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  The Large Observatory for X-ray Timing (LOFT)

Feroci, M., Stella, L., van der Klis, M., Courvoisier, T.-J.-.-L., Hernanz, M., Hudec, R., et al. (2012). The Large Observatory for X-ray Timing (LOFT). Experimental Astronomy, 34(2), 415-444. doi:10.1007/s10686-011-9237-2.

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Feroci, M., Author
Stella, L., Author
van der Klis, M., Author
Courvoisier, T. J. -L., Author
Hernanz, M., Author
Hudec, R., Author
Santangelo, A., Author
Walton, D., Author
Zdziarski, A., Author
Barret, D., Author
Belloni, T., Author
Braga, J., Author
Brandt, S., Author
Budtz-Jørgensen, C., Author
Campana, S., Author
den Herder, J. -W., Author
Huovelin, J., Author
Israel, G. L., Author
Pohl, M., Author
Ray, P., Author
Vacchi, A., AuthorZane, S., AuthorArgan, A., AuthorAttinà, P., AuthorBertuccio, G., AuthorBozzo, E., AuthorCampana, R., AuthorChakrabarty, D., AuthorCosta, E., AuthorDe Rosa, A. , AuthorDel Monte, E. , AuthorDi Cosimo, S. , AuthorDonnarumma, I., AuthorEvangelista, Y., AuthorHaas, D., AuthorJonker, P., AuthorKorpela, S., AuthorLabanti, C., AuthorMalcovati, P., AuthorMignani, R., AuthorMuleri, F., AuthorRapisarda, M., AuthorRashevsky, A., AuthorRea, N., AuthorRubini, A., AuthorTenzer, C., AuthorWilson-Hodge, C., AuthorWinter, B., AuthorWood, K., AuthorZampa, G., AuthorZampa, N., AuthorAbramowicz, M. A., AuthorAlpar, M. A., AuthorAltamirano, D., AuthorAlvarez, J. M., AuthorAmati, L., AuthorAmoros, C., AuthorAntonelli, L. A., AuthorArtigue, R., AuthorAzzarello, P., AuthorBachetti, M., AuthorBaldazzi, G., AuthorBarbera, M., AuthorBarbieri, C., AuthorBasa, S., AuthorBaykal, A., AuthorBelmont, R., AuthorBoirin, L., AuthorBonvicini, V., AuthorBurderi, L., AuthorBursa, M., AuthorCabanac, C., AuthorCackett, E., AuthorCaliandro, G. A., AuthorCasella, P., AuthorChaty, S., AuthorChenevez, J., AuthorCoe, M. J., AuthorCollura, A., AuthorCorongiu, A., AuthorCovino, S., AuthorCusumano, G., AuthorD’Amico, F., AuthorDall’Osso, S., AuthorDe Martino, D. , AuthorDe Paris, G. , AuthorDi Persio, G. , AuthorDi Salvo, T. , AuthorDone, C., AuthorDovčiak, M., AuthorDrago, A., AuthorErtan, U., AuthorFabiani, S., AuthorFalanga, M., AuthorFender, R., AuthorFerrando, P., AuthorDella Monica Ferreira, D. , AuthorFraser, G., AuthorFrontera, F., AuthorFuschino, F., AuthorGalvez, J. L., AuthorGandhi, P., AuthorGiommi, P., AuthorGodet, O., AuthorGöǧüş, E., AuthorGoldwurm, A., AuthorGötz, D., AuthorGrassi, M., AuthorGuttridge, P., AuthorHakala, P., AuthorHenri, G., AuthorHermsen, W., AuthorHorak, J., AuthorHornstrup, A., Authorin’t Zand, J. J. M. , AuthorIsern, J., AuthorKalemci, E., AuthorKanbach, G.1, Author              Karas, V., AuthorKataria, D., AuthorKennedy, T., AuthorKlochkov, D., AuthorKluźniak, W., AuthorKokkotas, K., AuthorKreykenbohm, I., AuthorKrolik, J., AuthorKuiper, L., AuthorKuvvetli, I., AuthorKylafis, N., AuthorLattimer, J. M., AuthorLazzarotto, F., AuthorLeahy, D., AuthorLebrun, F., AuthorLin, D., AuthorLund, N., AuthorMaccarone, T., AuthorMalzac, J., AuthorMarisaldi, M., AuthorMartindale, A., AuthorMastropietro, M., AuthorMcClintock, J., AuthorMcHardy, I., AuthorMendez, M., AuthorMereghetti, S., AuthorMiller, M. C., AuthorMineo, T., AuthorMorelli, E., AuthorMorsink, S., AuthorMotch, C., AuthorMotta, S., AuthorMuñoz-Darias, T., AuthorNaletto, G., AuthorNeustroev, V., AuthorNevalainen, J., AuthorOlive, J. F., AuthorOrio, M., AuthorOrlandini, M., AuthorOrleanski, P., AuthorOzel, F., AuthorPacciani, L., AuthorPaltani, S., AuthorPapadakis, I., AuthorPapitto, A., AuthorPatruno, A., AuthorPellizzoni, A., AuthorPetráček, V., AuthorPetri, J., AuthorPetrucci, P. O., AuthorPhlips, B., AuthorPicolli, L., AuthorPossenti, A., AuthorPsaltis, D., AuthorRambaud, D., AuthorReig, P., AuthorRemillard, R., AuthorRodriguez, J., AuthorRomano, P., AuthorRomanova, M., AuthorSchanz, T., AuthorSchmid, C., AuthorSegreto, A., AuthorShearer, A., AuthorSmith, A., AuthorSmith, P. J., AuthorSoffitta, P., AuthorStergioulas, N., AuthorStolarski, M., AuthorStuchlik, Z., AuthorTiengo, A., AuthorTorres, D., AuthorTörök, G., AuthorTurolla, R., AuthorUttley, P., AuthorVaughan, S., AuthorVercellone, S., AuthorWaters, R., AuthorWatts, A., AuthorWawrzaszek, R., AuthorWebb, N., AuthorWilms, J., AuthorZampieri, L., AuthorZezas, A., AuthorZiolkowski, J., Author more..
1High Energy Astrophysics, MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_159890              




Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2012-10
 Publication Status: Published in print
 Pages: -
 Publishing info: -
 Table of Contents: -
 Rev. Type: Peer
 Identifiers: DOI: 10.1007/s10686-011-9237-2
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Title: Experimental Astronomy
  Abbreviation : Exp. Astron.
  Other : Special Issue: ESA’s Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 Astrophysics and Fundamental Physics Mission Proposals
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: -
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 34 (2) Sequence Number: - Start / End Page: 415 - 444 Identifier: ISSN: 0922-6435