L., Author
Blucher, E., Author
Bowden, N. S., Author
Buck, Ch.1, Author              
Busenitz, J., Author
Cabrera, A., Author
Caden, E., Author
Camilleri, L., Author
Carr, R., Author
Cerrada, M., Author
Chang, P. -J., Author
Chimenti, P., Author
Classen, T., Author
Collin, A. P., AuthorConover, E., AuthorConrad, J. M., AuthorCrespo-Anadon, J. I., AuthorCrum, K., AuthorCucoanes, A., AuthorD'Agostino, M. V., AuthorDamon, E., AuthorDawson, J. V., AuthorDazeley, S., AuthorDietrich, D., AuthorDjurcic, Z., AuthorDracos, M., AuthorDurand, V., AuthorEbert, J., AuthorEfremenko, Y., AuthorElnimr, M., AuthorErickson, A., AuthorEtenko, A., AuthorFallot, M., AuthorFechner, M., Authorvon Feilitzsch, F., AuthorFelde, J., AuthorFernandes, S. M., AuthorFischer, V., AuthorFranco, D., AuthorFranke, A. J., AuthorFranke, M., AuthorFuruta, H., AuthorGama, R., AuthorGil-Botella, I., AuthorGiot, L., AuthorGöger-Neff, M., AuthorGonzalez, L. F. G., AuthorGoodenough, L., AuthorGoodman, M. C., AuthorGoon, J. TM., AuthorGreiner, D., AuthorHaag, N., AuthorHabib, S., AuthorHagner, C., AuthorHara, T., AuthorHartmann, F. X., AuthorHaser, Julia1, Author              Hatzikoutelis, A., AuthorHayakawa, T., AuthorHofmann, M., AuthorHorton-Smith, G. A., AuthorHourlier, A., AuthorIshitsuka, M., AuthorJochum, J., AuthorJollet, C., AuthorJones, C. L., AuthorKaether, F.1, Author              Kalousis, L. N., AuthorKamyshkov, Y., AuthorKaplan, D. M., AuthorKawasaki, T., AuthorKeefer, G., AuthorKemp, E., Authorde Kerret, H., AuthorKibe, Y., AuthorKonno, T., AuthorKryn, D., AuthorKuze, M., AuthorLachenmaier, T., AuthorLane, C. E., AuthorLangbrandtner, C.1, Author              Lasserre, T., AuthorLetourneau, A., AuthorLhuillier, D., AuthorLima, H. P., AuthorLindner, M.1, Author              Lopez-Castano, J. M., AuthorLoSecco, J. M., AuthorLubsandorzhiev, B. K., AuthorLucht, S., AuthorMcKee, D., AuthorMaeda, J., AuthorMaesano, C. N., AuthorMariani, C., AuthorMaricic, J., AuthorMartino, J., AuthorMatsubara, T., AuthorMention, G., AuthorMeregaglia, A., AuthorMeyer, M., AuthorMiletic, T., AuthorMilincic, R., AuthorMiyata, H., AuthorMueller, Th. A., AuthorNagasaka, Y., AuthorNakajima, K., AuthorNovella, P., AuthorObolensky, M., AuthorOberauer, L., AuthorOnillon, A., AuthorOsborn, A., AuthorOstrovskiy, I., AuthorPalomares, C., AuthorPepe, I. M., AuthorPerasso, S., AuthorPerrin, P., AuthorPfahler, P., AuthorPorta, A., AuthorPotzel, W., AuthorPronost, G., AuthorReichenbacher, J., AuthorReinhold, B.1, Author              Remoto, A., AuthorRöhling, M., AuthorRoncin, R., AuthorRoth, S., AuthorRybolt, B., AuthorSakamoto, Y., AuthorSantorelli, R., AuthorSato, F., AuthorSchönert, S., AuthorSchoppmann, S., AuthorSchwetz, T., AuthorShaevitz, M. H., AuthorShimojima, S., AuthorShrestha, D., AuthorSida, J-L., AuthorSinev, V., AuthorSkorokhvatov, M., AuthorSmith, E., AuthorSpitz, J., AuthorStahl, A., AuthorStancu, I., AuthorStokes, L. F. F., AuthorStrait, M., AuthorStüken, A., AuthorSuekane, F., AuthorSukhotin, S., AuthorSumiyoshi, T., AuthorSun, Y., AuthorSvoboda, R., AuthorTerao, K., AuthorTonazzo, A., AuthorToups, M., AuthorThi, H. H. Trinh, AuthorValdiviesso, G., AuthorVeyssiere, C., AuthorWagner, S.1, AuthorWatanabe, H.1, Author              White, B., AuthorWiebusch, C., AuthorWinslow, L., AuthorWorcester, M., AuthorWurm, M., AuthorYermia, F., AuthorZimmer, V., Author more..
1Division Prof. Dr. Manfred Lindner, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_904549              


Free keywords: High Energy Physics - Experiment, hep-ex,Nuclear Experiment, nucl-ex
 Abstract: Double Chooz is unique among modern reactor-based neutrino experiments studying $\bar \nu_e$ disappearance in that data can be collected with all reactors off. In this paper, we present data from 7.53 days of reactor-off running. Applying the same selection criteria as used in the Double Chooz reactor-on oscillation analysis, a measured background rate of 1.0$\pm$0.4 events/day is obtained. The background model for accidentals, cosmogenic $\beta$-$n$-emitting isotopes, fast neutrons from cosmic muons, and stopped-$\mu$ decays used in the oscillation analysis is demonstrated to be correct within the uncertainties. Kinematic distributions of the events, which are dominantly cosmic-ray-produced correlated-background events, are provided. The background rates are scaled to the shielding depths of two other reactor-based oscillation experiments, Daya Bay and RENO.


Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2013-01-08
 Publication Status: Published online
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 Identifiers: arXiv: 1210.3748
URI: http://arxiv.org/abs/1210.3748
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.87.011102
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Title: Physical Review D
  Other : Phys. Rev. D.
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Publ. Info: Lancaster, Pa. : Published for the American Physical Society by the American Institute of Physics
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 87 (1) Sequence Number: 011102 Start / End Page: 1 - 7 Identifier: ISSN: 0556-2821
CoNE: https://pure.mpg.de/cone/journals/resource/111088197762258