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  Science with e-ASTROGAM - A space mission for MeV–GeV gamma-ray astrophysics

De Angelis, A., Tatischeff, V., Grenier, I., McEnery, J., Mallamaci, M., Tavani, M., et al. (2018). Science with e-ASTROGAM - A space mission for MeV–GeV gamma-ray astrophysics. Journal of High Energy Astrophysics, 19, 1-106. doi:10.1016/j.jheap.2018.07.001.

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De Angelis, A., Author
Tatischeff, V., Author
Grenier, I.A., Author
McEnery, J., Author
Mallamaci, M., Author
Tavani, M., Author
Oberlack, U., Author
Hanlon, L., Author
Walter, R., Author
Argan, A., Author
Von Ballmoos, P., Author
Bulgarelli, A., Author
Bykov, A., Author
Hernanz, M., Author
Kanbach, G., Author
Kuvvetli, I., Author
Pearce, M., Author
Zdziarski, A., Author
Conrad, J., Author
Ghisellini, G., Author
Harding, A., AuthorIsern, J., AuthorLeising, M., AuthorLongo, F., AuthorMadejski, G., AuthorMartinez, M., AuthorMazziotta, M.N., AuthorParedes, J.M., AuthorPohl, M., AuthorRando, R., AuthorRazzano, M., AuthorAboudan, A., AuthorAckermann, M., AuthorAddazi, A., AuthorAjello, M., AuthorAlbertus, C., AuthorÁlvarez, J.M., AuthorAmbrosi, G., AuthorAntón, S., AuthorAntonelli, L.A., AuthorBabic, A., AuthorBaibussinov, B., AuthorBaldini, M. Balbo L., AuthorBalman, S., AuthorBambi, C., AuthorBarresde Almeida, U., AuthorBarrio, J.A., AuthorBartels, R., AuthorBastieri, D., AuthorBednarek, W., AuthorBernard, D., AuthorBernardini, E., AuthorBernasconi, T., AuthorBertucci, B., AuthorBiland, A., AuthorBissaldi, E., AuthorBoettcher, M., AuthorBonvicini, V., AuthorBosch-Ramon, V., AuthorBottacini, E., AuthorBozhilov, V., AuthorBretz, T., AuthorBranchesi, M., AuthorBrdar, V., AuthorBringmann, T., AuthorBrogna, A., AuthorBudtz Jørgensen, C., AuthorBusetto, G., AuthorBuson, S., AuthorBusso, M., AuthorCaccianiga, A., AuthorCamera, S., AuthorCampana, R., AuthorCaraveo, P., AuthorCardillo, M., AuthorCarlson, P., AuthorCelestin, S., AuthorCermeño, M., AuthorChen, A., AuthorCheung, C.C., AuthorChurazov, E., Author              Ciprini, S., AuthorCoc, A., AuthorColafrancesco, S., AuthorColeiro, A., AuthorCollmar, W.1, Author              Coppi, P., AuthorCurado da Silva, R., AuthorCutini, S., AuthorD’Ammando, F., AuthorDe Lotto, B., AuthordeMartino, D., AuthorDe Rosa, A., AuthorDelSanto, M., AuthorDelgado, L., AuthorDiehl, R.2, Author              Dietrich, S., AuthorDolgov, A.D., AuthorDomínguez, A., AuthorDominis Prester, D., AuthorDonnarumma, I., AuthorDorner, D., AuthorDoro, M., AuthorDutra, M., AuthorElsaesser, D., AuthorFabrizio, M., AuthorFernández-Barral, A., AuthorFioretti, V., AuthorFoffano, L., AuthorFormato, V., AuthorFornengo, N., AuthorFoschini, L., AuthorFranceschini, Gianni, AuthorFranckowiak, A., AuthorFunk, S., AuthorFuschino, F., AuthorGaggero, D., AuthorGalanti, G., AuthorGargano, F., AuthorGasparrini, D., AuthorGehrz, R., AuthorGiammaria, P., AuthorGiglietto, N., AuthorGiommi, P., AuthorGiordano