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  Hyperdominance in the Amazonian Tree Flora

ter Steege, H., Nigel, C. A., Sabatier, D., Baraloto, C., Salomao, R. P., Guevara, J. E., et al. (2013). Hyperdominance in the Amazonian Tree Flora. Science, 342(6156): 1243092. doi:10.1126/science.1243092.

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ter Steege, H., Author
Nigel, C. A., Author
Sabatier, D., Author
Baraloto, C., Author
Salomao, R. P., Author
Guevara, J. E., Author
Phillips, O. L., Author
Castilho, C. V., Author
Magnusson, W. E., Author
Molino, J. F., Author
Monteagudo, A., Author
Vargas, P. N., Author
Montero, J. C., Author
Feldpausch, T. R., Author
Coronado, E. N. H., Author
Killeen, T. J., Author
Mostacedo, B., Author
Vasquez, R., Author
Assis, R. L., Author
Terborgh, J., Author
Wittmann, F.1, Author              Andrade, A., AuthorLaurance, W. F., AuthorLaurance, S. G. W., AuthorMarimon, B. S., AuthorMarimon, B. H., AuthorVieira, I. C. G., AuthorAmaral, I. L., AuthorBrienen, R., AuthorCastellanos, H., AuthorLopez, D. C., AuthorDuivenvoorden, J. F., AuthorMogollon, H. F., AuthorMatos, F. D. D., AuthorDavila, N., AuthorGarcia-Villacorta, R., AuthorDiaz, P. R. S., AuthorCosta, F., AuthorEmilio, T., AuthorLevis, C., AuthorSchietti, J., AuthorSouza, P., AuthorAlonso, A., AuthorDallmeier, F., AuthorMontoya, A. J. D., AuthorPiedade, M. T. F., AuthorAraujo-Murakami, A., AuthorArroyo, L., AuthorGribel, R., AuthorFine, P. V. A., AuthorPeres, C. A., AuthorToledo, M., AuthorGerardo, A. A. C., AuthorBaker, T. R., AuthorCeron, C., AuthorEngel, J., AuthorHenkel, T. W., AuthorMaas, P., AuthorPetronelli, P., AuthorStropp, J., AuthorZartman, C. E., AuthorDaly, D., AuthorNeill, D., AuthorSilveira, M., AuthorParedes, M. R., AuthorChave, J., AuthorLima, D. D., AuthorJorgensen, P. M., AuthorFuentes, A., AuthorSchöngart, J.1, Author              Valverde, F. C., AuthorDi Fiore, A., AuthorJimenez, E. M., AuthorMora, M. C. P., AuthorPhillips, J. F., AuthorRivas, G., Authorvan Andel, T. R., Authorvon Hildebrand, P., AuthorHoffman, B., AuthorZent, E. L., AuthorMalhi, Y., AuthorPrieto, A., AuthorRudas, A., AuthorRuschell, A. R., AuthorSilva, N., AuthorVos, V., AuthorZent, S., AuthorOliveira, A. A., AuthorSchutz, A. C., AuthorGonzales, T., AuthorNascimento, M. T., AuthorRamirez-Angulo, H., AuthorSierra, R., AuthorTirado, M., AuthorMedina, M. N. U., Authorvan der Heijden, G., AuthorVela, C. I. A., AuthorTorre, E. V., AuthorVriesendorp, C., AuthorWang, O., AuthorYoung, K. R., AuthorBaider, C., AuthorBalslev, H., AuthorFerreira, C., AuthorMesones, I., AuthorTorres-Lezama, A., AuthorGiraldo, L. E. U., AuthorZagt, R., AuthorAlexiades, M. N., AuthorHernandez, L., AuthorHuamantupa-Chuquimaco, I., AuthorMilliken, W., AuthorCuenca, W. P., AuthorPauletto, D., AuthorSandoval, E. V., AuthorGamarra, L. V., AuthorDexter, K. G., AuthorFeeley, K., AuthorLopez-Gonzalez, G., AuthorSilman, M. R., Author more..
1Biogeochemistry, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Max Planck Society, ou_1826286              


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 Abstract: The vast extent of the Amazon Basin has historically restricted the study of its tree communities to the local and regional scales. Here, we provide empirical data on the commonness, rarity, and richness of lowland tree species across the entire Amazon Basin and Guiana Shield (Amazonia), collected in 1170 tree plots in all major forest types. Extrapolations suggest that Amazonia harbors roughly 16,000 tree species, of which just 227 (1.4%) account for half of all trees. Most of these are habitat specialists and only dominant in one or two regions of the basin. We discuss some implications of the finding that a small group of species-less diverse than the North American tree flora-accounts for half of the world's most diverse tree community.


Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2013-10-18
 Publication Status: Published in print
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 Rev. Type: Internal
 Identifiers: eDoc: 675665
ISI: 000325755100034
DOI: 10.1126/science.1243092
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Title: Science
Source Genre: Journal
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Pages: - Volume / Issue: 342 (6156) Sequence Number: 1243092 Start / End Page: - Identifier: ISSN: 0036-8075