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  Variability in the analysis of a single neuroimaging dataset by many teams

Botvinik-Nezer, R., Holzmeister, F., Camerer, C. F., Dreber, A., Huber, J., Johannesson, M., et al. (2019). Variability in the analysis of a single neuroimaging dataset by many teams. bioRxiv. doi:10.1101/843193.

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Botvinik-Nezer, Rotem 1, Author
Holzmeister, Felix 1, Author
Camerer, Colin F. 1, Author
Dreber, Anna 1, Author
Huber, Juergen 1, Author
Johannesson, Magnus 1, Author
Kirchler, Michael 1, Author
Iwanir, Roni 1, Author
Mumford, Jeanette A. 1, Author
Adcock, Alison 1, Author
Avesani, Paolo 1, Author
Baczkowski, Blazej2, Author           
Bajracharya, Aahana 1, Author
Bakst, Leah 1, Author
Ball, Sheryl 1, Author
Barilari, Marco 1, Author
Bault, Nadège 1, Author
Beaton, Derek 1, Author
Beitner, Julia 1, Author
Benoit, Roland G.3, Author           
Berkers, Ruud3, Author           Bhanji, Jamil 1, AuthorBiswal, Bharat 1, AuthorBobadilla-Suarez, Sebastian 1, AuthorBortolini, Tiago 1, AuthorBottenhorn, Katherine 1, AuthorBowring, Alexander1, AuthorBraem, Senne 1, AuthorBrooks, Hayley 1, AuthorBrudner, Emily 1, AuthorCalderon, Cristian 1, AuthorCamilleri, Julia 1, AuthorCastrellon, Jaime 1, AuthorCecchetti, Luca 1, AuthorCieslik, Edna 1, AuthorCole, Zachary 1, AuthorCollignon, Olivier 1, AuthorCox, Robert1, AuthorCunningham, William 1, AuthorCzoschke, Stefan 1, AuthorDadi, Kamalaker 1, AuthorDavis, Charles 1, AuthorDe Luca, Alberto 1, AuthorDelgado, Mauricio 1, AuthorDemetriou, Lysia 1, AuthorDennison, Jeffrey 1, AuthorDi, Xin 1, AuthorDickie, Erin 1, AuthorDobryakova, Ekaterina 1, AuthorDonnat, Claire 1, AuthorDukart, Juergen 1, AuthorDuncan, Niall W.1, AuthorDurnez, Joke1, AuthorEed, Amr 1, AuthorEickhoff, Simon 1, AuthorErhart, Andrew 1, AuthorFontanesi, Laura 1, AuthorFricke, G. Matthew 1, AuthorGalvan, Adriana 1, AuthorGau, Remi1, AuthorGenon, Sarah 1, AuthorGlatard, Tristan 1, AuthorGlerean, Enrico 1, AuthorGoeman, Jelle1, AuthorGolowin, Sergej 1, AuthorGonzález-García, Carlos1, AuthorGorgolewsk, Krzysztof 1, AuthorGrady, Cheryl 1, AuthorGreen, Mikella 1, AuthorMoreira, João Guassi 1, AuthorGuest, Olivia 1, AuthorHakimi, Shabnam 1, AuthorHamilton, J. Paul 1, AuthorHancock, Roeland 1, AuthorHandjaras, Giacomo 1, AuthorHarry, Bronson 1, AuthorHawco, Colin 1, AuthorHerholz, Peer 1, AuthorHerman, Gabrielle 1, AuthorHeunis, Stephan 1, AuthorHoffstaedter, Felix 1, AuthorHogeveen, Jeremy 1, AuthorHolmes, Susan 1, AuthorHu, Chuan-Peng 1, AuthorHuettel, Scott 1, AuthorHughes, Matthew 1, AuthorIacovella, Vittorio 1, AuthorIordan, Alexandru 1, AuthorIsager, Peder 1, AuthorIsik, Ayse Ilkay 1, AuthorJahn, Andrew1, AuthorJohnson, Matthew 1, AuthorJohnstone, Tom 1, AuthorJoseph, Michael 1, AuthorJuliano, Anthony 1, AuthorKable, Joseph 1, AuthorKassinopoulos, Michalis 1, AuthorKoba, Cemal 1, AuthorKong, Xiang-Zhen 1, AuthorKoscik, Timothy 1, AuthorKucukboyaci, Nuri Erkut 1, AuthorKuhl, Brice 1, AuthorKupek, Sebastian1, AuthorLaird, Angela1, AuthorLamm, Claus 1, AuthorLangner, Robert 1, AuthorLauharatanahirun, Nina 1, AuthorLee, Hongmi 1, AuthorLee, Sangil 1, AuthorLeemans, Alexander 1, AuthorLeo, Andrea 1, AuthorLesage, Elise 1, AuthorLi, Flora 1, AuthorLi, Monica1, AuthorLim, Phui Cheng 1, AuthorLintz, Evan 1, AuthorLiphardt, Schuyler 1, AuthorLosecaat Vermeer, Annabel 1, AuthorLove, Bradley 1, AuthorMack, Michael1, AuthorMalpica, Norberto 1, AuthorMarins, Theo 1, AuthorMaumet, Camille 1, AuthorMcDonald, Kelsey 1, AuthorMcGuire, Joseph1, AuthorMelero, Helena 