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  Guidelines for the use of flow cytometry and cell sorting in immunological studies (second edition)

Cossarizza, A., Chang, H. D., Radbruch, A., Acs, A., Adam, D., Adam-Klages, S., et al. (2019). Guidelines for the use of flow cytometry and cell sorting in immunological studies (second edition). Eur J Immunol, 49(10), 1457-1973. doi:10.1002/eji.201970107.

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Cossarizza, A., Author
Chang, H. D., Author
Radbruch, A., Author
Acs, A., Author
Adam, D., Author
Adam-Klages, S., Author
Agace, W. W., Author
Aghaeepour, N., Author
Akdis, M., Author
Allez, M., Author
Almeida, L. N., Author
Alvisi, G., Author
Anderson, G., Author
Andra, I., Author
Annunziato, F., Author
Anselmo, A., Author
Bacher, P., Author
Baldari, C. T., Author
Bari, S., Author
Barnaba, V., Author
Barros-Martins, J., AuthorBattistini, L., AuthorBauer, W., AuthorBaumgart, S., AuthorBaumgarth, N., AuthorBaumjohann, D., AuthorBaying, B., AuthorBebawy, M., AuthorBecher, B., AuthorBeisker, W., AuthorBenes, V., AuthorBeyaert, R., AuthorBlanco, A., AuthorBoardman, D. A., AuthorBogdan, C., AuthorBorger, J. G., AuthorBorsellino, G., AuthorBoulais, P. E., AuthorBradford, J. A., AuthorBrenner, D., AuthorBrinkman, R. R., AuthorBrooks, A. E. S., AuthorBusch, D. H., AuthorBuscher, M., AuthorBushnell, T. P., AuthorCalzetti, F., AuthorCameron, G., AuthorCammarata, I., AuthorCao, X., AuthorCardell, S. L., AuthorCasola, S., AuthorCassatella, M. A., AuthorCavani, A., AuthorCelada, A., AuthorChatenoud, L., AuthorChattopadhyay, P. K., AuthorChow, S., AuthorChristakou, E., AuthorCicin-Sain, L., AuthorClerici, M., AuthorColombo, F. S., AuthorCook, L., AuthorCooke, A., AuthorCooper, A. M., AuthorCorbett, A. J., AuthorCosma, A., AuthorCosmi, L., AuthorCoulie, P. G., AuthorCumano, A., AuthorCvetkovic, L., AuthorDang, V. D., AuthorDang-Heine, C., AuthorDavey, M. S., AuthorDavies, D., AuthorDe Biasi, S., AuthorDel Zotto, G., AuthorDela Cruz, G. V., AuthorDelacher, M., AuthorDella Bella, S., AuthorDellabona, P., AuthorDeniz, G., AuthorDessing, M., AuthorDi Santo, J. P., AuthorDiefenbach, A., AuthorDieli, F., AuthorDolf, A., AuthorDorner, T., AuthorDress, R. J., AuthorDudziak, D., AuthorDustin, M., AuthorDutertre, C. A., AuthorEbner, F., AuthorEckle, S. B. G., AuthorEdinger, M., AuthorEede, P., AuthorEhrhardt, G. R. A., AuthorEich, M., AuthorEngel, P., AuthorEngelhardt, B., AuthorErdei, A., AuthorEsser, C., AuthorEverts, B., AuthorEvrard, M., AuthorFalk, C. S., AuthorFehniger, T. A., AuthorFelipo-Benavent, M., AuthorFerry, H., AuthorFeuerer, M., AuthorFilby, A., AuthorFilkor, K., AuthorFillatreau, S., AuthorFollo, M., AuthorForster, I., AuthorFoster, J., AuthorFoulds, G. A., AuthorFrehse, B., AuthorFrenette, P. S., AuthorFrischbutter, S., AuthorFritzsche, W., AuthorGalbraith, D. W., AuthorGangaev, A., AuthorGarbi, N., AuthorGaudilliere, B., AuthorGazzinelli, R. T., AuthorGeginat, J., AuthorGerner, W., AuthorGherardin, N. A., AuthorGhoreschi, K., AuthorGibellini, L., AuthorGinhoux, F., AuthorGoda, K., AuthorGodfrey, D. I., AuthorGoettlinger, C., AuthorGonzalez-Navajas, J. M., AuthorGoodyear, C. S., AuthorGori, A., AuthorGrogan, J. L., AuthorGrummitt, D., AuthorGrutzkau, A., AuthorHaftmann, C., AuthorHahn, J., AuthorHammad, H., AuthorHammerling, G., AuthorHansmann, L., AuthorHansson, G., AuthorHarpur, C. M., AuthorHartmann, S., AuthorHauser, A., AuthorHauser, A. E., AuthorHaviland, D. L., AuthorHedley, D., AuthorHernandez, D. C., AuthorHerrera, G., AuthorHerrmann, M., AuthorHess, C., AuthorHofer, T., AuthorHoffmann, P., AuthorHogquist, K., AuthorHolland, T., AuthorHollt, T., AuthorHolmdahl, R., AuthorHombrink, P., AuthorHouston, J. P., AuthorHoyer, B. F., AuthorHuang, B., AuthorHuang, F. P., AuthorHuber, J. E., AuthorHuehn, J., AuthorHundemer, M., AuthorHunter, C. A., AuthorHwang, W. Y. K., AuthorIannone, A., AuthorIngelfinger, F., AuthorIvison, S. M., AuthorJack, H. M., AuthorJani, P. K., AuthorJavega, B., AuthorJonjic, S., AuthorKaiser, T., AuthorKalina, T., AuthorKamradt, T., AuthorKaufmann, S. H. E., AuthorKeller, B., AuthorKetelaars, S. L. C., AuthorKhalilnezhad, A., AuthorKhan, S., AuthorKisielow, J., AuthorKlenerman, P., AuthorKnopf, J., AuthorKoay, H. F., AuthorKobow, K., AuthorKolls, J. K., AuthorKong, W. T., AuthorKopf, M., AuthorKorn, T., AuthorKriegsmann, K., AuthorKristyanto, H., AuthorKroneis, T., AuthorKrueger, A., AuthorKuhne, J., AuthorKukat, C.1, Author           Yazdanbakhsh, M., AuthorYu, L., AuthorYue, A., AuthorZhang, H., AuthorZhao, Y., AuthorZiegler, S. M., AuthorZielinski, C., AuthorZimmermann, J., AuthorZychlinsky, A., Author more..
1FACS & Imaging, Core Facilities, Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, Max Planck Society, ou_1942304              


Free keywords: Allergy and Immunology/*standards Cell Separation/*methods/*standards Consensus Flow Cytometry/*methods/*standards Humans Phenotype
 Abstract: These guidelines are a consensus work of a considerable number of members of the immunology and flow cytometry community. They provide the theory and key practical aspects of flow cytometry enabling immunologists to avoid the common errors that often undermine immunological data. Notably, there are comprehensive sections of all major immune cell types with helpful Tables detailing phenotypes in murine and human cells. The latest flow cytometry techniques and applications are also described, featuring examples of the data that can be generated and, importantly, how the data can be analysed. Furthermore, there are sections detailing tips, tricks and pitfalls to avoid, all written and peer-reviewed by leading experts in the field, making this an essential research companion.


 Dates: 2019-10-222019-10-22
 Publication Status: Issued
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 Identifiers: Other: 31633216
DOI: 10.1002/eji.201970107
ISSN: 1521-4141 (Electronic)0014-2980 (Linking)
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Title: Eur J Immunol
Source Genre: Journal
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Pages: - Volume / Issue: 49 (10) Sequence Number: - Start / End Page: 1457 - 1973 Identifier: -