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  A chemical survey of exoplanets with ARIEL

Tinetti, G., Drossart, P., Eccleston, P., Hartogh, P., Heske, A., Leconte, J., et al. (2018). A chemical survey of exoplanets with ARIEL. Experimental Astronomy, 46(1), 135-209. doi:10.1007/s10686-018-9598-x.

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Tinetti, Giovanna, Author
Drossart, Pierre, Author
Eccleston, Paul, Author
Hartogh, Paul1, Author              
Heske, Astrid, Author
Leconte, Jérémy, Author
Micela, Giusi, Author
Ollivier, Marc, Author
Pilbratt, Göran, Author
Puig, Ludovic, Author
Turrini, Diego, Author
Vandenbussche, Bart, Author
Wolkenberg, Paulina, Author
Beaulieu, Jean-Philippe, Author
Buchave, Lars A., Author
Ferus, Martin, Author
Griffin, Matt, Author
Guedel, Manuel, Author
Justtanont, Kay, Author
Lagage, Pierre-Olivier, Author
Machado, Pedro, AuthorMalaguti, Giuseppe, AuthorMin, Michiel, AuthorNørgaard-Nielsen, Hans Ulrik, AuthorRataj, Mirek, AuthorRay, Tom, AuthorRibas, Ignasi, AuthorSwain, Mark, AuthorSzabo, Robert, AuthorWerner, Stephanie, AuthorBarstow, Joanna, AuthorBurleigh, Matt, AuthorCho, James, Authordu Foresto, Vincent Coudé, AuthorCoustenis, Athena, AuthorDecin, Leen, AuthorEncrenaz, Therese, AuthorGaland, Marina, AuthorGillon, Michael, AuthorHelled, Ravit, AuthorMorales, Juan Carlos, AuthorMuñoz, Antonio García, AuthorMoneti, Andrea, AuthorPagano, Isabella, AuthorPascale, Enzo, AuthorPiccioni, Giuseppe, AuthorPinfield, David, AuthorSarkar, Subhajit, AuthorSelsis, Franck, AuthorTennyson, Jonathan, AuthorTriaud, Amaury, AuthorVenot, Olivia, AuthorWaldmann, Ingo, AuthorWaltham, David, AuthorWright, Gillian, AuthorAmiaux, Jerome, AuthorAuguères, Jean-Louis, AuthorBerthé, Michel, AuthorBezawada, Naidu, AuthorBishop, Georgia, AuthorBowles, Neil, AuthorCoffey, Deirdre, AuthorColomé, Josep, AuthorCrook, Martin, AuthorCrouzet, Pierre-Elie, AuthorPeppo, Vania Da, AuthorSanz, Isabel Escudero, AuthorFocardi, Mauro, AuthorFrericks, Martin, AuthorHunt, Tom, AuthorKohley, Ralf, AuthorMiddleton, Kevin, AuthorMorgante, Gianluca, AuthorOttensamer, Roland, AuthorPace, Emanuele, AuthorPearson, Chris, AuthorStamper, Richard, AuthorSymonds, Kate, AuthorRengel, Miriam1, Author              Renotte, Etienne, AuthorAde, Peter, AuthorAffer, Laura, AuthorAlard, Christophe, AuthorAllard, Nicole, AuthorAltieri, Francesca, AuthorAndré, Yves, AuthorArena, Claudio, AuthorArgyriou, Ioannis, AuthorAylward, Alan, AuthorBaccani, Cristian, AuthorBakos, Gaspar, AuthorBanaszkiewicz, Marek, AuthorBarlow, Mike, AuthorBatista, Virginie, AuthorBellucci, Giancarlo, AuthorBenatti, Serena, AuthorBernardi, Pernelle, AuthorBézard, Bruno, AuthorBlecka, Maria, AuthorBolmont, Emeline, AuthorBonfond, Bertrand, AuthorBonito, Rosaria, AuthorBonomo, Aldo S., AuthorBrucato, John Robert, AuthorBrun, Allan Sacha, AuthorBryson, Ian, AuthorBujwan, Waldemar, AuthorCasewell, Sarah, AuthorCharnay, Bejamin, AuthorPestellini, Cesare Cecchi, AuthorChen, Guo, AuthorCiaravella, Angela, AuthorClaudi, Riccardo, AuthorClédassou, Rodolphe, AuthorDamasso, Mario, AuthorDamiano, Mario, AuthorDanielski, Camilla, AuthorDeroo, Pieter, AuthorGiorgio, Anna Maria Di, AuthorDominik, Carsten, AuthorDoublier, Vanessa, AuthorDoyle, Simon, AuthorDoyon, René, AuthorDrummond, Benjamin, AuthorDuong, Bastien, AuthorEales, Stephen, AuthorEdwards, Billy, AuthorFarina, Maria, AuthorFlaccomio, Ettore, AuthorFletcher, Leigh, AuthorForget, François, AuthorFossey, Steve, AuthorFränz, Markus1, Author              Fujii, Yuka, AuthorGarcía-Piquer, Álvaro, AuthorGear, Walter, AuthorGeoffray, Hervé, AuthorGérard, Jean Claude, AuthorGesa, Lluis, AuthorGomez, H., AuthorGraczyk, Rafał, AuthorGriffith, Caitlin, AuthorGrodent, Denis, AuthorGuarcello, Mario Giuseppe, AuthorGustin, Jacques, AuthorHamano, Keiko, AuthorHargrave, Peter, AuthorHello, Yann, AuthorHeng, Kevin, AuthorHerrero, Enrique, AuthorHornstrup, Allan, AuthorHubert, Benoit, AuthorIda, Shigeru, AuthorIkoma, Masahiro, AuthorIro, Nicolas, AuthorIrwin, Patrick, AuthorJarchow, Christopher1, Author              Jaubert, Jean, AuthorJones, Hugh, AuthorJulien, Queyrel, AuthorKameda, Shingo, AuthorKerschbaum, Franz, AuthorKervella, Pierre, AuthorKoskinen, Tommi, AuthorKrijger, Matthijs, AuthorKrupp, Norbert1, Author              Lafarga, Marina, AuthorLandini, Federico, AuthorLellouch, Emanuel, AuthorLeto, Giuseppe, AuthorLuntzer, A., AuthorRank-Lüftinger, Theresa, AuthorMaggio, Antonio, AuthorMaldonado, Jesus, AuthorMaillard, Jean-Pierre, AuthorMall, Urs1, Author              Marquette, Jean-Baptiste, AuthorMathis, Stephane, AuthorMaxted, Pierre, AuthorMatsuo, Taro, AuthorMedvedev, Alexander S.1, Author              Miguel, Yamila, AuthorMinier, Vincent, AuthorMorello, Giuseppe, AuthorMura, Alessandro, AuthorNarita, Norio, AuthorNascimbeni, Valerio, AuthorTong, N. 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1Department Planets and Comets, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Max Planck Society, ou_1832288              


