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  Emission of single and few electrons in XENON1T and limits on light dark matter

XENON Collaboration, Aprile, E., Abe, K., Agostini, F., Ahmed Maouloud, S., Alfonsi, M., et al. (2022). Emission of single and few electrons in XENON1T and limits on light dark matter. Physical Review D, 106(2): 022001. doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.106.022001.

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XENON Collaboration, Author              
Aprile, E., Author
Abe, K.1, Author
Agostini, F.1, Author
Ahmed Maouloud, S. 1, Author
Alfonsi, M.1, Author
Althueser, L.1, Author
Angelino, E.1, Author
Angevaare, J. R.1, Author
Antochi, V. C.1, Author
Martin, D. Anton1, Author
Arneodo, F.1, Author
Baudis, L.1, Author
Baxter, A. L.1, Author
Bellagamba, L.1, Author
Bernard, A.1, Author
Biondi, R.1, Author
Bismark, A.1, Author
Brown, A.1, Author
Bruenner, S.1, Author
Bruno, G.1, AuthorBudnik, R.1, AuthorCapelli, C.1, AuthorCardoso, J. M. R.1, AuthorCichon, D.1, AuthorCimmino, B.1, AuthorClark, M.1, AuthorColijn, A. P.1, AuthorConrad, J.1, AuthorCuenca-Garcia, J. J.1, AuthorCussonneau, J. P.1, AuthorD'Andrea, V.1, AuthorDecowski, M. P.1, AuthorDi Gangi, P.1, AuthorDi Pede, S.1, AuthorDi Giovanni, A.1, AuthorDi Stefano, R.1, AuthorDiglio, S.1, AuthorElykov, A.1, AuthorFarrell, S.1, AuthorFerella, A. D.1, AuthorFischer, H.1, AuthorFulgione, W.1, AuthorGaemers, P.1, AuthorGaior, R.1, AuthorGalloway, M.1, AuthorGao, F.1, AuthorGlade-Beucke, R.1, AuthorGrandi, L.1, AuthorGrigat, J.1, AuthorHiguera, A.1, AuthorHils, C.1, AuthorHoetzsch, L.1, AuthorHowlett, J.1, AuthorIacovacci, M.1, AuthorItow, Y.1, AuthorJakob, J.1, AuthorJoerg, F.1, AuthorJoy, A.1, AuthorKato, N.1, AuthorKavrigin, P.1, AuthorKazama, S.1, AuthorKobayashi, M.1, AuthorKoltman, G.1, AuthorKopec, A.1, AuthorLandsman, H.1, AuthorLang, R. F.1, AuthorLevinson, L.1, AuthorLi, I.1, AuthorLi, S.1, AuthorLiang, S.1, AuthorLindemann, S.1, AuthorLindner, M.2, Author           Liu, K.1, AuthorLombardi, F.1, AuthorLong, J.1, AuthorLopes, J. A. M.1, AuthorMa, Y.1, AuthorMacolino, C.1, AuthorMahlstedt, J.1, AuthorMancuso, A.1, AuthorManenti, L.1, AuthorManfredini, A.1, AuthorMarignetti, F.1, AuthorMarrodán Undagoitia, Teresa2, Author           Martens, K.1, AuthorMasbou, J.1, AuthorMasson, D.1, AuthorMasson, E.1, AuthorMastroianni, S.1, AuthorMessina, M.1, AuthorMiuchi, K.1, AuthorMizukoshi, K.1, AuthorMolinario, A.1, AuthorMoriyama, S.1, AuthorMora, K.1, AuthorMosbacher, Y.1, AuthorMurra, M.1, AuthorMueller, J.1, AuthorNi, K.1, AuthorOberlack, U.1, AuthorPaetsch, B.1, AuthorPalacio, J.1, AuthorPeres, R.1, AuthorPienaar, J.1, AuthorPierre, M.1, AuthorPizzella, V.2, Author           Plante, G.1, AuthorQi, J.1, AuthorQin, J.1, AuthorGarcia, D. Ramirez1, AuthorReichard, S.1, AuthorRocchetti, A.1, AuthorRupp, N.1, AuthorSanchez, L.1, Authordos Santos, J. M. F.1, AuthorSarnoff, I.1, AuthorSartorelli, G.1, AuthorSchreiner, J.1, AuthorSchulte, D.1, AuthorEissing, H. Schulze1, AuthorSchumann, M.1, AuthorLavina, L. Scotto1, AuthorSelvi, M.1, AuthorSemeria, F.1, AuthorShagin, P.1, AuthorShi, S.1, AuthorShockley, E.1, AuthorSilva, M.1, AuthorSimgen, H.1, AuthorTakeda, A.1, AuthorTan, P. -L.1, AuthorTerliuk, A.1, AuthorThers, D.1, AuthorToschi, F.1, AuthorTrinchero, G.1, AuthorTunnell, C.1, AuthorToennies, E.1, AuthorValerius, K.1, AuthorVolta, G.1, AuthorWei, Y.1, AuthorWeinheimer, C.1, AuthorWeiss, M.1, AuthorWenz, D.1, AuthorWittweg, C.1, AuthorWolf, T.1, AuthorXu, Z.1, AuthorYamashita, M.1, AuthorYang, L.1, AuthorYe, J.1, AuthorYuan, L.1, AuthorZavattini, G.1, AuthorZhang, Y.1, AuthorZhong, M.1, AuthorZhu, T.1, AuthorZopounidis, J. P.1, Author more..
1external, ou_persistent22              
2Division Prof. Dr. Manfred Lindner, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_904549              


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 Abstract: Delayed single- and few-electron emissions plague dual-phase time projection chambers, limiting their potential to search for light-mass dark matter. This paper examines the origins of these events in the XENON1T experiment. Characterization of the intensity of delayed electron backgrounds shows that the resulting emissions are correlated, in time and position, with high-energy events and can effectively be vetoed. In this work we extend previous S2-only analyses down to a single electron. From this analysis, after removing the correlated backgrounds, we observe rates <30 events/(electron x kg x day) in the region of interest spanning 1 to 5 electrons. We derive 90% confidence upper limits for dark matter-electron scattering, first direct limits on the electric dipole, magnetic dipole, and anapole interactions, and bosonic dark matter models, where we exclude new parameter space for dark photons and solar dark photons.


 Dates: 2022-07-05
 Publication Status: Published online
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 Identifiers: DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.106.022001
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Title: Physical Review D
  Other : Phys. Rev. D.
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: Lancaster, Pa. : American Physical Society
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 106 (2) Sequence Number: 022001 Start / End Page: - Identifier: ISSN: 0556-2821
CoNE: https://pure.mpg.de/cone/journals/resource/111088197762258