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  The advanced Virgo longitudinal control system for the O2 observing run

Acernese, F., Agathos, M., Aiello, L., Allocca, A., Aloy, M., Amato, A., et al. (2020). The advanced Virgo longitudinal control system for the O2 observing run. Astroparticle physics, 116: 102386. doi:10.1016/j.astropartphys.2019.07.005.

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Acernese, F., Author
Agathos, M., Author
Aiello, L., Author
Allocca, A., Author
Aloy, M.A., Author
Amato, A., Author
Antier, S., Author
Arène, M., Author
Arnaud, N., Author
Ascenzi, S., Author
Astone, P., Author
Aubin, F., Author
Babak, S., Author
Bacon, P., Author
Badaracco, F., Author
Bader, M.K.M., Author
Baird, J., Author
Baldaccini, F., Author
Ballardin, G., Author
Barbieri, C., Author
Barone, F., AuthorBarsuglia, M., AuthorBarta, D., AuthorBasti, A., AuthorBawaj, M., AuthorBazzan, M., AuthorBejger, M., AuthorBelahcene, I., AuthorBernuzzi, S., AuthorBersanetti, D., AuthorBertolini, A., AuthorBischi, M., AuthorBitossi, M., AuthorBizouard, M.A., AuthorBloemen, S., AuthorBobba, F., AuthorBoer, M., AuthorBogaert, G., AuthorBondu, F., AuthorBonnand, R., AuthorBoom, B.A., AuthorBoschi, V., AuthorBouffanais, Y., AuthorBozzi, A., AuthorBradaschia, C., AuthorBranchesi, M., AuthorBreschi, M., AuthorBriant, T., AuthorBrighenti, F., AuthorBrillet, A., AuthorBrooks, J., AuthorBulik, T., AuthorBulten, H.J., AuthorBuskulic, D., AuthorBuy, C., AuthorCagnoli, G., AuthorCalloni, E., AuthorCanepa, M., AuthorCarapella, G., AuthorCarbognani, F., AuthorCarullo, G., AuthorDiaz, J. Casanueva, AuthorCasentini, C., AuthorCaudill, S., AuthorCavalier, F., AuthorCavalieri, R., AuthorCella, G., AuthorCerdá-Durán, P., AuthorCesarini, E., AuthorChaibi, O., AuthorChassande-Mottin, E., AuthorChincarini, A., AuthorChiummo, A., AuthorChristensen, N., AuthorChua, S., AuthorCiani, G., AuthorCieślar, M., AuthorCiolfi, R., AuthorCipriano, F., AuthorCirone, A., AuthorCleva, F., AuthorCoccia, E., AuthorCohadon, P.-F., AuthorCohen, D., AuthorColpi, M., AuthorConti, L., AuthorCordero-Carrión, I., AuthorCorezzi, S., AuthorCorre, D., AuthorCortese, S., AuthorCoulon, J.-P., AuthorCroquette, M., AuthorCuoco, E., AuthorDÁngelo, B., AuthorD'Antonio, S., AuthorDattilo, V., AuthorDavier, M., AuthorDegallaix, J., AuthorLaurentis, M. De, AuthorDeléglise, S., AuthorPozzo, W. Del, AuthorPietri, R. De, AuthorRosa, R. De, AuthorRossi, C. De, AuthorDietrich, T., AuthorFiore, L. Di, AuthorGiorgio, C. Di, AuthorGiovanni, F. Di, AuthorGiovanni, M. Di, AuthorGirolamo, T. Di, AuthorLieto, A. 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1Computational Relativistic Astrophysics, AEI-Golm, MPI for Gravitational Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_2541714              




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 Publication Status: Published in print
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Title: Astroparticle physics
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