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  A MeerKAT, e-MERLIN, HESS, and Swift search for persistent and transient emission associated with three localized FRBs

Chibueze, J. O., Caleb, M., Spitler, L., Ashkar, H., Schussler, F., Stappers, B. W., et al. (2022). A MeerKAT, e-MERLIN, HESS, and Swift search for persistent and transient emission associated with three localized FRBs. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 515(1), 1365-1379. doi:10.1093/mnras/stac1601.

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Chibueze, J. O.1, Author
Caleb, M.1, Author
Spitler, L.1, Author
Ashkar, H.1, Author
Schussler, F.1, Author
Stappers, B. W.1, Author
Venter, C.1, Author
Heywood, I1, Author
Richards, A. M. S.1, Author
Williams, D. R. A.1, Author
Kramer, M.1, Author
Beswick, R.1, Author
Bezuidenhout, M. C.1, Author
Breton, R. P.1, Author
Driessen, L. N.1, Author
Jankowski, F.1, Author
Keane, E. F.1, Author
Malenta, M.1, Author
Mickaliger, M.1, Author
Morello, V1, Author
Qiu, H.1, AuthorRajwade, K.1, AuthorSanidas, S.1, AuthorSurnis, M.1, AuthorScragg, T. W.1, AuthorWalker, C. R. H.1, AuthorWrigley, N.1, AuthorAharonian, F.2, Author           Ait Benkhali, F.2, Author           Anguener, E. O.1, AuthorBackes, M.1, AuthorBaghmanyan, V1, AuthorMartins, V. Barbosa1, AuthorBatzofin, R.1, AuthorBecherini, Y.1, AuthorBerge, D.1, AuthorBottcher, M.1, AuthorBoisson, C.1, AuthorBolmont, J.1, Authorde Lavergne, M. de Bony1, AuthorBreuhaus, M.1, AuthorBrose, R.1, AuthorBrun, F.1, AuthorBulik, T.1, AuthorCangemi, F.1, AuthorCaroff, S.1, AuthorCasanova, S.1, AuthorCatalano, J.1, AuthorCerruti, M.1, AuthorChand, T.1, AuthorChen, A.1, AuthorChibueze, O. U.1, AuthorCotter, G.1, AuthorCristofari, P.1, AuthorMbarubucyeye, J. Damascene1, AuthorDevin, J.1, AuthorDjannati-Atai, A.1, AuthorDmytriiev, A.1, AuthorEgberts, K.1, AuthorErnenwein, J-P1, AuthorFiasson, A.1, Authorde Clairfontaine, G. Fichet1, AuthorFontaine, G.1, AuthorFunk, S.1, AuthorGabici, S.1, AuthorGhafourizadeh, S.1, AuthorGiavitto, G.1, AuthorGlawion, D.1, AuthorGrondin, M-H1, AuthorHorbe, M.1, AuthorHoischen, C.1, AuthorHolch, T. L.1, AuthorHuang, Zhiqiu1, AuthorJamrozy, M.1, AuthorJankowsky, F.1, AuthorJoshi, V1, AuthorJung-Richardt, I1, AuthorKasai, E.1, AuthorKatarzynski, K.1, AuthorKatz, U.1, AuthorKhelifi, B.1, AuthorKluzniak, W.1, AuthorKomin, Nu1, AuthorKosack, K.1, AuthorKostunin, D.1, AuthorLemiere, A.1, AuthorLenain, J-P1, AuthorLeuschner, F.1, AuthorLohse, T.1, AuthorLuashvili, A.1, AuthorLypova, I1, AuthorMackey, J.1, AuthorMalyshev, D.1, AuthorMarandon, V1, AuthorMarchegiani, P.1, AuthorMarcowith, A.1, AuthorMarti-Devesa, G.1, AuthorMarx, R.1, AuthorMitchell, A.1, AuthorModerski, R.1, AuthorMohrmann, L.1, AuthorMoulin, E.1, AuthorMuller, J.1, AuthorNakashima, K.1, Authorde Naurois, M.1, AuthorNayerhoda, A.1, AuthorNiemiec, J.1, AuthorNoel, A. Priyana1, AuthorO'Brien, P.1, AuthorOhm, S.1, AuthorOlivera Nieto, L.2, Author           Wilhelmi, E. de Ona1, AuthorOstrowski, M.1, AuthorPanny, S.1, AuthorParsons, R. D.1, AuthorPita, S.1, AuthorPoireau, V1, AuthorProkhorov, D. A.1, AuthorProkoph, H.1, AuthorPuehlhofer, G.1, AuthorQuirrenbach, A.1, AuthorReichherzer, P.1, AuthorReimer, A.1, AuthorReimer, O.1, AuthorRowell, G.1, AuthorRudak, B.1, AuthorRuiz-Velasco, E.1, AuthorSahakian, V1, AuthorSailer, S.1, AuthorSalzmann, H.1, AuthorSanchez, D. A.1, AuthorSantangelo, A.1, AuthorSasaki, M.1, AuthorSchutte, H. M.1, AuthorSchwanke, U.1, AuthorShapopi, J. N. S.1, AuthorSpecovius, A.1, AuthorSpencer, S.1, AuthorSteenkamp, R.1, AuthorSteinmassl, S.1, AuthorTakahashi, T.1, AuthorTanaka, T.1, AuthorThorpe-Morgan, C.1, AuthorTsuji, N.1, Authorvan Eldik, C.1, AuthorVeh, J.1, AuthorVink, J.1, AuthorWagner, S. J.1, AuthorWierzcholska, A.1, AuthorWong, Yu Wun1, AuthorYusafzai, A.1, AuthorZacharias, M.1, AuthorZargaryan, D.1, AuthorZdziarski, A. A.1, AuthorZech, A.1, AuthorZhu, S. J.1, AuthorZouari, S.1, AuthorZywucka, N.1, Author more..
1external, ou_persistent22              
2Division Prof. Dr. James A. Hinton, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_2074298              


