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  A Hot Saturn Orbiting an Oscillating Late Subgiant Discovered by TESS

Huber, D., Chaplin, W. J., Chontos, A., Kjeldsen, H., Christensen-Dalsgaard, J., Bedding, T. R., et al. (2019). A Hot Saturn Orbiting an Oscillating Late Subgiant Discovered by TESS. The Astronomical Journal, 157(6): 245. doi:10.3847/1538-3881/ab1488.

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Huber, Daniel, Author
Chaplin, William J., Author
Chontos, Ashley, Author
Kjeldsen, Hans, Author
Christensen-Dalsgaard, Jørgen, Author
Bedding, Timothy R., Author
Ball, Warrick, Author
Brahm, Rafael, Author
Espinoza, Nestor, Author
Henning, Thomas, Author
Jordán, Andrés, Author
Sarkis, Paula, Author
Knudstrup, Emil, Author
Albrecht, Simon, Author
Grundahl, Frank, Author
Andersen, Mads Fredslund, Author
Pallé, Pere L., Author
Crossfield, Ian, Author
Fulton, Benjamin, Author
Howard, Andrew W., Author
Isaacson, Howard T., AuthorWeiss, Lauren M., AuthorHandberg, Rasmus, AuthorLund, Mikkel N., AuthorSerenelli, Aldo M., AuthorMosumgaard, Jakob Rørsted, AuthorStokholm, Amalie, AuthorBieryla, Allyson, AuthorBuchhave, Lars A., AuthorLatham, David W., AuthorQuinn, Samuel N., AuthorGaidos, Eric, AuthorHirano, Teruyuki, AuthorRicker, George R., AuthorVanderspek, Roland K., AuthorSeager, Sara, AuthorJenkins, Jon M., AuthorWinn, Joshua N., AuthorAntia, H. M., AuthorAppourchaux, Thierry, AuthorBasu, Sarbani, AuthorBell, Keaton J.1, Author           Benomar, Othman, AuthorBonanno, Alfio, AuthorBuzasi, Derek L., AuthorCampante, Tiago L., AuthorOrhan, Z. Çelik, AuthorCorsaro, Enrico, AuthorCunha, Margarida S., AuthorDavies, Guy R., AuthorDeheuvels, Sebastien, AuthorGrunblatt, Samuel K., AuthorHasanzadeh, Amir, AuthorDi Mauro, Maria Pia , AuthorGarcía, Rafael A., AuthorGaulme, Patrick2, Author           Girardi, Léo, AuthorGuzik, Joyce A., AuthorHon, Marc, AuthorJiang, Chen, AuthorKallinger, Thomas, AuthorKawaler, Steven D., AuthorKuszlewicz, James S.1, Author           Lebreton, Yveline, AuthorLi, Tanda, AuthorLucas, Miles, AuthorLundkvist, Mia S., AuthorMann, Andrew W., AuthorMathis, Stéphane, AuthorMathur, Savita, AuthorMazumdar, Anwesh, AuthorMetcalfe, Travis S.1, AuthorMiglio, Andrea, AuthorMonteiro, Mário J. P. F. G., AuthorMosser, Benoit, AuthorNoll, Anthony, AuthorNsamba, Benard, AuthorOng, Jia Mian Joel, AuthorÖrtel, S., AuthorPereira, Filipe, AuthorRanadive, Pritesh, AuthorRégulo, Clara, AuthorRodrigues, Thaíse S., AuthorRoxburgh, Ian W., AuthorAguirre, Victor Silva, AuthorSmalley, Barry, AuthorSchofield, Mathew, AuthorSousa, Sérgio G., AuthorStassun, Keivan G., AuthorStello, Dennis, AuthorTayar, Jamie, AuthorWhite, Timothy R., AuthorVerma, Kuldeep, AuthorVrard, Mathieu, AuthorYıldız, M., AuthorBaker, David, AuthorBazot, Michaël, AuthorBeichmann, Charles, AuthorBergmann, Christoph, AuthorBugnet, Lisa, AuthorCale, Bryson, AuthorCarlino, Roberto, AuthorCartwright, Scott M., AuthorChristiansen, Jessie L., AuthorCiardi, David R., AuthorCreevey, Orlagh, AuthorDittmann, Jason A., AuthorDo Nascimento Jr., Jose-Dias , AuthorEylen, Vincent Van, AuthorFürész, Gabor, AuthorGagné, Jonathan, AuthorGao, Peter, AuthorGazeas, Kosmas, AuthorGiddens, Frank, AuthorHall, Oliver J., AuthorHekker, Saskia1, Author           Ireland, Michael J., AuthorLatouf, Natasha, AuthorLeBrun, Danny, AuthorLevine, Alan M., AuthorMatzko, William, AuthorNatinsky, Eva, AuthorPage, Emma, AuthorPlavchan, Peter, AuthorMansouri-Samani, Masoud, AuthorMcCauliff, Sean, AuthorMullally, Susan E., AuthorOrenstein, Brendan, AuthorSoto, Aylin Garcia, AuthorPaegert, Martin, Authorvan Saders, Jennifer L., AuthorSchnaible, Chloe, AuthorSoderblom, David R., AuthorSzabó, Róbert, AuthorTanner, Angelle, AuthorTinney, C. G., AuthorTeske, Johanna, AuthorThomas, Alexandra, AuthorTrampedach, Regner, AuthorWright, Duncan, AuthorYuan, Thomas T., AuthorZohrabi, Farzaneh, Author more..
1Max Planck Research Group in Stellar Ages and Galactic Evolution (SAGE), Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Max Planck Society, ou_2265636              
2Department Solar and Stellar Interiors, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Max Planck Society, Justus-von-Liebig-Weg 3, 37077 Göttingen, DE, ou_1832287              


