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  Toward long-pulse, high-performance discharges in Tore Supra: Experimental knowledge and technological developments for heat exhaust

Agarici, G., Allibert, J. P., Ane, J. M., Arslanbekov, R., Balme, S., Bareyt, B., et al. (1996). Toward long-pulse, high-performance discharges in Tore Supra: Experimental knowledge and technological developments for heat exhaust. Fusion Technology, 29(4), 417-448.

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Agarici, G., Author
Allibert, J. P., Author
Ane, J. M., Author
Arslanbekov, R.1, Author              
Balme, S., Author
Bareyt, B., Author
Basiuk, V., Author
Bayetti, P., Author
Baylor, L., Author
Beaumont, B., Author
Becherer, R., Author
Becoulet, A., Author
Benkadda, M., Author
BergerBy, G., Author
Berio, S., Author
Bessette, D., Author
Biber, P., Author
Bizarro, J. P., Author
BonMardion, G., Author
Boscary, J.1, Author              
Bottereau, J. M., AuthorBottiglioni, F., AuthorBremond, S., AuthorBrugnetti, R., AuthorBudny, R. B., AuthorBuravand, Y., AuthorCapes, H., AuthorCapitain, J. J., AuthorCarbonnier, J. L., AuthorCarrasco, J., AuthorChamouard, C., AuthorChappuis, P., AuthorChatain, D., AuthorChatelier, E., AuthorChatelier, M., AuthorChatenet, J. H., AuthorCiazynski, D., AuthorClairet, F., AuthorColas, L., AuthorCordier, J. J., AuthorCote, A., AuthorCoulon, J. P., AuthorCouturier, B., AuthorCrenn, J. P., AuthorCristofani, P., AuthorDeck, C., AuthorDecool, P., AuthorDeGentile, B., AuthorDemarthe, H., AuthorDeHaas, J. C., AuthorDeMichelis, C., AuthorDeschamps, P., AuthorDesgranges, C., AuthorDevynck, P., AuthorDoceul, L., AuthorDoloc, C., AuthorDougnac, M., AuthorDrawin, H. W., AuthorDruetta, M., AuthorDubois, M., AuthorDuchateau, J. L., AuthordeWit, T. D., AuthorDupas, L., AuthorEdery, D., AuthorElbeze, D., AuthorEscande, D., AuthorFarjon, J. L., AuthorFidone, I., AuthorFerron, J. R., AuthorFois, M., AuthorForrest, C., AuthorFoster, C. A., AuthorFraboulet, D., AuthorFrigione, D., AuthorFuchs, V., AuthorFumelli, M., AuthorGagey, B., AuthorGarampon, L., AuthorGarbet, X., AuthorGauthier, E.1, Author              Geraud, A., AuthorGervais, F., AuthorGhendrih, P., AuthorGil, C., AuthorGiruzzi, G., AuthorGoniche, M., AuthorGravier, R., AuthorGravil, B., AuthorGregoire, M., AuthorGresillon, D., AuthorGrisolia, C., AuthorGrosman, A., AuthorGuilhem, D., AuthorGuillerminet, B., AuthorGuirlet, R., AuthorGuiziou, L., AuthorHarris, J., AuthorHaste, G., AuthorHennequin, P., AuthorHennion, F., AuthorHertout, P., AuthorHess, W., AuthorHesse, M., AuthorHoang, G. T., AuthorHogan, J., AuthorHutter, T., AuthorIsler, R., AuthorJacquot, C., AuthorJager, B., AuthorJequier, F., AuthorJoffrin, E., AuthorJohner, J., AuthorJourneaux, J. Y., AuthorJoyer, P., AuthorKaye, S. M., AuthorKlepper, C., AuthorKazarian, F., AuthorKupfer, K., AuthorKuus, H., AuthorLadurelle, L., AuthorLafon, D., AuthorLaporte, P., AuthorLasalle, J., AuthorLaurent, L., AuthorLaviron, C., AuthorLeclert, G., AuthorLedyankine, A., AuthorLeloup, C., AuthorLi, Y. Y., AuthorLibeyre, P., AuthorLipa, M.1, Author              Litaudon, X., AuthorLoarer, T., AuthorLotte, P., AuthorLuciani, J. F., AuthorLutz, T., AuthorMcGrath, R., AuthorMagaud, P., AuthorMahdavi, A., AuthorMartin, G., AuthorMartinez, A., AuthorMaschke, E. K., AuthorMasset, R., AuthorMattioli, M., AuthorMayaux, G., AuthorMichelot, Y., AuthorMioduszewski, P., AuthorMitteau, R., AuthorMisguich, J., AuthorMollard, P., AuthorMonierGarbet, P., AuthorMoreau, D., AuthorMoreau, F., AuthorMorera, J. P., AuthorMoulin, B., AuthorMoulin, D., AuthorMoustier, M., AuthorNakach, R., AuthorNguyen, F., AuthorNygren, R., AuthorOuvrierBuffet, P., AuthorOwen, L., AuthorPain, M., AuthorPamela, J., AuthorParlange, F., AuthorPastor, G., AuthorPatris, R., AuthorPaume, M., AuthorPayan, J., AuthorPecquet, A. L., AuthorPegourie, B., AuthorPeysson, Y., AuthorPiat, D., AuthorPicchiottino, J. M., AuthorPlatz, P., AuthorPortafaix, C., AuthorProu, M., AuthorQualls, L., AuthorQuemeneur, A., AuthorRax, J. M., AuthorRenner, H.2, Author              Rey, G., AuthorRiband, P., AuthorRothan, B., AuthorRoussel, P., AuthorSabbagh, S. A., AuthorSabot, R., AuthorSamaille, F., AuthorSamain, A., AuthorSaoutic, B., AuthorSchlosser, J., AuthorSeigneur, A., AuthorSegui, J. L., AuthorSmits, F., AuthorSoler, K., AuthorSonato, P. G., AuthorTalvard, M., AuthorTheis, J. M., AuthorThomas, C. E., AuthorTobin, S., AuthorTonon, G., AuthorTorossian, A., AuthorTruc, A., AuthorTsitrone, E., AuthorTurck, B., AuthorTurlur, S., AuthorUckan, T., AuthorUrquijo, G., AuthorVallet, J. C., AuthorValter, J., AuthorVanHoutte, D., AuthorVerga, A., AuthorVezard, D., AuthorViallet, H., AuthorWeisse, J., AuthorWhite, R., AuthorWijnands, T., AuthorZabiego, M., AuthorZou, X. L., Author more..
1External Organizations, ou_persistent22              
2Experimental Plasma Physics 2 (E2), Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_1856292              




Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 1996
 Publication Status: Published in print
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 Rev. Type: Peer
 Identifiers: eDoc: 626407
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Title: Fusion Technology
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: -
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 29 (4) Sequence Number: - Start / End Page: 417 - 448 Identifier: -