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  Quantitative Long‐Term Monitoring of the Circulating Gases in the KATRIN Experiment Using Raman Spectroscopy

Aker, M., Altenmüller, K., Beglarian, A., Behrens, J., Berlev, A., Besserer, U., et al. (2020). Quantitative Long‐Term Monitoring of the Circulating Gases in the KATRIN Experiment Using Raman Spectroscopy. Sensors, 20(17): 4827. doi:10.3390/s20174827.

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https://www.mdpi.com/1424-8220/20/17/4827/pdf (Publisher version)
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Aker, Max, Author
Altenmüller, Konrad, Author
Beglarian, Armen, Author
Behrens, Jan, Author
Berlev, Anatoly, Author
Besserer, Uwe, Author
Bieringer, Benedikt, Author
Blaum, Klaus1, Author              
Block, Fabian, Author
Bornschein, Beate, Author
Bornschein, Lutz, Author
Böttcher, Matthias, Author
Brunst, Tim, Author
Caldwell, Thomas C., Author
Chilingaryan, Suren, Author
Choi, Wonqook, Author
Diaz Barrero, Deseada D. , Author
Debowsk, Karol, Author
Deffert, Marco, Author
Descher, Martin, Author
Doe, Peter J., AuthorDragoun, Otokar, AuthorDrexlin, Guido, AuthorDyba, Stephan, AuthorEdzards, Frank, AuthorEitel, Klaus, AuthorEllinger, Enrico, AuthorEngel, Ralph, AuthorEnomoto, Sanshiro, AuthorFedkevych, Mariia, AuthorFelden, Arne, AuthorFormaggio, Joseph F., AuthorFränkle, Florian, AuthorFranklin, Gregg B., AuthorFriedel, Fabian, AuthorFulst, Alexander, AuthorGauda, Kevin, AuthorGil, Woosik, AuthorGlück, Ferenc, AuthorGrößle, Robin, AuthorGumbsheimer, Rainer, AuthorHannen, Volker, AuthorHaußmann, Norman, AuthorHelbing, Klaus, AuthorHickford, Stephanie, AuthorHiller, Roman, AuthorHillesheimer, David, AuthorHinz, Dominic, AuthorHöhn, Thomas, AuthorHoudy, Thibaut, AuthorHuber, Anton, AuthorJansen, Alexander, AuthorKarl, Christian, AuthorKellerer, Jonas, AuthorKippenbrock, Luke, AuthorKlein, Manuel, AuthorKöhler, Christoph, AuthorKöllenberger, Leonard, AuthorKopmann, Andreas, AuthorKorzeczek, Marc, AuthorKovalík, Alojz, AuthorKrasch, Bennet, AuthorKrause, Holger, AuthorLa Cascio, Luisa, AuthorLasserre, Thierry, AuthorLe, Thanh‐Long, AuthorLebeda, Ondřej, AuthorLehnert, Bjoern, AuthorLokhov, Alexey, AuthorMachatschek, Moritz, AuthorMalcherek, Emma, AuthorMarsteller, Alexander, AuthorMartin, Eric L., AuthorMeier, Matthias, AuthorMelzer, Christin, AuthorMertens, Susanne, AuthorMüller, Klaus, AuthorNiemes, Simon, AuthorOelpmann, Patrick, AuthorOsipowicz, Alexander, AuthorParno, Diana S., AuthorPoon, Alan W.P., AuthorPoyato Lopez, Jose M. , AuthorPriester, Florian, AuthorRest, Oliver, AuthorRöllig, Marco, AuthorRöttele, Carsten, AuthorRobertson, R.G. Hamish, AuthorRodenbeck, Caroline, AuthorRyšavỳ, Milos, AuthorSack, Rudolf, AuthorSaenz, Alejandro, AuthorSchäfer, Peter, AuthorSchaller, Anna, AuthorSchimpf, Lutz, AuthorSchlösser, Klaus, AuthorSchlösser, Magnus, AuthorSchlüter, Lisa, AuthorSchrank, Michael, AuthorSchulz, Bruno, AuthorSefčík, Michal, AuthorSeitz‐Moskaliuk, Hendrik, AuthorSibille, Valérian, AuthorSiegmann, Daniel, AuthorSlezák, Martin, AuthorSpanier, Felix, AuthorSteidl, Markus, AuthorSturm, Michael, AuthorSun, Menglei, AuthorTelle, Helmut H., AuthorThorne, Larisa A., AuthorThümmler, Thomas, AuthorTitov, Nikita, AuthorTkachev, Igor, AuthorVénos, Drahoš, AuthorValerius, Kathrin, AuthorVizcaya Hernández , Ana P. , AuthorWeber, Marc, AuthorWeinheimer, Christian, AuthorWeiss, Christiane, AuthorWelte, Stefan, AuthorWendel, Jürgen, AuthorWilkerson, John F., AuthorWolf, Joachim, AuthorWüstling, Sascha, AuthorXu, Weiran, AuthorYen, Yung‐Ruey, AuthorZadoroghny, Sergey, AuthorZeller, Genrich, Author more..
1Division Prof. Dr. Klaus Blaum, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_904548              


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 MPINP: Speichertechnik - Abteilung Blaum
 Abstract: The Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino (KATRIN) experiment aims at measuring the effective electron neutrino mass with a sensitivity of 0.2 eV/c<sup>2</sup>, i.e., improving on previous measurements by an order of magnitude. Neutrino mass data taking with KATRIN commenced in early 2019, and after only a few weeks of data recording, analysis of these data showed the success of KATRIN, improving on the known neutrino mass limit by a factor of about two. This success very much could be ascribed to the fact that most of the system components met, or even surpassed, the required specifications during long-term operation. Here, we report on the performance of the laser Raman (LARA) monitoring system which provides continuous high-precision information on the gas composition injected into the experiment’s windowless gaseous tritium source (WGTS), specifically on its isotopic purity of tritium—one of the key parameters required in the derivation of the electron neutrino mass. The concentrations c<sub>x</sub> for all six hydrogen isotopologues were monitored simultaneously, with a measurement precision for individual components of the order 10<sup>−3</sup> or better throughout the complete KATRIN data taking campaigns to date. From these, the tritium purity, ε<sub>T</sub>, is derived with precision of <10<sup>−3</sup> and trueness of <3 × 10<sup>−3</sup> , being within and surpassing the actual requirements for KATRIN, respectively.


 Dates: 2020-08-26
 Publication Status: Published online
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 Identifiers: DOI: 10.3390/s20174827
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Title: Sensors
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: MDPI
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 20 (17) Sequence Number: 4827 Start / End Page: - Identifier: ISSN: 1424-8220
CoNE: https://pure.mpg.de/cone/journals/resource/1424-8220