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  Search for dark matter annihilation towards the inner Milky Way halo with the H.E.S.S. Inner Galaxy Survey

H.E.S.S. Collaboration, Abdalla, H., Aharonian, F., Ait-Benkhali, F., Anguener, O., Arcaro, C., et al. (2022). Search for dark matter annihilation towards the inner Milky Way halo with the H.E.S.S. Inner Galaxy Survey. Proceedings of Science, 395: 511. doi:10.22323/1.395.0511.

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H.E.S.S. Collaboration, Author              
Abdalla, H., Author
Aharonian, F.1, Author           
Ait-Benkhali, F., Author
Anguener, O., Author
Arcaro, C., Author
Armand, C., Author
Armstrong, T., Author
Ashkar, H., Author
Backes, M., Author
Baghmanyan, V., Author
Martins, V. Barbosa, Author
Barnacka, A., Author
Barnard, M., Author
Batzofin, R., Author
Becherini, Y., Author
Berge, D., Author
Bernloehr, K., Author
Bi, B., Author
Böttcher, M., Author
Boisson, C., AuthorBolmont, J., Author(de), M. Bony, AuthorBreuhaus, M., AuthorBrose, R., AuthorBrun, F., AuthorBulik, T., AuthorBylund, T., AuthorCangemi, F., AuthorCaroff, S., AuthorCasanova, S., AuthorCatalano, J., AuthorChambery, P., AuthorChand, T.B., AuthorChen, A., AuthorCotter, G., AuthorCurlo, M., AuthorDalgleish, H., AuthorMbarubucyeye, J. Damascene, AuthorDavids, I.D., AuthorDavies, J., AuthorDevin, J., AuthorDjannati-Ataï, A., AuthorDmytriev, A., AuthorDonath, A., AuthorDoroshenko, V., AuthorDreyer, L., AuthorPlessis, L. Du, AuthorDuffy, C., AuthorEgberts, K., AuthorEinecke, S., AuthorErnenwein, J.P., AuthorFegan, S., AuthorFeijen, K., AuthorFiasson, A., Authorde Clairfontaine, G. Fichet, AuthorFontaine, G., AuthorFrans, L., AuthorFuessling, M., AuthorFunk, S., AuthorGabici, S., AuthorGallant, Y., AuthorGiavitto, G., AuthorGiunti, L., AuthorGlawion, D., AuthorGlicenstein, J.F., AuthorGrondin, M.H., AuthorHattingh, S., AuthorHaupt, M., AuthorHermann, G., AuthorHinton, J.1, Author           Hofmann, W.2, Author           Hoischen, C., AuthorHolch, T., AuthorHoller, M., AuthorHorns, D., AuthorHuang, Z.Q., AuthorHuber, D., AuthorHörbe, M., AuthorJamrozy, M., AuthorJankowsky, F., AuthorJoshi, V., AuthorJung, I., AuthorKasai, E., AuthorKatarzynski, K., AuthorKatz, U., AuthorKhangulyan, D., AuthorKhelifi, B., AuthorKlepser, S., AuthorKluzniak, W., AuthorKomin, N., AuthorKonno, R., AuthorKosack, K., AuthorKostunin, D., AuthorKreter, M., AuthorMezek, G. Kukec, AuthorKundu, A., AuthorLamanna, G., AuthorLe Stum, S., AuthorLemiere, A., AuthorLemoine-Goumard, M., AuthorLenain, J.P., AuthorLeuschner, F., AuthorLevy, C., AuthorLohse, T., AuthorLuashvili, A., AuthorLypova, I., AuthorMackey, J., AuthorMajumdar, J., AuthorMalyshev, D., AuthorMalyshev, D., AuthorMarandon, V., AuthorMarchegiani, P., AuthorMarcowith, A., AuthorMares, A., AuthorMartí-Devesa, G., AuthorMarx, R., AuthorMaurin, G., AuthorMeintjes, P., AuthorMeyer, M., AuthorMitchell, A., AuthorModerski, R., AuthorMohrmann, L., AuthorMontanari*, A., AuthorMoore, C., AuthorMorris, P., AuthorMoulin, E., AuthorMuller, J., AuthorMurach, T., AuthorNakashima, K., Author(de), M. Naurois, AuthorNayerhoda, A., AuthorDavids, H., AuthorNiemiec, J., AuthorNoel, A., AuthorO'Brien, P., AuthorOberholzer, L.L., AuthorOhm, S., AuthorOlivera-Nieto, L., Author(de), E. Ona-Wilhelmi, AuthorOstrowski, M., AuthorPanny, S., AuthorPanter, M., AuthorParsons, D., AuthorPeron, G., AuthorPita, S., AuthorPoireau, V., AuthorProkhorov, D., AuthorProkoph, H., AuthorPuehlhofer, G., AuthorPunch, M., AuthorQuirrenbach, A., AuthorReichherzer, P., AuthorReimer, A., AuthorReimer, O., AuthorRemy, Q., AuthorRenaud, M., AuthorReville, B.3, Author           Rieger, F., AuthorRomoli, C., AuthorRowell, G., AuthorRudak, B., AuthorRicarte, H. Rueda, AuthorVelasco, E. Ruiz, AuthorSahakian, V., AuthorSailer, S., AuthorSalzmann, H., AuthorSanchez, D., AuthorSantangelo, A., AuthorSasaki, M., AuthorSchaefer, J., AuthorSchutte, H., AuthorSchwanke, U., AuthorSchüssler, F., AuthorSenniappan, M., AuthorSeyffert, A., AuthorShapopi, J.N.S., AuthorShiningayamwe, K., AuthorSimoni, R., AuthorSinha, A., AuthorSol, H., AuthorSpackman, H., AuthorSpecovius, A., AuthorSpencer, S.T., AuthorSpir-Jacob, M., AuthorStawarz, L., AuthorSteenkamp, R., AuthorStegmann, C., AuthorSteinmassl, S., AuthorSteppa, C., AuthorSun, L., AuthorTakahashi, T., AuthorTanaka, T., AuthorTavernier, T., AuthorTaylor, A., AuthorTerrier, R., AuthorThiersen, H., AuthorThorpe-Morgan, C., AuthorTluczykont, M., AuthorTomankova, L., AuthorTsirou, M., AuthorTsuji, N., AuthorTuffs, R., AuthorUchiyama, Y., Authorvan der Walt, J., Authorvan Eldik, C., Authorvan Rensburg, C., Authorvan Soelen, B., AuthorVasileiadis, G., AuthorVeh, J., AuthorVenter, C., AuthorVincent, P., AuthorVink, J., AuthorVoelk, H. J.4, Author           Wagner, S., AuthorWatson, J.J., AuthorWerner, F., AuthorWhite, R., AuthorWierzcholska, A., AuthorWong, Y.W., AuthorYassin, H.M., AuthorYusafzai, A., AuthorZacharias, M., AuthorZanin, R., AuthorZargaryan, D., AuthorZdziarski, A., AuthorZech, A., AuthorZhu, S., AuthorZmija, A., AuthorZouari, S., AuthorŻywucka, N., Author more..
1Division Prof. Dr. James A. Hinton, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_2074298              
2Prof. Werner Hofmann, Emeriti, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_3188608              
3Brian Reville, Astrophysical Plasma Theory (APT) - Max Planck Research Group, Junior Research Groups, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_3055242              
4Prof. Heinrich J. Völk, Emeriti, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_907548              


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 MPINP: HESS - Abteilung Hinton
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 Dates: 2022-03
 Publication Status: Published online
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 Identifiers: DOI: 10.22323/1.395.0511
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Title: 37th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC2021) - DM - Dark Matter
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Title: Proceedings of Science
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Pages: - Volume / Issue: 395 Sequence Number: 511 Start / End Page: - Identifier: ISSN: 1824-8039
CoNE: https://pure.mpg.de/cone/journals/resource/1000000000018850_1