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  Planck 2015 results - I. Overview of products and scientific results

Planck Collaboration, Adam, R., Ade, P. A. R., Aghanim, N., Akrami, Y., Alves, M. I. R., et al. (2016). Planck 2015 results - I. Overview of products and scientific results. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 594: A1, pp. 1-38. doi:10.1051/0004-6361/201527101.

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Planck Collaboration , Author              
Adam, R., Author
Ade, P. A. R., Author
Aghanim, N., Author
Akrami, Y., Author
Alves, M. I. R., Author
Argüeso, F., Author
Arnaud, M., Author
Arroja, F., Author
Ashdown, M., Author
Aumont, J., Author
Baccigalupi, C., Author
Ballardini, M., Author
Banday, A. J., Author
Barreiro, R. B., Author
Bartlett, J. G., Author
Bartolo, N., Author
Basak, S., Author
Battaglia, P., Author
Battaner, E., Author
Battye, R., AuthorBenabed, K., AuthorBenoît, A., AuthorBenoit-Lévy, A., AuthorBernard, J.-P., AuthorBersanelli, M., AuthorBertincourt, B., AuthorBielewicz, P., AuthorBikmaev, I., AuthorBock, J. J., AuthorBöhringer, H.1, Author              Bonaldi, A., AuthorBonavera, L., AuthorBond, J. R., AuthorBorrill, J., AuthorBouchet, F. R., AuthorBoulanger, F., AuthorBucher, M., AuthorBurenin, R., AuthorBurigana, C., AuthorButler, R. C., AuthorCalabrese, E., AuthorCardoso, J.-F., AuthorCarvalho, P., AuthorCasaponsa, B., AuthorCastex, G., AuthorCatalano, A., AuthorChallinor, A., AuthorChamballu, A., AuthorChary, R.-R., AuthorChiang, H. C., AuthorChluba, J., AuthorChon, G.1, Author              Christensen, P. R., AuthorChurch, S., AuthorClemens, M., AuthorClements, D. L., AuthorColombi, S., AuthorColombo, L. P. L., AuthorCombet, C., AuthorComis, B., AuthorContreras, D., AuthorCouchot, F., AuthorCoulais, A., AuthorCrill, B. P., AuthorCruz, M., AuthorCurto, A., AuthorCuttaia, F., AuthorDanese, L., AuthorDavies, R. D., AuthorDavis, R. J., Authorde Bernardis, P., Authorde Rosa, A., Authorde Zotti, G., AuthorDelabrouille, J., AuthorDelouis, J.-M., AuthorDésert, F.-X., AuthorValentino, E. Di, AuthorDickinson, C., AuthorDiego, J. M., AuthorDolag, K.2, Author              Dole, H., AuthorDonzelli, S., AuthorDoré, O., AuthorDouspis, M., AuthorDucout, A., AuthorDunkley, J., AuthorDupac, X., AuthorEfstathiou, G., AuthorEisenhardt, P. R. M., AuthorElsner, F., AuthorEnßlin, T. A.2, Author              Eriksen, H. K., AuthorFalgarone, E., AuthorFantaye, Y., AuthorFarhang, M., AuthorFeeney, S., AuthorFergusson, J., AuthorFernandez-Cobos, R., AuthorFeroz, F., AuthorFinelli, F., AuthorFlorido, E., AuthorForni, O., AuthorFrailis, M., AuthorFraisse, A. A., AuthorFranceschet, C., AuthorFranceschi, E., AuthorFrejsel, A., AuthorFrolov, A., AuthorGaleotta, S., AuthorGalli, S., AuthorGanga, K., AuthorGauthier, C., AuthorGénova-Santos, R. T., AuthorGerbino, M., AuthorGhosh, T., AuthorGiard, M., AuthorGiraud-Héraud, Y., AuthorGiusarma, E., AuthorGjerløw, E., AuthorGonzález-Nuevo, J., AuthorGórski, K. M., AuthorGrainge, K. J. B., AuthorGratton, S., AuthorGregorio, A., AuthorGruppuso, A., AuthorGudmundsson, J. E., AuthorHamann, J., AuthorHandley, W., AuthorHansen, F. K., AuthorHanson, D., AuthorHarrison, D. L., AuthorHeavens, A., AuthorHelou, G., AuthorHenrot-Versillé, S., AuthorHernández-Monteagudo, C.3, Author              