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  The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs : First visual-channel radial-velocity measurements and orbital parameter updates of seven M-dwarf planetary systems

Trifonov, T., Kürster, M., Zechmeister, M., Tal-Or, L., Caballero, J. A., Quirrenbach, A., et al. (2018). The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs: First visual-channel radial-velocity measurements and orbital parameter updates of seven M-dwarf planetary systems. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 609: A117. doi:10.1051/0004-6361/201731442.

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Trifonov, T., Author
Kürster, M., Author
Zechmeister, M., Author
Tal-Or, L., Author
Caballero, J. A., Author
Quirrenbach, A., Author
Amado, P. J., Author
Ribas, I., Author
Reiners, A., Author
Reffert, S., Author
Dreizler, S., Author
Hatzes, A. P., Author
Kaminski, A., Author
Launhardt, R., Author
Henning, Th., Author
Montes, D., Author
Béjar, V. J. S., Author
Mundt, R., Author
Pavlov, A., Author
Schmitt, J. H. M. M., Author
Seifert, W., AuthorMorales, J. C., AuthorNowak, G., AuthorJeffers, S. V., AuthorRodríguez-López, C., AuthorBurgo, C. del, AuthorAnglada-Escudé, G., AuthorLópez-Santiago, J., AuthorMathar, R. J., AuthorAmmler-von Eiff, Matthias1, Author              Guenther, E. W., AuthorBarrado, D., AuthorGonzález Hernández, J. I. , AuthorMancini, L., AuthorStürmer, J., AuthorAbril, M., AuthorAceituno, J., AuthorAlonso-Floriano, F. J., AuthorAntona, R., AuthorAnwand-Heerwart, H., AuthorArroyo-Torres, B., AuthorAzzaro, M., AuthorBaroch, D., AuthorBauer, F. F., AuthorBecerril, S., AuthorBenítez, D., AuthorBerdiñas, Z. M., AuthorBergond, G., AuthorBlümcke, M., AuthorBrinkmöller, M., AuthorCano, J., AuthorCárdenas Vázquez, M. C. , AuthorCasal, E., AuthorCifuentes, C., AuthorClaret, A., AuthorColomé, J., AuthorCortés-Contreras, M., AuthorCzesla, S., AuthorDíez-Alonso, E., AuthorFeiz, C., AuthorFernández, M., AuthorFerro, I. M., AuthorFuhrmeister, B., AuthorGaladí-Enríquez, D., AuthorGarcia-Piquer, A., AuthorGarcía Vargas, M. L. , AuthorGesa, L., AuthorGómez Galera, V. , AuthorGonzález-Peinado, R., AuthorGrözinger, U., AuthorGrohnert, S., AuthorGuàrdia, J., AuthorGuijarro, A., Authorde Guindos, E., AuthorGutiérrez-Soto, J., AuthorHagen, H.-J., AuthorHauschildt, P. H., AuthorHedrosa, R. P., AuthorHelmling, J., AuthorHermelo, I., AuthorHernández Arabí, R. , AuthorHernández Castaño, L. , AuthorHernández Hernando, F. , AuthorHerrero, E., AuthorHuber, A., AuthorHuke, P., AuthorJohnson, E., Authorde Juan, E., AuthorKim, M., AuthorKlein, R., AuthorKlüter, J., AuthorKlutsch, A., AuthorLafarga, M., AuthorLampón, M., AuthorLara, L. M., AuthorLaun, W., AuthorLemke, U., AuthorLenzen, R., AuthorLópez del Fresno, M. , AuthorLópez-González, M. J., AuthorLópez-Puertas, M., AuthorLópez Salas, J. F. , AuthorLuque, R., AuthorMagán Madinabeitia, H. , AuthorMall, U., AuthorMandel, H., AuthorMarfil, E., AuthorMarín Molina, J. A. , AuthorMaroto Fernández, D. , AuthorMartín, E. L., AuthorMartín-Ruiz, S., AuthorMarvin, C. J., AuthorMirabet, E., AuthorMoya, A., AuthorMoreno-Raya, M. E., AuthorNagel, E., AuthorNaranjo, V., AuthorNortmann, L., AuthorOfir, A., AuthorOreiro, R., AuthorPallé, E., AuthorPanduro, J., AuthorPascual, J., AuthorPassegger, V. M., AuthorPedraz, S., AuthorPérez-Calpena, A., AuthorPérez Medialdea, D. , AuthorPerger, M., AuthorPerryman, M. A. C., AuthorPluto, M., AuthorRabaza, O., AuthorRamón, A., AuthorRebolo, R., AuthorRedondo, P., AuthorReinhardt, S., AuthorRhode, P., AuthorRix, H.-W., AuthorRodler, F., AuthorRodríguez, E., AuthorRodríguez Trinidad, A. , AuthorRohloff, R.-R., AuthorRosich, A., AuthorSadegi, S., AuthorSánchez-Blanco, E., AuthorSánchez Carrasco, M. A. , AuthorSánchez-López, A., AuthorSanz-Forcada, J., AuthorSarkis, P., AuthorSarmiento, L. F., AuthorSchäfer, S., AuthorSchiller, J., AuthorSchöfer, P., AuthorSchweitzer, A., AuthorSolano, E., AuthorStahl, O., AuthorStrachan, J. B. P., AuthorSuárez, J. C., AuthorTabernero, H. M., AuthorTala, M., AuthorTulloch, S. M., AuthorVeredas, G., AuthorVico Linares, J. I. , AuthorVilardell, F., AuthorWagner, K., AuthorWinkler, J., AuthorWolthoff, V., AuthorXu, W., AuthorYan, F., AuthorZapatero Osorio, M. R. , Author more..
1Department Solar and Stellar Interiors, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Max Planck Society, ou_1832287              