1, AuthorMéndez Leal, Adriana 1, AuthorMeyer, Benjamin 1, AuthorMeyer, Kristin 1, AuthorMihai, Paul Glad1, 4, Author           Mitsis, Georgios 1, AuthorMoll, Jorge 1, AuthorNielson, Dylan 1, AuthorNilsonne, Gustav 1, AuthorNotter, Michael 1, AuthorOlivetti, Emanuele 1, AuthorOnicas, Adrian 1, AuthorPapale, Paolo 1, AuthorPatil, Kaustubh 1, AuthorPeelle, Jonathan E.1, AuthorPérez, Alexandre 1, AuthorPischedda, Doris 1, AuthorPoline, Jean-Baptiste 1, AuthorPrystauka, Yanina1, AuthorRay, Shruti 1, AuthorReuter-Lorenz, Patricia1, AuthorReynolds, Richard 1, AuthorRicciardi, Emiliano 1, AuthorRieck, Jenny 1, AuthorRodriguez-Thompson, Anais 1, AuthorRomyn, Anthony 1, AuthorSalo, Taylor 1, AuthorSamanez-Larkin, Gregory 1, AuthorSanz-Morales, Emilio 1, AuthorSchlichting, Margaret 1, AuthorSchultz, Douglas 1, AuthorShen, Qiang 1, AuthorSheridan, Margaret 1, AuthorShiguang, Fu 1, AuthorSilvers, Jennifer 1, AuthorSkagerlund, Kenny 1, AuthorSmith, Alec 1, AuthorSmith, David 1, AuthorSokol-Hessner, Peter 1, AuthorSteinkamp, Simon 1, AuthorTashjian, Sarah 1, AuthorThirion, Bertrand 1, AuthorThorp, John 1, AuthorTinghög, Gustav1, AuthorTisdall, Loreen 1, AuthorTompson, Steven 1, AuthorToro-Serey, Claudio 1, AuthorTorre, Juan 1, AuthorTozzi, Leonardo 1, AuthorTruong, Vuong 1, AuthorTurella, Luca 1, Authorvan ’t Veer, Anna E. 1, AuthorVerguts, Tom 1, AuthorVettel, Jean 1, AuthorVijayarajah, Sagana 1, AuthorVo, Khoi 1, AuthorWall, Matthew1, AuthorWeeda, Wouter D. 1, AuthorWeis, Susanne 1, AuthorWhite, David 1, AuthorWisniewski, David 1, AuthorXifra-Porxas, Alba 1, AuthorYearling, Emily 1, AuthorYoon, Sangsuk 1, AuthorYuan, Rui1, AuthorYuen, Kenneth 1, AuthorZhang, Lei 1, AuthorZhang, Xu 1, AuthorZosky, Joshua 1, AuthorNichols, Thomas E. 1, AuthorPoldrack, Russell A. 1, AuthorSchonberg, Tom 1, Author more..
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 Abstract: Data analysis workflows in many scientific domains have become increasingly complex and flexible. To assess the impact of this flexibility on functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) results, the same dataset was independently analyzed by 70 teams, testing nine ex-ante hypotheses. The flexibility of analytic approaches is exemplified by the fact that no two teams chose identical workflows to analyze the data. This flexibility resulted in sizeable variation in hypothesis test results, even for teams whose statistical maps were highly correlated at intermediate stages of their analysis pipeline. Variation in reported results was related to several aspects of analysis methodology. Importantly, meta-analytic approaches that aggregated information across teams yielded significant consensus in activated regions across teams. Furthermore, prediction markets of researchers in the field revealed an overestimation of the likelihood of significant findings, even by researchers with direct knowledge of the dataset. Our findings show that analytic flexibility can have substantial effects on scientific conclusions, and demonstrate factors related to variability in fMRI. The results emphasize the importance of validating and sharing complex analysis workflows, and demonstrate the need for multiple analyses of the same data. Potential approaches to mitigate issues related to analytical variability are discussed.


Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2019-11-15
 Publication Status: Published online
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 Rev. Type: No review
 Identifiers: DOI: 10.1101/843193
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