, F., AuthorGiroletti, M., AuthorGhirlanda, G., AuthorGodinovic, N., AuthorGouiffés, C., AuthorGrove, J.E., AuthorHamadache, C., AuthorHartmann, D.H., AuthorHayashida, M., AuthorHryczuk, A., AuthorJean, P., AuthorJohnson, T., AuthorJosé, J., AuthorKaufmann, S., AuthorKhelifi, B., AuthorKiener, J., AuthorKnödlseder, J., AuthorKole, M., AuthorKopp, J., AuthorKozhuharov, V., AuthorLabanti, C., AuthorLalkovski, S., AuthorLaurent, P., AuthorLimousin, O., AuthorLinares, M., AuthorLindfors, E., AuthorLindner, M., AuthorLiu, J., AuthorLombardi, S., AuthorLoparco, F., AuthorLópez-Coto, R., AuthorLópez Moya, M., AuthorLott, B., AuthorLubrano, P., AuthorMalyshev, D., AuthorMankuzhiyil, N., AuthorMannheim, K., AuthorMarchã, M.J., AuthorMarcianò, A., AuthorMarcote, B., AuthorMariotti, M., AuthorMarisaldi, M., AuthorMcBreen, S., AuthorMereghetti, S., AuthorMerle, A., AuthorMignani, R., AuthorMinervini, G., AuthorMoiseev, A., AuthorMorselli, A., AuthorMoura, F., AuthorNakazawa, K., AuthorNava, L., AuthorNieto, D., AuthorOrienti, M., AuthorOrio, M., AuthorOrlando, E., AuthorOrleanski, P., AuthorPaiano, S., AuthorPaoletti, R., AuthorPapitto, A., AuthorPasquato, M., AuthorPatricelli, B., AuthorPérez-García, M.Á., AuthorPersic, M., AuthorPiano, G., AuthorPichel, A., AuthorPimenta, M., AuthorPittori, C., AuthorPorter, T., AuthorPoutanen, J., AuthorPrandini, E., AuthorPrantzos, N., AuthorProduitm, N., AuthorProfumo, S., AuthorQueiroz, F.S., AuthorRainó, S., AuthorRaklev, A., AuthorRegis, M., AuthorReichardt, I., AuthorRephaeli, Y., AuthorRico, J., AuthorRodejohann, W., AuthorFernandez, G. Rodriguez, AuthorRoncadelli, M., AuthorRoso, L., AuthorRovero, A., AuthorRuffini, R., AuthorSala, G., AuthorSánchez-Conde, M.A., AuthorSantangelo, A., AuthorSaz Parkinson, P., AuthorSbarrato, T., AuthorShearer, A., AuthorShellard, R., AuthorShort, K., AuthorSiegert, T.2, Author              Siqueira, C., AuthorSpinelli, P., AuthorStamerra, A., AuthorStarrfield, S., AuthorStrong, A.2, Author              Strümke, I., AuthorTavecchio, F., AuthorTaverna, R., AuthorTerzić, T., AuthorThompson, D.J., AuthorTibolla, O., AuthorTorres, D.F., AuthorTurolla, R., AuthorUlyanov, A., AuthorUrsi, A., AuthorVacchi, A., AuthorVandenAbeele, J., AuthorVankova-Kirilovai, G., AuthorVenter, C., AuthorVerrecchia, F., AuthorVincent, P., AuthorWang, X., AuthorWeniger, C., AuthorWu, X., AuthorZaharijaš, G., AuthorZampieri, L., AuthorZane, S., AuthorZimmer, S., AuthorZoglauer, A., Author more..
1MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_159888              
2High Energy Astrophysics, MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_159890              




 Dates: 2018-08
 Publication Status: Published in print
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 Identifiers: DOI: 10.1016/j.jheap.2018.07.001
Other: LOCALID: 3031044
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Title: Journal of High Energy Astrophysics
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