Free keywords: planetary systems / stars: late-type / stars: low-mass / planets and satellites: dynamical evolution and stability
 Abstract: Context. The main goal of the CARMENES survey is to find Earth-mass planets around nearby M-dwarf stars. Seven M dwarfs included in the CARMENES sample had been observed before with HIRES and HARPS and either were reported to have one short period planetary companion (GJ 15 A, GJ 176, GJ 436, GJ 536 and GJ 1148) or are multiple planetary systems (GJ 581 and GJ 876). Aims. We aim to report new precise optical radial velocity measurements for these planet hosts and test the overall capabilities of CARMENES. Methods. We combined our CARMENES precise Doppler measurements with those available from HIRES and HARPS and derived new orbital parameters for the systems. Bona-fide single planet systems were fitted with a Keplerian model. The multiple planet systems were analyzed using a self-consistent dynamical model and their best fit orbits were tested for long-term stability. Results. We confirm or provide supportive arguments for planets around all the investigated stars except for GJ 15 A, for which we find that the post-discovery HIRES data and our CARMENES data do not show a signal at 11.4 days. Although we cannot confirm the super-Earth planet GJ 15 Ab, we show evidence for a possible long-period (Pc = 7030-630+970 d) Saturn-mass (mcsini = 51.8-5.8+5.5M) planet around GJ 15 A. In addition, based on our CARMENES and HIRES data we discover a second planet around GJ 1148, for which we estimate a period Pc = 532.6-2.5+4.1 days, eccentricity ec = 0.342-0.062+0.050 and minimum mass mcsini = 68.1-2.2+4.9M. Conclusions. The CARMENES optical radial velocities have similar precision and overall scatter when compared to the Doppler measurements conducted with HARPS and HIRES. We conclude that CARMENES is an instrument that is up to the challenge of discovering rocky planets around low-mass stars.


Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2018-04-112018
 Publication Status: Published online
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 Rev. Type: Peer
 Identifiers: DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201731442
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Title: Astronomy and Astrophysics
  Other : Astron. Astrophys.
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: Berlin : Springer-Verlag
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 609 Sequence Number: A117 Start / End Page: - Identifier: ISSN: 0004-6361
CoNE: https://pure.mpg.de/cone/journals/resource/954922828219_1