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  Search for gravitational waves associated with gamma-ray bursts during LIGO science run 6 and Virgo science runs 2 and 3

Abadie, J., Abbott, B. P., Abbott, R., Abbott, T. D., Abernathy, M., Accadia, T., et al. (2012). Search for gravitational waves associated with gamma-ray bursts during LIGO science run 6 and Virgo science runs 2 and 3. The Astrophysical Journal, 760(1): 12, pp. 1-18. doi:10.1088/0004-637X/760/1/12.

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Abadie, J., Author
Abbott, B. P., Author
Abbott, R., Author
Abbott, T. D., Author
Abernathy, M., Author
Accadia, T., Author
Acernese, F., Author
Adams, C., Author
Adhikari, R. X., Author
Affeldt, C., Author
Agathos, M., Author
Agatsuma, K., Author
Ajith, P., Author
Allen, B., Author
Amador Ceron, E. , Author
Amariutei, D., Author
Anderson, S. B., Author
Anderson, W. G., Author
Arai, K., Author
Arain, M. A., Author
Araya, M. C., AuthorAston, S. M., AuthorAstone, P., AuthorAtkinson, D., AuthorAufmuth, P., AuthorAulbert, C., AuthorAylott, B. E., AuthorBabak, S., AuthorBaker, P., AuthorBallardin, G., AuthorBallmer, S., AuthorBarayoga, J. C. B., AuthorBarker, D., AuthorBarone, F., AuthorBarr, B., AuthorBarsotti, L., AuthorBarsuglia, M., AuthorBarton, M. A., AuthorBartos, I., AuthorBassiri, R., AuthorBastarrika, M., AuthorBasti, A., AuthorBatch, J., AuthorBauchrowitz, J., AuthorBauer, Th. S., AuthorBebronne, M., AuthorBeck, D., AuthorBehnke, B., AuthorBejger, M., AuthorBeker, M. G., AuthorBell, A. S., AuthorBelopolski, I., AuthorBenacquista, M., AuthorBerliner, J. M., AuthorBertolini, A., AuthorBetzwieser, J., AuthorBeveridge, N., AuthorBeyersdorf, P. T., AuthorBilenko, I. A., AuthorBillingsley, G., AuthorBirch, J., AuthorBiswas, R., AuthorBitossi, M., AuthorBizouard, M. A., AuthorBlack, E., AuthorBlackburn, J. K., AuthorBlackburn, L., AuthorBlair, D., AuthorBland, B., AuthorBlom, M., AuthorBock, O., AuthorBodiya, T. P., AuthorBogan, C., AuthorBondarescu, R., AuthorBondu, F., AuthorBonelli, L., AuthorBonnand, R., AuthorBork, R., AuthorBorn, M., AuthorBoschi, V., AuthorBose, S., AuthorBosi, L., AuthorBouhou, B., AuthorBraccini, S., AuthorBradaschia, C., AuthorBrady, P. R., AuthorBraginsky, V. B., AuthorBranchesi, M., AuthorBrau, J. E., AuthorBreyer, J., AuthorBriant, T., AuthorBridges, D. O., AuthorBrillet, A., AuthorBrinkmann, M., AuthorBrisson, V., AuthorBritzger, M., AuthorBrooks, A. F., AuthorBrown, D. A., AuthorBulik, T., AuthorBulten, H. J., AuthorBuonanno, A., AuthorBurguet-Castell, J., AuthorBuskulic, D., AuthorBuy, C., AuthorByer, R. L., AuthorCadonati, L., AuthorCalloni, E., AuthorCamp, J. B., AuthorCampsie, P., AuthorCannizzo, J., AuthorCannon, K., AuthorCanuel, B., AuthorCao, J., AuthorCapano, C. D., AuthorCarbognani, F., AuthorCarbone, L., AuthorCaride, S., AuthorCaudill, S., AuthorCavaglià, M., AuthorCavalier, F., AuthorCavalieri, R., AuthorCella, G., AuthorCepeda, C., AuthorCesarini, E., AuthorChaibi, O., AuthorChalermsongsak, T., AuthorCharlton, P., AuthorChassande-Mottin, E., AuthorChelkowski, S., AuthorChen, W., AuthorChen, X., AuthorChen, Y., AuthorChincarini, A., AuthorChiummo, A., AuthorCho, H. S., AuthorChow, J., AuthorChristensen, N., AuthorChua, S. S. Y., AuthorChung, C. T. Y., AuthorChung, S., AuthorCiani, G., AuthorClara, F., AuthorClark, D. E., AuthorClark, J., AuthorClayton, J. H., AuthorCleva, F., AuthorCoccia, E., AuthorCohadon, P.-F., AuthorColacino, C. N., AuthorColas, J., AuthorColla, A., AuthorColombini, M., AuthorConte, A., AuthorConte, R., AuthorCook, D., AuthorCorbitt, T. R., AuthorCordier, M., AuthorCornish, N., AuthorCorsi, A., AuthorCosta, C. A., AuthorCoughlin, M., AuthorCoulon, J.-P., AuthorCouvares, P., AuthorCoward, D. M., AuthorCowart, M., AuthorCoyne, D. C., AuthorCreighton, J. D. E., AuthorCreighton, T. D., AuthorCruise, A. M., AuthorCumming, A., AuthorCunningham, L., AuthorCuoco, E., AuthorCutler, R. M., AuthorDahl, K., AuthorDanilishin, S. L., AuthorDannenberg, R., AuthorD'Antonio, S., AuthorDanzmann, K., AuthorDattilo, V., AuthorDaudert, B., AuthorDaveloza, H., AuthorDavier, M., AuthorDaw, E. J., AuthorDay, R., AuthorDayanga, T., AuthorDe Rosa, R. , AuthorDeBra, D., AuthorDebreczeni, G., AuthorDegallaix, J., AuthorDel Pozzo, W. , Authordel Prete, M. , AuthorDent, T., AuthorDergachev, V., AuthorDeRosa, R., AuthorDeSalvo, R., AuthorDhurandhar, S., AuthorDi Fiore, L. , AuthorDi Lieto, A. , AuthorDi Palma, I. , AuthorDi Paolo Emilio, M. , AuthorDi Virgilio, A. , AuthorDíaz, M., AuthorDietz, A., AuthorDonovan, F., AuthorDooley, K. L., AuthorDrago, M., AuthorDrever, R. W. P., AuthorDriggers, J. 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1High Energy Astrophysics, MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_159890              




Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2012-11-20
 Publication Status: Published in print
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 Rev. Type: Peer
 Identifiers: DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/760/1/12
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Title: The Astrophysical Journal
  Abbreviation : Astrophys. J.
Source Genre: Journal
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Pages: - Volume / Issue: 760 (1) Sequence Number: 12 Start / End Page: 1 - 18 Identifier: ISSN: 0004-637x