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  Search for gravitational waves associated with gamma-ray bursts detected by the InterPlanetary Network

The LIGO Scientific Collaboration, The Virgo Collaboration, Aasi, J., Abbott, B. P., Abbott, R., Abbott, T., et al. (2014). Search for gravitational waves associated with gamma-ray bursts detected by the InterPlanetary Network. Physical Review Letters, 113: 011102. doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.113.011102.

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The LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Author              
The Virgo Collaboration, Author              
Aasi, J., Author
Abbott, B. P., Author
Abbott, R., Author
Abbott, T., Author
Abernathy, M. R., Author
Acernese, F., Author
Ackley, K., Author
Adams, C., Author
Adams, T., Author
Addesso, P., Author
Adhikari, R. X., Author
Affeldt, C.1, Author              
Agathos, M., Author
Aggarwal, N., Author
Aguiar, O. D., Author
Ajith, P., Author
Alemic, A., Author
Allen, B.2, Author              
Allocca, A., AuthorAmariutei, D., AuthorAndersen, M., AuthorAnderson, R. A., AuthorAnderson, S. B., AuthorAnderson, W. G., AuthorArai, K., AuthorAraya, M. C., AuthorArceneaux, C., AuthorAreeda, J. S., AuthorAst, S., AuthorAston, S. M., AuthorAstone, P., AuthorAufmuth, P., AuthorAugustus, H., AuthorAulbert, C.2, Author              Aylott, B. E., AuthorBabak, S.3, Author              Baker, P. T., AuthorBallardin, G., AuthorBallmer, S. W., AuthorBarayoga, J. C., AuthorBarbet, M., AuthorBarish, B. C., AuthorBarker, D., AuthorBarone, F., AuthorBarr, B., AuthorBarsotti, L., AuthorBarsuglia, M., AuthorBarton, M. A., AuthorBartos, I., AuthorBassiri, R., AuthorBasti, A., AuthorBatch, J. C., AuthorBauchrowitz, J.1, Author              Bauer, Th. S., AuthorBaune, C.4, AuthorBavigadda, V., AuthorBehnke, B.2, Author              Bejger, M., AuthorBeker, M. G., AuthorBelczynski, C., AuthorBell, A. 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Free keywords: Astrophysics, High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena, astro-ph.HE,General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology, gr-qc
 Abstract: We present the results of a search for gravitational waves associated with 223 gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) detected by the InterPlanetary Network (IPN) in 2005-2010 during LIGO's fifth and sixth science runs and Virgo's first, second and third science runs. The IPN satellites provide accurate times of the bursts and sky localizations that vary significantly from degree scale to hundreds of square degrees. We search for both a well-modeled binary coalescence signal, the favored progenitor model for short GRBs, and for generic, unmodeled gravitational wave bursts. Both searches use the event time and sky localization to improve the gravitational-wave search sensitivity as compared to corresponding all-time, all-sky searches. We find no evidence of a gravitational-wave signal associated with any of the IPN GRBs in the sample, nor do we find evidence for a population of weak gravitational-wave signals associated with the GRBs. For all IPN-detected GRBs, for which a sufficient duration of quality gravitational-wave data is available, we place lower bounds on the distance to the source in accordance with an optimistic assumption of gravitational-wave emission energy of $10^{-2}M_{\odot}c^2$ at 150 Hz, and find a median of 13 Mpc. For the 27 short-hard GRBs we place 90% confidence exclusion distances to two source models: a binary neutron star coalescence, with a median distance of 12Mpc, or the coalescence of a neutron star and black hole, with a median distance of 22 Mpc. Finally, we combine this search with previously published results to provide a population statement for GRB searches in first-generation LIGO and Virgo gravitational-wave detectors, and a resulting examination of prospects for the advanced gravitational-wave detectors.


 Dates: 2014-03-262014-04-172014-06-30
 Publication Status: Published in print
 Pages: 15 pages, 8 figures, 2 tables; for the science summary, see http://www.ligo.org/science/Publication-IPNS56VSR123grb/index.php
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Title: Physical Review Letters
  Other : Phys. Rev. Lett.
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: Woodbury, N.Y. : American Physical Society
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 113 Sequence Number: 011102 Start / End Page: - Identifier: ISSN: 0031-9007
CoNE: https://pure.mpg.de/cone/journals/resource/954925433406_1