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  Investigation of steady-state tokamak issues by long pulse experiments on Tore Supra

Giruzzi, G., Abgrall, R., Allegretti, L., Ané, J. M., Angelino, P., Aniel, T., et al. (2009). Investigation of steady-state tokamak issues by long pulse experiments on Tore Supra. Nuclear Fusion, 49: 104010 (12pp). doi:10.1088/0029-5515/49/10/104010.

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Giruzzi, G.1, Author
Abgrall, R.1, Author
Allegretti, L.1, Author
Ané, J. M.1, Author
Angelino, P.1, Author
Aniel, T.1, Author
Argouarch, A.1, Author
Artaud, J. F.1, Author
Balme, S.1, Author
Basiuk, V.1, Author
Bayetti, P.1, Author
Bécoulet, A.1, Author
Bécoulet, M.1, Author
Begrambekov, L.1, Author
Benkadda, M. S.1, Author
Benoit, F.1, Author
Berger-By, G.1, Author
Bertrand, B.1, Author
Beyer, P.1, Author
Blum, J.1, Author
Boilson, D.1, AuthorBottollier-Curtet, H.1, AuthorBouchand, C.1, AuthorBouquey, F.1, AuthorBourdelle, C.1, AuthorBrémond, F.1, AuthorBrémond, S.1, AuthorBrosset, C.1, AuthorBucalossi, J.1, AuthorBuranvand, Y.1, AuthorCara, P.1, AuthorCarpentier, S.1, AuthorCasati, A.1, AuthorChaibi, O.1, AuthorChantant, P.1, AuthorChappuis, P.1, AuthorChatelier, M.1, AuthorChevet, G.1, AuthorCiazynski, D.1, AuthorCiraolo, G.1, AuthorClairet, F.1, AuthorClary, J.1, AuthorColas, L.1, AuthorCorre, Y.1, AuthorCourtois, X.1, AuthorCrouseilles, N.1, AuthorDarmet, G.1, AuthorDavi, M.1, AuthorDaviot, R.1, AuthorDe Esch, H.1, AuthorDecker, J.1, AuthorDecool, P.1, AuthorDelchambre, E.1, AuthorDelmas, E.1, AuthorDelpech, L.1, AuthorDesgranges, C.1, AuthorDevynck, P.1, AuthorDoceul, L.1, AuthorDolgetta, N.1, AuthorDouai, D.1, AuthorDougnac, H.1, AuthorDuchateau, J. L.1, AuthorDumont, R.1, AuthorDunand, G.1, AuthorDurocher, A.1, AuthorEkedahl, A.1, AuthorElbeze, D.1, AuthorEriksson, L. G.1, AuthorEscarguel, A.1, AuthorEscourbiac, F.1, AuthorFaisse, F.1, AuthorFalchetto, G.1, AuthorFarge, M.1, AuthorFarjon, J. L.1, AuthorFedorczak, N.1, AuthorFenzi-Bonizec, C.1, AuthorGarbet, X.1, AuthorGarcia, J.1, AuthorGardarein, J. L.1, AuthorGargiulo, L.1, AuthorGaribaldi, P.1, AuthorGauthier, E.2, Author           Géraud, A.1, AuthorGerbaud, T.1, AuthorGeynet, M.1, AuthorGhendrih, P.1, AuthorGil, C.1, AuthorGoniche, M.1, AuthorGrandgirard, V.1, AuthorGrisolia, C.1, AuthorGros, G.1, AuthorGrosman, A.1, AuthorGuigon, R.1, AuthorGuilhem, D.1, AuthorGuillerminet, B.1, AuthorGuirlet, R.1, AuthorGunn, J.1, AuthorHacquin, S.1, AuthorHatchressian, J. C.1, AuthorHennequin, P.1, AuthorHenry, D.1, AuthorHernandez, C.1, AuthorHertout, P.1, AuthorHeuraux, S.1, AuthorHillairet, J.1, AuthorHoang, G. T.1, AuthorHong, S. H.1, AuthorHonore, C.1, AuthorHourtoule, J.1, AuthorHoury, M.1, AuthorHutter, T.1, AuthorHuynh, P.1, AuthorHuysmans, G.1, AuthorImbeaux, F.1, AuthorJoffrin, E.1, AuthorJohner, J.1, AuthorJourneaux, J. Y.1, AuthorJullien, F.1, AuthorKazarian, F.1, AuthorKocan, M.3, Author           