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  3HWC: The Third HAWC Catalog of Very-high-energy Gamma-Ray Sources

Albert, A., Alfaro, R., Alvarez, C., Angeles Camacho, J. R., Arteaga-Velazquez, J. C., Arunbabu, K. P., et al. (2020). 3HWC: The Third HAWC Catalog of Very-high-energy Gamma-Ray Sources. Astrophysical Journal, 905(1): 76. doi:10.3847/1538-4357/abc2d8.

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Albert, A.1, Author
Alfaro, R.1, Author
Alvarez, C.1, Author
Angeles Camacho, J. R.1, Author
Arteaga-Velazquez, J. C.1, Author
Arunbabu, K. P.1, Author
Avila Rojas, D.1, Author
Ayala Solares, H. A. 1, Author
Baghmanyan, V.1, Author
Belmont-Moreno, E.1, Author
BenZvi, S. Y.1, Author
Brisbois, C.1, Author
Caballero-Mora, K. S.1, Author
Capistran, T.1, Author
Carraminana, A.1, Author
Casanova, S.1, Author
Cotti, U.1, Author
Coutino de Leon, S.1, Author
De la Fuente, E.1, Author
Diaz Hernandez, R.1, Author
Diaz-Cruz, L.1, AuthorDingus, B. L.1, AuthorDuVernois, M. A.1, AuthorDurocher, M.1, AuthorDiaz-Velez, J. C.1, AuthorEllsworth, R. W.1, AuthorEngel, K.1, AuthorEspinoza, C.1, AuthorFan, K. L.1, AuthorFang, K.1, AuthorAlonso, M. Fernandez1, AuthorFleischhack, H.1, AuthorFraija, N.1, AuthorGalvan-Gamez, A.1, AuthorGarcia, D.1, AuthorGarcia-Gonzalez, J. A.1, AuthorGarfias, F.1, AuthorGiacinti, G.2, Author           Gonzalez, M. M.1, AuthorGoodman, J. A.1, AuthorHarding, J. P.1, AuthorHernandez, S.1, AuthorHinton, James Anthony3, Author           Hona, B.1, AuthorHuang, D.1, AuthorHueyotl-Zahuantitla, F.1, AuthorHuntemeyer, P.1, AuthorIriarte, A.1, AuthorJardin-Blicq, A.3, Author           Joshi, V.1, AuthorKieda, D.1, AuthorLara, A.1, AuthorLee, W. H.1, AuthorLeon Vargas, H.1, AuthorLinnemann, J. T.1, AuthorLonginotti, A. L.1, AuthorLuis-Raya, G.1, AuthorLundeen, J.1, AuthorLopez Coto, R.3, Author           Malone, K.1, AuthorMarandon, Vincent3, Author           Martinez, O.1, AuthorMartinez-Castellanos, I.1, AuthorMartinez-Castro, J.1, AuthorMatthews, J. A.1, AuthorMiranda-Romagnoli, P.1, AuthorMorales-Soto , J. A.1, AuthorMoreno, E.1, AuthorMostafa, M.1, AuthorNayerhoda, A.1, AuthorNellen, L.1, AuthorNewbold, M.1, AuthorNisa, M. U.1, AuthorNoriega-Papaqui, R.1, AuthorOlivera-Nieto , L.1, AuthorOmodei, N.1, AuthorPeisker, A.1, AuthorPerez Araujo, Y.1, AuthorPerez-Perez, E. G.1, AuthorRen, Z.1, AuthorRho, C. D.1, AuthorRiviere, C.1, AuthorRosa-Gonzalez, D.1, AuthorRuiz-Velasco, E.1, AuthorSalazar, H.1, AuthorGreus, F. Salesa1, AuthorSandoval, A.1, AuthorSchneider, M.1, AuthorSchoorlemmer, H.3, Author           Serna, F.1, AuthorSinnis, G.1, AuthorSmith, A. J.1, AuthorSpringer, R. W.1, AuthorSurajbali, P.3, Author           Tollefson, K.1, AuthorTorres, I.1, AuthorTorres-Escobedo, R.1, AuthorUkwatta, T. N.1, AuthorUrena-Mena, F.1, AuthorWeisgarber, T.1, AuthorWerner, F.3, Author           Willox, E.1, AuthorZepeda, A.1, AuthorZhou, H.1, Authorde Leon, C.1, AuthorAlvarez, J. D.1, Author more..
1external, ou_persistent22              
2Brian Reville, Astrophysical Plasma Theory (APT) - Max Planck Research Group, Junior Research Groups, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_3055242              
3Division Prof. Dr. James A. Hinton, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_2074298              


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 MPINP: HAWC - Abteilung Hinton
 Abstract: We present a new catalog of TeV gamma-ray sources using 1523 days of data from the High-Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Observatory. The catalog represents the most sensitive survey of the northern gamma-ray sky at energies above several TeV, with three times the exposure compared to the previous HAWC catalog, 2HWC. We report 65 sources detected at >= 5 sigma significance, along with the positions and spectral fits for each source. The catalog contains eight sources that have no counterpart in the 2HWC catalog, but are within 1 degrees of previously detected TeV emitters, and 20 sources that are more than 1 degrees away from any previously detected TeV source. Of these 20 new sources, 14 have a potential counterpart in the fourth Fermi Large Area Telescope catalog of gamma-ray sources. We also explore potential associations of 3HWC sources with pulsars in the Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF) pulsar catalog and supernova remnants in the Galactic supernova remnant catalog.


 Dates: 2020-11
 Publication Status: Published online
 Pages: -
 Publishing info: -
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 Identifiers: DOI: 10.3847/1538-4357/abc2d8
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Title: Astrophysical Journal
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: Chicago, IL : University of Chicago Press for the American Astronomical Society
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 905 (1) Sequence Number: 76 Start / End Page: - Identifier: ISSN: 0004-637X
CoNE: https://pure.mpg.de/cone/journals/resource/954922828215_2