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  Detection of persistent VHE gamma-ray emission from PKS 1510-089 by the MAGIC telescopes during low states between 2012 and 2017

MAGIC, C., Acciari, V., Ansoldi, S., Antonelli, L., Arbet Engels, A., Arcaro, C., et al. (2018). Detection of persistent VHE gamma-ray emission from PKS 1510-089 by the MAGIC telescopes during low states between 2012 and 2017. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 619: A159, pp. A159. doi:10.1051/0004-6361/201833618.

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MAGIC, Collaboration, Author
Acciari, V.A., Author
Ansoldi, S., Author
Antonelli, L.A., Author
Arbet Engels, A., Author
Arcaro, C., Author
Baack, D., Author
Babić, A., Author
Banerjee, B., Author
Bangale, P., Author
Barres de Almeida, U., Author
Barrio, J.A., Author
Bednarek, W., Author
Bernardini, E., Author
Berti, A., Author
Besenrieder, J., Author
Bhattacharyya, W., Author
Bigongiari, C., Author
Biland, A., Author
Blanch, O., Author
Bonnoli, G., AuthorCarosi, R., AuthorCeribella, G., AuthorCikota, S., AuthorColak, S.M., AuthorColin, P., AuthorColombo, E., AuthorContreras, J.L., AuthorCortina, J., AuthorCovino, S., AuthorDÉlia, V., Authorda Vela, P., AuthorDazzi, F., Authorde Angelis, A., Authorde Lotto, B., AuthorDelfino, M., AuthorDelgado, J., Authordi Pierro, F., AuthorDo Souto Espińera, E., AuthorDomínguez, A., AuthorDominis Prester, D., AuthorDorner, D., AuthorDoro, M., AuthorEinecke, S., AuthorElsaesser, D., AuthorFallah Ramazani, V., AuthorFattorini, A., AuthorFernández-Barral, A., AuthorFerrara, G., AuthorFidalgo, D., AuthorFoffano, L., AuthorFonseca, M.V., AuthorFont, L., AuthorFruck, C., AuthorGalindo, D., AuthorGallozzi, S., AuthorGarcía López, R.J., AuthorGarczarczyk, M., AuthorGaug, M., AuthorGiammaria, P., AuthorGodinović, N., AuthorGuberman, D., AuthorHadasch, D., AuthorHahn, A., AuthorHassan, T., AuthorHerrera, J., AuthorHoang, J., AuthorHrupec, D., AuthorInoue, S., AuthorIshio, K., AuthorIwamura, Y., AuthorKubo, H., AuthorKushida, J., AuthorKuvezdic, D., AuthorLamastra, A., AuthorLelas, D., AuthorLeone, F., AuthorLindfors, E., AuthorLombardi, S., AuthorLongo, F., AuthorLópez, M., AuthorLópez-Oramas, A., AuthorMaggio, C., AuthorMajumdar, P., AuthorMakariev, M., AuthorManeva, G., AuthorManganaro, M., AuthorMannheim, K., AuthorMaraschi, L., AuthorMariotti, M., AuthorMartínez, M., AuthorMasuda, S., AuthorMazin, D., AuthorMinev, M., AuthorMiranda, J.M., AuthorMirzoyan, R., AuthorMolina, E., AuthorMoralejo, A., AuthorMoreno, V., AuthorMoretti, E., AuthorMunar-Adrover, P., AuthorNeustroev, V., AuthorNiedzwiecki, A., AuthorNievas Rosillo, M., AuthorNigro, C., AuthorNilsson, K., AuthorNinci, D., AuthorNishijima, K., AuthorNoda, K., AuthorNogués, L., AuthorPaiano, S., AuthorPalacio, J., AuthorPaneque, D., AuthorPaoletti, R., AuthorParedes, J.M., AuthorPedaletti, G., AuthorPeńil, P., AuthorPeresano, M., AuthorPersic, M., AuthorPrada Moroni, P.G., AuthorPrandini, E., AuthorPuljak, I., AuthorGarcia, J.R., AuthorRhode, W., AuthorRibó, M., AuthorRico, J., AuthorRighi, C., AuthorRugliancich, A., AuthorSaha, L., AuthorSaito, T., AuthorSatalecka, K., AuthorSchweizer, T., AuthorSitarek, J., AuthorŠnidarić, I., AuthorSobczynska, D., AuthorSomero, A., AuthorStamerra, A., AuthorStrzys, M., AuthorSurić, T., AuthorTavecchio, F., AuthorTemnikov, P., AuthorTerzić, T., AuthorTeshima, M., AuthorTorres-Albà, N., AuthorTsujimoto, S., Authorvan Scherpenberg, J., AuthorVanzo, G., AuthorVazquez Acosta, M., AuthorVovk, I., AuthorWard, J.E., AuthorWill, M., AuthorZarić, D., AuthorFermi-Lat, Collaboration, AuthorBecerra González, J., AuthorRaiteri, C.M., AuthorSandrinelli, A., AuthorHovatta, T., AuthorKiehlmann, S., AuthorMax-Moerbeck, W., AuthorTornikoski, M., AuthorLähteenmäki, A., AuthorTammi, J., AuthorRamakrishnan, V., AuthorThum, C., AuthorAgudo, I., AuthorMolina, S.N., AuthorGómez, J.L., AuthorFuentes, A., AuthorCasadio, C.1, AuthorTraianou, E.1, AuthorMyserlis, I.1, AuthorKim, J.1, Author more..
1Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, Max Planck Society, ou_2205652              


Free keywords: galaxies: active, galaxies: jets, gamma rays: galaxies, quasars: individual: PKS 1510-089
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 Dates: 2018-11
 Publication Status: Issued
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 Identifiers: DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201833618
BibTex Citekey: 2018a&a...619a.159m
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Title: Astronomy and Astrophysics
Source Genre: Journal
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Pages: - Volume / Issue: 619 Sequence Number: A159 Start / End Page: A159 Identifier: -