Herranz, D., AuthorHildebrandt, S. R., AuthorHivon, E., AuthorHobson, M., AuthorHolmes, W. A., AuthorHornstrup, A., AuthorHovest, W.2, Author              Huang, Z., AuthorHuffenberger, K. M., AuthorHurier, G., AuthorIlić, S., AuthorJaffe, A. H., AuthorJaffe, T. R., AuthorJin, T., AuthorJones, W. C., AuthorJuvela, M., AuthorKarakci, A., AuthorKeihänen, E., AuthorKeskitalo, R., AuthorKhamitov, I., AuthorKiiveri, K., AuthorKim, J.4, Author              Kisner, T. S., AuthorKneissl, R., AuthorKnoche, J.2, Author              Knox, L., AuthorKrachmalnicoff, N., AuthorKunz, M., AuthorKurki-Suonio, H., AuthorLacasa, F., AuthorLagache, G., AuthorLähteenmäki, A., AuthorLamarre, J.-M., AuthorLanger, M., AuthorLasenby, A., AuthorLattanzi, M., AuthorLawrence, C. R., AuthorLe Jeune, M., AuthorLeahy, J. P., AuthorLellouch, E., AuthorLeonardi, R., AuthorLeón-Tavares, J., AuthorLesgourgues, J., AuthorLevrier, F., AuthorLewis, A., AuthorLiguori, M., AuthorLilje, P. B., AuthorLilley, M., AuthorLinden-Vørnle, M., AuthorLindholm, V., AuthorLiu, H., AuthorLópez-Caniego, M., AuthorLubin, P. M., AuthorMa, Y.-Z., AuthorMacías-Pérez, J. F., AuthorMaggio, G., AuthorMaino, D., AuthorMak, D. S. Y., AuthorMandolesi, N., AuthorMangilli, A., AuthorMarchini, A., AuthorMarcos-Caballero, A., AuthorMarinucci, D., AuthorMaris, M., AuthorMarshall, D. J., AuthorMartin, P. G., AuthorMartinelli, M., AuthorMartínez-González, E., AuthorMasi, S., AuthorMatarrese, S., AuthorMazzotta, P., AuthorMcEwen, J. D., AuthorMcGehee, P., AuthorMei, S., AuthorMeinhold, P. R., AuthorMelchiorri, A., AuthorMelin, J.-B., AuthorMendes, L., AuthorMennella, A., AuthorMigliaccio, M., AuthorMikkelsen, K., AuthorMillea, M., AuthorMitra, S., AuthorMiville-Deschênes, M.-A., AuthorMolinari, D., AuthorMoneti, A., AuthorMontier, L., AuthorMoreno, R., AuthorMorgante, G., AuthorMortlock, D., AuthorMoss, A., AuthorMottet, S., AuthorMünchmeyer, M., AuthorMunshi, D., AuthorMurphy, J. A., AuthorNarimani, A., AuthorNaselsky, P., AuthorNastasi, A., AuthorNati, F., AuthorNatoli, P., AuthorNegrello, M., AuthorNetterfield, C. B., AuthorNørgaard-Nielsen, H. U., AuthorNoviello, F., AuthorNovikov, D., AuthorNovikov, I., AuthorOlamaie, M., AuthorOppermann, N., AuthorOrlando, E., AuthorOxborrow, C. A., AuthorPaci, F., AuthorPagano, L., AuthorPajot, F., AuthorPaladini, R., AuthorPandolfi, S., AuthorPaoletti, D., AuthorPartridge, B., AuthorPasian, F., AuthorPatanchon, G., AuthorPearson, T. J., AuthorPeel, M., AuthorPeiris, H. V., AuthorPelkonen, V.-M., AuthorPerdereau, O., AuthorPerotto, L., AuthorPerrott, Y. C., AuthorPerrotta, F., AuthorPettorino, V., AuthorPiacentini, F., AuthorPiat, M., AuthorPierpaoli, E., AuthorPietrobon, D., AuthorPlaszczynski, S., AuthorPogosyan, D., AuthorPointecouteau, E., AuthorPolenta, G., AuthorPopa, L., AuthorPratt, G. W., AuthorPrézeau, G., AuthorPrunet, S., AuthorPuget, J.