Lacroix, B.1, AuthorLamaison, V.1, AuthorLasalle, J.1, AuthorLatu, G.1, AuthorLausenaz, Y.1, AuthorLaviron, C.1, AuthorLe Niliot, C.1, AuthorLennholm, M.1, AuthorLeroux, F.1, AuthorLinez, F.1, AuthorLipa, M.2, Author           Litaudon, X.1, AuthorLoarer, T.1, AuthorLott, F.1, AuthorLotte, P.1, AuthorLuciani, J. F.1, AuthorLütjens, H.1, AuthorMarcor, A.1, AuthorMadeleine, S.1, AuthorMagaud, P.1, AuthorMaget, P.1, AuthorMagne, R.1, AuthorManenc, L.1, AuthorMarandet, Y.1, AuthorMarbach, G.1, AuthorMaréchal, J. L.1, AuthorMartin, C.1, AuthorMartin, V.1, AuthorMartinez, A.1, AuthorMartins, J. P.1, AuthorMasset, R.1, AuthorMazon, D.1, AuthorMeunier, L.1, AuthorMeyer, O.1, AuthorMillion, L.1, AuthorMissirlian, M.1, AuthorMitteau, R.1, AuthorMollard, P.1, AuthorMoncada, V.1, AuthorMonier-Garbet, P.1, AuthorMoreau, D.1, AuthorMoreau, P.1, AuthorNannini, M.1, AuthorNardon, E.1, AuthorNehme, H.1, AuthorNguyen, C.1, AuthorNicollet, S.1, AuthorOttaviani, M.1, AuthorPacella, D.1, AuthorPamela, S.1, AuthorParisot, T.1, AuthorParrat, H.1, AuthorPastor, P.1, AuthorPecquet, A. L.1, AuthorPégourié, B.1, AuthorPetrzilka, V.1, AuthorPeysson, Y.1, AuthorPortafaix, C.1, AuthorProu, M.1, AuthorRavenel, N.1, AuthorReichle, R.1, AuthorReux, C.1, AuthorReynaud, P.1, AuthorRichou, M.1, AuthorRigollet, F.1, AuthorRimini, F.1, AuthorRoche, H.1, AuthorRosanvallon, S.1, AuthorRoth, J.4, Author           Roubin, P.1, AuthorSabot, R.1, AuthorSaint-Laurent, F.1, AuthorSalasca, S.1, AuthorSalmon, T.1, AuthorSamaille, F.1, AuthorSantagiustina, A.1, AuthorSaoutic, B.1, AuthorSarazin, Y.1, AuthorSchlosser, J.1, AuthorSchneider, K.1, AuthorSchneider, M.5, Author           Schwander, F.1, AuthorSégui, J. L.1, AuthorSignoret, J.1, AuthorSimonin, A.1, AuthorSong, S.1, AuthorSonnendruker, E.1, AuthorSpuig, P.1, AuthorSvensson, L.1, AuthorTamain, P.1, AuthorTena, M.1, AuthorTheis, J. M.1, AuthorThonnat, M.1, AuthorTorre, A.1, AuthorTravère, J. M.1, AuthorTrier, E.1, AuthorTsitrone, E.1, AuthorTurco, F.1, AuthorVallet, J. C.1, AuthorVatry, A.1, AuthorVermare, L.6, Author           Villecroze, F.1, AuthorVillegas, D.1, AuthorVoyer, D.1, AuthorVulliez, K.1, AuthorXiao, W.1, AuthorYu, D.1, AuthorZani, L.1, AuthorZou, X. L.1, AuthorZwingmann, W.1, Author more..
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Free keywords: 22nd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Geneva, 2008-10-13 to 2008-10-18
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Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2009
 Publication Status: Published in print
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Title: Nuclear Fusion
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: Institute of Physics and IOP Publishing
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