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  Fermi-LAT Observations of the LIGO Event GW150914

Ackermann, M., Ajello, M., Albert, A., Anderson, B., Arimoto, M., Atwood, W. B., et al. (2016). Fermi-LAT Observations of the LIGO Event GW150914. Astrophysical Journal, Letters, 823(1): L2. doi:10.3847/2041-8205/823/1/L2.

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Ackermann, M.1, Author
Ajello, M.1, Author
Albert, A.1, Author
Anderson, B.1, Author
Arimoto, M.1, Author
Atwood, W. B.1, Author
Axelsson, M.1, Author
Baldini, L.1, Author
Ballet, J.1, Author
Barbiellini, G.1, Author
Baring, M. G.1, Author
Bastieri, D.1, Author
Gonzalez, J. Becerra1, Author
Bellazzini, R.1, Author
Bissaldi, E.1, Author
Blandford, R. D.1, Author
Bloom, E. D.1, Author
Bonino, R.1, Author
Bottacini, E.1, Author
Brandt, T. J.1, Author
Bregeon, J.1, AuthorBritto, R. J.1, AuthorBruel, P.1, AuthorBuehler, R.1, AuthorBurnett, T. H.1, AuthorBuson, S.1, AuthorCaliandro, G. A.1, AuthorCameron, R. A.1, AuthorCaputo, R.1, AuthorCaragiulo, M.1, AuthorCaraveo, P. A.1, AuthorCasandjian, J. M.1, AuthorCavazzuti, E.1, AuthorCharles, E.1, AuthorChekhtman, A.1, AuthorChiang, J.1, AuthorChiaro, G.1, AuthorCiprini, S.1, AuthorCohen-Tanugi, J.1, AuthorCominsky, L. R.1, AuthorCondon, B.1, AuthorCostanza, F.1, AuthorCuoco, A.1, AuthorCutini, S.1, AuthorD'Ammando, F.1, Authorde Palma, F.1, AuthorDesiante, R.1, AuthorDigel, S. W.1, AuthorDi Lalla, N.1, AuthorDi Mauro, M.1, AuthorDi Venere, L.1, AuthorDominguez, A.1, AuthorDrell, P. S.1, AuthorDubois, R.1, AuthorDumora, D.1, AuthorFavuzzi, C.1, AuthorFegan, S. J.1, AuthorFerrara, E. C.1, AuthorFranckowiak, A.1, AuthorFukazawa, Y.1, AuthorFunk, S.1, AuthorFusco, P.1, AuthorGargano, F.1, AuthorGasparrini, D.1, AuthorGehrels, N.1, AuthorGiglietto, N.1, AuthorGiomi, M.1, AuthorGiommi, P.1, AuthorGiordano, F.1, AuthorGiroletti, M.1, AuthorGlanzman, T.1, AuthorGodfrey, G.1, AuthorGomez-Vargas, G. A.1, AuthorGranot, J.1, AuthorGreen, D.1, AuthorGrenier, I. A.1, AuthorGrondin, M. -H.1, AuthorGrove, J. E.1, AuthorGuillemot, L.1, AuthorGuiriec, S.1, AuthorHadasch, D.1, AuthorHarding, A. K.1, AuthorHays, E.1, AuthorHewitt, J. W.1, AuthorHill, A. B.1, AuthorHoran, D.1, AuthorJogler, T.1, AuthorJohannesson, G.1, AuthorKamae, T.1, AuthorKensei, S.1, AuthorKocevski, D.1, AuthorKuss, M.1, AuthorLa Mura, G.1, AuthorLarsson, S.1, AuthorLatronico, L.1, AuthorLemoine-Goumard, M.1, AuthorLi, J.1, AuthorLi, L.1, AuthorLongo, F.1, AuthorLoparco, F.1, AuthorLovellette, M. N.1, AuthorLubrano, P.1, AuthorMadejski, G. M.1, AuthorMagill, J.1, AuthorMaldera, S.1, AuthorManfreda, A.1, AuthorMarelli, M.1, AuthorMayer, M.1, AuthorMazziotta, M. N.1, AuthorMcEnery, J. E.1, AuthorMeyer, M.1, AuthorMichelson, P. F.1, AuthorMirabal, N.1, AuthorMizuno, T.1, AuthorMoiseev, A. A.1, AuthorMonzani, M. E.1, AuthorMoretti, E.1, AuthorMorselli, A.1, AuthorMoskalenko, I. V.1, AuthorMurgia, S.1, AuthorNegro, M.1, AuthorNuss, E.1, AuthorOhsugi, T.1, AuthorOmodei, N.1, AuthorOrienti, M.1, AuthorOrlando, E.1, AuthorOrmes, J. F.1, AuthorPaneque, D.1, AuthorPerkins, J. S.1, AuthorPesce-Rollins, M.1, AuthorPiron, F.1, AuthorPivato, G.1, AuthorPorter, T. A.1, AuthorRacusin, J. L.1, AuthorRaino, S.1, AuthorRando, R.1, AuthorRazzaque, S.1, AuthorReimer, A.1, AuthorReimer, O.1, AuthorReposeur, T.1, AuthorRitz, S.1, AuthorRochester, L. S.1, AuthorRomani, R. W.1, AuthorParkinson, P. M. Saz1, AuthorSgro, C.1, AuthorSimone, D.1, AuthorSiskind, E. J.1, AuthorSmith, D. A.1, AuthorSpada, F.1, AuthorSpandre, G.1, AuthorSpinelli, P.1, AuthorSuson, D. J.1, AuthorTajima, H.1, AuthorThayer, J. G.1, AuthorThayer, J. B.1, AuthorThompson, D. J.1, AuthorTibaldo, L.2, Author           Torres, D. F.1, AuthorTroja, E.1, AuthorUchiyama, Y.1, AuthorVenters, T. M.1, AuthorVianello, G.1, AuthorWood, K. S.1, AuthorWood, M.1, AuthorZaharijas, G.1, AuthorZhu, S.1, AuthorZimmer, S.1, Author more..
1external, ou_persistent22              
2Division Prof. Dr. James A. Hinton, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_2074298              


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 MPINP: HESS - Abteilung Hofmann
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 Dates: 2016-05-12
 Publication Status: Published online
 Pages: 13
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 Identifiers: DOI: 10.3847/2041-8205/823/1/L2
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Title: Astrophysical Journal, Letters
  Other : ApJL
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: Chicago, IL : University of Chicago Press for the American Astronomical Society
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 823 (1) Sequence Number: L2 Start / End Page: - Identifier: ISSN: 0004-637X
CoNE: https://pure.mpg.de/cone/journals/resource/954922828215_1