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 Abstract: We report on a search for persistent radio emission from the one-off fast radio burst (11(B) 20190714A, as well as from two repeating FRBs, 20190711A and 20171019A, using the MeerKAT radio telescope. For FRB 20171019A, we also conducted simultaneous observations with the High-Energy Stereoscopic System (H.E.S.S.) in very high-energy gamma rays and searched for signals in the ultraviolet, optical, and X-ray bands. For this FRB, we obtain a UV flux upper limit of 1.39 x 10(-16) erg cm(-2) s(-1) angstrom(-1), X-ray limit of similar to 6.6 x 10(-14) erg cm(-2) s(-1) and a limit on the very high energy gamma-ray flux Phi(E > 120 GeV) < 1.7 x 10(-12) erg cm(-2) S-1. We obtain a radio upper limit of similar to 15 mu Jy beam(-1) for persistent emission at the locations of both FRBs 20190711A and 20171019A with MeerKAT. However, we detected an almost unresolved (ratio of integrated flux to peak flux is similar to 1.7 beam) radio emission, where the synthesized beam size was similar to 8 arcsec size with a peak brightness of similar to 53 mu Jy beam(-1) at MeerKAT and similar to 86 mu Jy beam(-1) at e-MERLIN, possibly associated with FRB 20190714A at z = 0.2365. This represents the first detection of persistent continuum radio emission potentially associated with a (as-yet) non- repeating FRB. If the association is confirmed, one of the strongest remaining distinction between repeaters and non-repeaters would no longer be applicable. A parallel search for repeat bursts from these FRBs revealed no new detections down to a fluence of 0.08 Jy ms for a 1 ms duration burst.


 Dates: 2022-06-16
 Publication Status: Issued
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 Rev. Type: -
 Identifiers: DOI: 10.1093/mnras/stac1601
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Title: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
  Other : Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: Oxford : Oxford University Press
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 515 (1) Sequence Number: - Start / End Page: 1365 - 1379 Identifier: ISSN: 1365-8711
CoNE: https://pure.mpg.de/cone/journals/resource/1000000000024150