Free keywords: asteroseismology; techniques: photometric; planets and satellites: individual (HD 221416 b) ; stars: fundamental parameters; planets and satellites: fundamental parameters
 Abstract: We present the discovery of HD 221416 b, the first transiting planet identified by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) for which asteroseismology of the host star is possible. HD 221416 b (HIP 116158, TOI-197) is a bright (V = 8.2 mag), spectroscopically classified subgiant that oscillates with an average frequency of about 430 μHz and displays a clear signature of mixed modes. The oscillation amplitude confirms that the redder TESS bandpass compared to Kepler has a small effect on the oscillations, supporting the expected yield of thousands of solar-like oscillators with TESS 2 minute cadence observations. Asteroseismic modeling yields a robust determination of the host star radius (R sstarf = 2.943 ± 0.064 R ), mass (M sstarf = 1.212 ± 0.074 M ), and age (4.9 ± 1.1 Gyr), and demonstrates that it has just started ascending the red-giant branch. Combining asteroseismology with transit modeling and radial-velocity observations, we show that the planet is a "hot Saturn" (R p = 9.17 ± 0.33 R ⊕) with an orbital period of ~14.3 days, irradiance of F = 343 ± 24 F , and moderate mass (M p = 60.5 ± 5.7 M ) and density (ρ p = 0.431 ± 0.062 g cm−3). The properties of HD 221416 b show that the host-star metallicity–planet mass correlation found in sub-Saturns (4–8 R ) does not extend to larger radii, indicating that planets in the transition between sub-Saturns and Jupiters follow a relatively narrow range of densities. With a density measured to ~15%, HD 221416 b is one of the best characterized Saturn-size planets to date, augmenting the small number of known transiting planets around evolved stars and demonstrating the power of TESS to characterize exoplanets and their host stars using asteroseismology.


Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2019
 Publication Status: Issued
 Pages: -
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 Table of Contents: -
 Rev. Type: Peer
 Identifiers: DOI: 10.3847/1538-3881/ab1488
arXiv: 1901.01643
Other: 2019AJ....157..245H
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Title: The Astronomical Journal
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: Chicago, IL : University of Chicago Press for the American Astronomical Society
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 157 (6) Sequence Number: 245 Start / End Page: - Identifier: ISSN: 0004-637X
CoNE: https://pure.mpg.de/cone/journals/resource/954922828215_4