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  TOI-1201 b: A mini-Neptune transiting a bright and moderately young M dwarf

Kossakowski, D., Kemmer, J., Bluhm, P., Stock, S., Caballero, J. A., Béjar, V. J. S., et al. (2021). TOI-1201 b: A mini-Neptune transiting a bright and moderately young M dwarf. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 656: A124. doi:10.1051/0004-6361/202141587.

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Kossakowski, D., Author
Kemmer, J., Author
Bluhm, P., Author
Stock, S., Author
Caballero, J. A., Author
Béjar, V. J. S., Author
Cardona Guillén, C. , Author
Lodieu, N., Author
Collins, K. A., Author
Oshagh, M., Author
Schlecker, M., Author
Espinoza, N., Author
Pallé, E., Author
Henning, Th., Author
Kreidberg, L., Author
Kürster, M., Author
Amado, P. J., Author
Anderson, D. R., Author
Morales, J. C., Author
Cartwright, S., Author
Charbonneau, D., AuthorChaturvedi, P., AuthorCifuentes, C., AuthorConti, D. M., AuthorCortés-Contreras, M., AuthorDreizler, S., AuthorGaladí-Enríquez, D., AuthorGuerra, P., AuthorHart, R., AuthorHellier, C., AuthorHenze, C., AuthorHerrero, E., AuthorJeffers, Sandra V.1, Author           Jenkins, J. M., AuthorJensen, E. L. N., AuthorKaminski, A., AuthorKielkopf, J. F., AuthorKunimoto, M., AuthorLafarga, M., AuthorLatham, D. W., AuthorLillo-Box, J., AuthorLuque, R., AuthorMolaverdikhani, K., AuthorMontes, D., AuthorMorello, G., AuthorMorgan, E. H., AuthorNowak, G., AuthorPavlov, A., AuthorPerger, M., AuthorQuintana, E. V., AuthorQuirrenbach, A., AuthorReffert, S., AuthorReiners, A., AuthorRicker, G., AuthorRibas, I., AuthorRodríguez López, C. , AuthorZapatero Osorio, M. R. , AuthorSeager, S., AuthorSchöfer, P., AuthorSchweitzer, A., AuthorTrifonov, T., AuthorVanaverbeke, S., AuthorVanderspek, R., AuthorWest, R., AuthorWinn, J., AuthorZechmeister, M., Author more..
1Department Solar and Stellar Interiors, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Max Planck Society, ou_1832287              


Free keywords: techniques: photometric / techniques: radial velocities / planetary systems / stars: individual: TOI-1201 / stars: individual: TIC-29 960 110 / stars: low-mass
 Abstract: We present the discovery of a transiting mini-Neptune around TOI-1201, a relatively bright and moderately young early M dwarf (J ≈ 9.5 mag, ~600–800 Myr) in an equal-mass ~8 arcsecond-wide binary system, using data from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, along with follow-up transit observations. With an orbital period of 2.49 d, TOI-1201 b is a warm mini-Neptune with a radius of Rb = 2.415 ± 0.090 R⊕. This signal is also present in the precise radial velocity measurements from CARMENES, confirming the existence of the planet and providing a planetary mass of Mb = 6.28 ± 0.88 M⊕ and, thus, an estimated bulk density of 2.45−0.42+0.48 g cm−3. The spectroscopic observations additionally show evidence of a signal with a period of 19 d and a long periodic variation of undetermined origin. In combination with ground-based photometric monitoring from WASP-South and ASAS-SN, we attribute the 19 d signal to the stellar rotation period (Prot = 19–23 d), although we cannot rule out that the variation seen in photometry belongs to the visually close binary companion. We calculate precise stellar parameters for both TOI-1201 and its companion. The transiting planet is anexcellent target for atmosphere characterization (the transmission spectroscopy metric is 97−16+21) with the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope. It is also feasible to measure its spin-orbit alignment via the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect using current state-of-the-art spectrographs with submeter per second radial velocity precision.


Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2021
 Publication Status: Published online
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 Rev. Type: Peer
 Identifiers: DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/202141587
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Title: Astronomy and Astrophysics
  Other : Astron. Astrophys.
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: Les Ulis Cedex A France : EDP Sciences
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 656 Sequence Number: A124 Start / End Page: - Identifier: ISSN: 1432-0746
ISSN: 0004-6361
CoNE: https://pure.mpg.de/cone/journals/resource/954922828219_1