Free keywords: Exoplanets Space missions IR spectroscopy Molecular signatures
 Abstract: Thousands of exoplanets have now been discovered with a huge range of masses, sizes and orbits: from rocky Earth-like planets to large gas giants grazing the surface of their host star. However, the essential nature of these exoplanets remains largely mysterious: there is no known, discernible pattern linking the presence, size, or orbital parameters of a planet to the nature of its parent star. We have little idea whether the chemistry of a planet is linked to its formation environment, or whether the type of host star drives the physics and chemistry of the planet’s birth, and evolution. ARIEL was conceived to observe a large number (~1000) of transiting planets for statistical understanding, including gas giants, Neptunes, super-Earths and Earth-size planets around a range of host star types using transit spectroscopy in the 1.25–7.8 μm spectral range and multiple narrow-band photometry in the optical. ARIEL will focus on warm and hot planets to take advantage of their well-mixed atmospheres which should show minimal condensation and sequestration of high-Z materials compared to their colder Solar System siblings. Said warm and hot atmospheres are expected to be more representative of the planetary bulk composition. Observations of these warm/hot exoplanets, and in particular of their elemental composition (especially C, O, N, S, Si), will allow the understanding of the early stages of planetary and atmospheric formation during the nebular phase and the following few million years. ARIEL will thus provide a representative picture of the chemical nature of the exoplanets and relate this directly to the type and chemical environment of the host star. ARIEL is designed as a dedicated survey mission for combined-light spectroscopy, capable of observing a large and well-defined planet sample within its 4-year mission lifetime. Transit, eclipse and phase-curve spectroscopy methods, whereby the signal from the star and planet are differentiated using knowledge of the planetary ephemerides, allow us to measure atmospheric signals from the planet at levels of 10–100 part per million (ppm) relative to the star and, given the bright nature of targets, also allows more sophisticated techniques, such as eclipse mapping, to give a deeper insight into the nature of the atmosphere. These types of observations require a stable payload and satellite platform with broad, instantaneous wavelength coverage to detect many molecular species, probe the thermal structure, identify clouds and monitor the stellar activity. The wavelength range proposed covers all the expected major atmospheric gases from e.g. H2O, CO2, CH4 NH3, HCN, H2S through to the more exotic metallic compounds, such as TiO, VO, and condensed species. Simulations of ARIEL performance in conducting exoplanet surveys have been performed – using conservative estimates of mission performance and a full model of all significant noise sources in the measurement – using a list of potential ARIEL targets that incorporates the latest available exoplanet statistics. The conclusion at the end of the Phase A study, is that ARIEL – in line with the stated mission objectives – will be able to observe about 1000 exoplanets depending on the details of the adopted survey strategy, thus confirming the feasibility of the main science objectives.


Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2018-09-252018
 Publication Status: Published in print
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 Rev. Type: Peer
 Identifiers: DOI: 10.1007/s10686-018-9598-x
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Title: Experimental Astronomy
  Other : Exp. Astron.
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: Dordrecht : Springer
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 46 (1) Sequence Number: - Start / End Page: 135 - 209 Identifier: ISSN: 0922-6435
CoNE: https://pure.mpg.de/cone/journals/resource/954925382054