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  Advances in Magnetics Roadmap on Spin-Wave Computing

Chumak, A. V., Kabos, P., Wu, M., Abert, C., Adelmann, C., Adeyeye, A., et al. (2022). Advances in Magnetics Roadmap on Spin-Wave Computing. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 58(6): 0800172. doi:10.1109/TMAG.2022.3149664.

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https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9706176 (Publisher version)


Chumak, A. V.1, Author
Kabos, P.1, Author
Wu, M.1, Author
Abert, C.1, Author
Adelmann, C.1, Author
Adeyeye, A.1, Author
Åkerman, J.1, Author
Aliev, F. G.1, Author
Anane, A.1, Author
Awad, A.1, Author
Back, C. H.1, Author
Barman, A.1, Author
Bauer, G. E. W.1, Author
Becherer, M.1, Author
Beginin, E. N.1, Author
Bittencourt, V. A. S. V.2, Author           
Blanter, Y. M.1, Author
Bortolotti, P.1, Author
Boventer, I.1, Author
Bozhko, D. A.1, Author
Bunyaev, S. A.1, AuthorCarmiggelt, J. J.1, AuthorCheenikundil, R. R.1, AuthorCiubotaru, F. 1, AuthorCotofana, S.1, AuthorCsaba, G.1, AuthorDobrovolskiy, O. V.1, AuthorDubs, C.1, AuthorElyasi, M.1, AuthorFripp, K. G.1, AuthorFulara, H.1, AuthorGolovchanskiy, I. A.1, AuthorGonzalez-Ballestero, C.1, AuthorGraczyk, P.1, AuthorGrundler, D.1, AuthorGruszecki, P.1, AuthorGubbiotti, G.1, AuthorGuslienko, K.1, AuthorHaldar, A.1, AuthorHamdioui, S.1, AuthorHertel, R.1, AuthorHillebrands, B.1, AuthorHioki, T.1, AuthorHoushang, A.1, AuthorHu, C.-M.1, AuthorHuebl, H.1, AuthorHuth, M.1, AuthorIacocca, E.1, AuthorJungfleisch, M. B.1, AuthorKakazei, G. N.1, AuthorKhitun, A.1, AuthorKhymyn, R.1, AuthorKikkawa, T.1, AuthorKläui, M.1, AuthorKlein, O.1, AuthorKłos, J. W.1, AuthorKnauer, S.1, AuthorKoraltan, S.1, AuthorKostylev, M.1, AuthorKrawczyk, M.1, AuthorKrivorotov, I. N.1, AuthorKruglyak, V. V.1, AuthorLachance-Quirion, D.1, AuthorLadak, S.1, AuthorLebrun, R.1, AuthorLi, Y.1, AuthorLindner, M.1, AuthorMacêdo, R.1, AuthorMayr, S.1, AuthorMelkov, G. A.1, AuthorMieszczak, S.1, AuthorNakamura, Y.1, AuthorNembach, H. T.1, AuthorNikitin, A. A.1, AuthorNikitov, S. A.1, AuthorNovosad, V.1, AuthorOtalora, J. A.1, AuthorOtani, Y.1, AuthorPapp, A.1, AuthorPigeau, B.1, AuthorPirro, P.1, AuthorPorod, W.1, AuthorPorrati, F.1, AuthorQin, H.1, AuthorRana, B.1, AuthorReimann, T.1, AuthorRiente, F.1, AuthorRomero-Isart, O.1, AuthorRoss, A.1, AuthorSadovnikov, A. V.1, AuthorSafin, A. R.1, AuthorSaitoh, E.1, AuthorSchmidt, G.1, AuthorSchultheiss, H.1, AuthorSchultheiss, K.1, AuthorSerga, A. A.1, AuthorSharma, S.2, Author           Shaw, J. M.1, AuthorSuess, D.1, AuthorSurzhenko, O.1, AuthorSzulc, K.1, AuthorTaniguchi, T.1, AuthorUrbánek, M.1, AuthorUsami, K.1, AuthorUstinov, A. B.1, Authorvan der Sar, T.1, Authorvan Dijken, S.1, AuthorVasyuchka, V. I.1, AuthorVerba, R.1, AuthorViola-Kusminskiy, S.2, Author           Wang, Q.1, AuthorWeides, M.1, AuthorWeiler, M.1, AuthorWintz, S.1, AuthorWolski, S. P.1, AuthorZhang, X.1, Author more..
1external, ou_persistent22              
2Viola-Kusminskiy Research Group, Research Groups, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Max Planck Society, ou_2541695              


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 Abstract: Magnonics addresses the physical properties of spin waves and utilizes them for data processing. Scalability down to atomic dimensions, operation in the GHz-to-THz frequency range, utilization of nonlinear and nonreciprocal phenomena, and compatibility with CMOS are just a few of many advantages offered by magnons. Although magnonics is still primarily positioned in the academic domain, the scientific and technological challenges of the field are being extensively investigated, and many proof-of-concept prototypes have already been realized in laboratories. This roadmap is a product of the collective work of many authors, which covers versatile spin-wave computing approaches, conceptual building blocks, and underlying physical phenomena. In particular, the roadmap discusses the computation operations with the Boolean digital data, unconventional approaches, such as neuromorphic computing, and the progress toward magnon-based quantum computing. This article is organized as a collection of sub-sections grouped into seven large thematic sections. Each sub-section is prepared by one or a group of authors and concludes with a brief description of current challenges and the outlook of further development for each research direction.


Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2022-02-07
 Publication Status: Issued
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 Identifiers: DOI: 10.1109/TMAG.2022.3149664
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Title: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: IEEE
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 58 (6) Sequence Number: 0800172 Start / End Page: - Identifier: DOI: 10.1109/TMAG.2022.3149664