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  A group-level comparison of volumetric and combined volumetric-surface normalization for whole brain analyses of myelin and iron maps

Canna, A., Ponticorvo, S., Russo, A. G., Manara, R., Di Salle, F., Saponiero, R., et al. (2018). A group-level comparison of volumetric and combined volumetric-surface normalization for whole brain analyses of myelin and iron maps. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 54, 225-240. doi:10.1016/j.mri.2018.08.021.

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Canna, Antonietta1, Author
Ponticorvo, Sara1, Author
Russo, Andrea G.1, Author
Manara, Renzo1, Author
Di Salle, Francesco1, 2, Author
Saponiero, Renato2, Author
Callaghan, Martina F.3, Author
Weiskopf, Nikolaus4, Author           
Esposito, Fabrizio1, 2, Author
1Department of Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry, Scuola Medica Salernitana, University of Salerno, Baronissi, Italy, ou_persistent22              
2Department of Diagnostic Imaging, University Hospital “San Giovanni di Dio e Ruggi D'Aragona”, Scuola Medica Salernitana, Salerno, Italy, ou_persistent22              
3Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, Institute of Neurology, University College London, United Kingdom, ou_persistent22              
4Department Neurophysics (Weiskopf), MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Max Planck Society, ou_2205649              


Free keywords: Quantitative MRI; Whole brain mapping; Volumetric normalization; Myelin mapping; Iron mapping; Surface normalization; Group-level mapping
 Abstract: Quantitative MRI (qMRI) provides surrogate brain maps of myelin and iron content. After spatial normalization to a common standard brain space, these may be used to detect altered myelination and iron accumulation in clinical populations. Here, volumetric and combined volumetric and surface-based (CVS) normalization were compared to identify which procedure would afford the greatest sensitivity to inter-regional differences (contrast), and the lowest inter-subject variability (under normal conditions), of myelin- and iron-related qMRI parameters, in whole-brain group-level studies.

Ten healthy volunteers were scanned twice at 3 Tesla. Three-dimensional T1-weighted, T2-weighted and multi-parametric mapping sequences for brain qMRI were used to map myelin and iron content over the whole brain. Parameter maps were spatially normalized using volumetric (DARTEL) and CVS procedures. Tissue probability weighting and isotropic Gaussian smoothing were integrated in DARTEL for voxel-based quantification (VBQ). Contrasts, coefficients of variations and sensitivity to detecting differences in the parameters were estimated in standard space for each approach on region of interest (ROI) and voxel-by-voxel bases.

The contrast between cortical and subcortical ROIs with respectively different myelin and iron content was higher following CVS, compared to DARTEL-VBQ, normalization. Across cortical voxels, the inter-individual variability of myelin and iron qMRI maps were comparable between CVS (with no smoothing) and DARTEL-VBQ (with smoothing).

CVS normalization of qMRI maps preserves higher myelin and iron contrast than DARTEL-VBQ over the entire brain, while exhibiting comparable variability in the cerebral cortex without extra smoothing. Thus, CVS may prove useful for detecting small microstructural differences in whole-brain group-level qMRI studies.


Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2018-08-282018-06-182018-08-282018-09-012018-12
 Publication Status: Published in print
 Pages: -
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 Rev. Type: Peer
 Identifiers: DOI: 10.1016/j.mri.2018.08.021
PMID: 30176374
Other: Epub 2018
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Project name : -
Grant ID : ORSA177578
Funding program : -
Funding organization : University of Salerno
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Grant ID : 203147/Z/16/Z
Funding program : -
Funding organization : Wellcome Trust

Source 1

Title: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: New York : Elsevier
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 54 Sequence Number: - Start / End Page: 225 - 240 Identifier: ISSN: 0730-725X
CoNE: https://pure.mpg.de/cone/journals/resource/954925533026