-L., AuthorRachen, J. P.2, Author              Racine, B., AuthorReach, W. T., AuthorRebolo, R., AuthorReinecke, M.2, Author              Remazeilles, M., AuthorRenault, C., AuthorRenzi, A., AuthorRistorcelli, I., AuthorRocha, G., AuthorRoman, M., AuthorRomelli, E., AuthorRosset, C., AuthorRossetti, M., AuthorRotti, A., AuthorRoudier, G., Authord’Orfeuil, B. Rouillé, AuthorRowan-Robinson, M., AuthorRubiño-Martín, J. A., AuthorRuiz-Granados, B., AuthorRumsey, C., AuthorRusholme, B., AuthorSaid, N., AuthorSalvatelli, V., AuthorSalvati, L., AuthorSandri, M., AuthorSanghera, H. S., AuthorSantos, D., AuthorSaunders, R. D. E., AuthorSauvé, A., AuthorSavelainen, M., AuthorSavini, G., AuthorSchaefer, B. M., AuthorSchammel, M. P., AuthorScott, D., AuthorSeiffert, M. D., AuthorSerra, P., AuthorShellard, E. P. S., AuthorShimwell, T. W., AuthorShiraishi, M., AuthorSmith, K., AuthorSouradeep, T., AuthorSpencer, L. D., AuthorSpinelli, M., AuthorStanford, S. A., AuthorStern, D., AuthorStolyarov, V., AuthorStompor, R., AuthorStrong, A. W.1, Author              Sudiwala, R., AuthorSunyaev, R.3, Author              Sutter, P., AuthorSutton, D., AuthorSuur-Uski, A.-S., AuthorSygnet, J.-F., AuthorTauber, J. A., AuthorTavagnacco, D., AuthorTerenzi, L., AuthorTexier, D., AuthorToffolatti, L., AuthorTomasi, M., AuthorTornikoski, M., AuthorTramonte, D., AuthorTristram, M., AuthorTroja, A., AuthorTrombetti, T., AuthorTucci, M., AuthorTuovinen, J., AuthorTürler, M., AuthorUmana, G., AuthorValenziano, L., AuthorValiviita, J., AuthorTent, F. Van, AuthorVassallo, T., AuthorVibert, L., AuthorVidal, M., AuthorViel, M., AuthorVielva, P., AuthorVilla, F., AuthorWade, L. A., AuthorWalter, B., AuthorWandelt, B. D., AuthorWatson, R., AuthorWehus, I. K., AuthorWelikala, N., AuthorWeller, J., AuthorWhite, M., AuthorWhite, S. D. M.2, Author              Wilkinson, A., AuthorYvon, D., AuthorZacchei, A., AuthorZibin, J. P., AuthorZonca, A., Author more..
1High Energy Astrophysics, MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_159890              
2Computational Structure Formation, MPI for Astrophysics, Max Planck Society, ou_2205642              
3High Energy Astrophysics, MPI for Astrophysics, Max Planck Society, ou_159881              
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Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2016-10
 Publication Status: Published online
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 Rev. Method: Peer
 Identifiers: DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201527101
Other: LOCALID: 2404501
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Title: Astronomy & Astrophysics
  Abbreviation : Astron. Astrophys.
Source Genre: Journal
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Pages: - Volume / Issue: 594 Sequence Number: A1 Start / End Page: 1 - 38 Identifier: ISSN: 0004-6361