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  An improved search for the electric dipole moment of the $τ$ lepton

Inami, K., Hayasaka, K., Adachi, I., Aihara, H., Al Said, S., Asner, D., et al. (2022). An improved search for the electric dipole moment of the $τ$ lepton. Journal of High Energy Physics, 04, 110. Retrieved from https://publications.mppmu.mpg.de/?action=search&mpi=MPP-2021-354.

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Inami, K.1, Author
Hayasaka, K.1, Author
Adachi, I.1, Author
Aihara, H.1, Author
Al Said, S.1, Author
Asner, D.M.1, Author
Aulchenko, V.1, Author
Aushev, T.1, Author
Ayad, R.1, Author
Babu, V.1, Author
Bahinipati, S.1, Author
Behera, P.1, Author
Bessner, M.1, Author
Bhuyan, B.1, Author
Bilka, T.1, Author
Biswal, J.1, Author
Bobrov, A.1, Author
Bonvicini, G.1, Author
Bozek, A.1, Author
Bračko, M.1, Author
Browder, T.E.1, AuthorCampajola, M.1, AuthorČervenkov, D.1, AuthorCheon, B.G.1, AuthorChilikin, K.1, AuthorCho, H.E.1, AuthorCho, K.1, AuthorChoi, Y.1, AuthorChoudhury, S.1, AuthorCinabro, D.1, AuthorCunliffe, S.1, AuthorDas, S.1, AuthorDe Nardo, G.1, AuthorDhamija, R.1, AuthorDi Capua, F.1, AuthorDoležal, Z.1, AuthorDong, T.V.1, AuthorDubey, S.1, AuthorEidelman, S.1, AuthorEpifanov, D.1, AuthorFerber, T.1, AuthorFulsom, B.G.1, AuthorGarg, R.1, AuthorGaur, V.1, AuthorGabyshev, N.1, AuthorGarmash, A.1, AuthorGiri, A.1, AuthorGoldenzweig, P.1, AuthorGolob, B.1, AuthorGreenwald, D.1, AuthorGudkova, K.1, AuthorHadjivasiliou, C.1, AuthorHartbrich, O.1, AuthorHayashii, H.1, AuthorHedges, M.T.1, AuthorHou, W.-S.1, AuthorHsu, C.-L.1, AuthorIijima, T.1, AuthorInguglia, G.1, AuthorIshikawa, A.1, AuthorItoh, R.1, AuthorIwasaki, M.1, AuthorIwasaki, Y.1, AuthorJacobs, W.W.1, AuthorJang, E.-J.1, AuthorJin, Y.1, AuthorJoo, C.W.1, AuthorJoo, K.K.1, AuthorKato, Y.1, AuthorKawasaki, T.1, AuthorKichimi, H.1, AuthorKim, C.H.1, AuthorKim, D.Y.1, AuthorKim, S.H.1, AuthorKim, Y.-K.1, AuthorKimmel, T.D.1, AuthorKinoshita, K.1, AuthorKodyš, P.1, AuthorKonno, T.1, AuthorKorpar, S.1, AuthorKroeger, R.1, AuthorKrokovny, P.1, AuthorKulasiri, R.1, AuthorKumar, M.1, AuthorKumar, R.1, AuthorKumara, K.1, AuthorKwon, Y.-J.1, AuthorLalwani, K.1, AuthorLange, J.S.1, AuthorLee, S.C.1, AuthorLi, C.H.1, AuthorLi, J.1, AuthorLi, L.K.1, AuthorLi, Y.B.1, AuthorLi Gioi, L.1, AuthorLibby, J.1, AuthorLiventsev, D.1, AuthorMacQueen, C.1, AuthorMasuda, M.1, AuthorMatsuda, T.1, AuthorMatvienko, D.1, AuthorMerola, M.1, AuthorMetzner, F.1, AuthorMizuk, R.1, AuthorMohanty, G.B.1, AuthorMohanty, S.1, AuthorMoon, T.J.1, AuthorNakao, M.1, AuthorNatochii, A.1, AuthorNayak, L.1, AuthorNayak, M.1, AuthorNishida, S.1, AuthorOgawa, S.1, AuthorOno, H.1, AuthorOnuki, Y.1, AuthorOskin, P.1, AuthorPakhlov, P.1, AuthorPakhlova, G.1, AuthorPardi, S.1, AuthorPark, S.-H.1, AuthorPaul, S.1, AuthorPedlar, T.K.1, AuthorPestotnik, R.1, AuthorPiilonen, L.E.1, AuthorPodobnik, T.1, AuthorPopov, V.1, AuthorPrencipe, E.1, AuthorPrim, M.T.1, AuthorRabusov, A.1, AuthorRöhrken, M.1, AuthorRostomyan, A.1, AuthorRout, N.1, AuthorRusso, G.1, AuthorSahoo, D.1, AuthorSandilya, S.1, AuthorSangal, A.1, AuthorSantelj, L.1, AuthorSanuki, T.1, AuthorSavinov, V.1, AuthorSchnell, G.1, AuthorSchwanda, C.1, AuthorSeino, Y.1, AuthorSenyo, K.1, AuthorSevior, M.E.1, AuthorShapkin, M.1, AuthorSharma, C.1, AuthorShiu, J.-G.1, AuthorShwartz, B.1, AuthorSimon, F.1, AuthorSolovieva, E.1, AuthorStarič, M.1, AuthorStottler, Z.S.1, AuthorStrube, J.F.1, AuthorSumisawa, K.1, AuthorSutcliffe, W.1, AuthorTakizawa, M.1, AuthorTamponi, U.1, AuthorTanida, K.1, AuthorTao, Y.1, AuthorTenchini, F.1, AuthorTrabelsi, K.1, AuthorUchida, M.1, AuthorUehara, S.1, AuthorUno, S.1, AuthorUshiroda, Y.1, AuthorVan Tonder, R.1, AuthorVarner, G.1, AuthorVinokurova, A.1, AuthorWang, C.H.1, AuthorWang, E.1, AuthorWang, P.1, AuthorWatanabe, M.1, AuthorWatanuki, S.1, AuthorWon, E.1, AuthorXu, X.1, AuthorYabsley, B.D.1, AuthorYan, W.1, AuthorYang, S.B.1, AuthorYe, H.1, AuthorYin, J.H.1, AuthorYusa, Y.1, AuthorZhang, Z.P.1, AuthorZhilich, V.1, AuthorZhukova, V.1, Author more..
1Max Planck Institute for Physics, Max Planck Society and Cooperation Partners, ou_2253650              


Free keywords: Belle
 Abstract: We report a measurement of the electric dipole moment of the $\tau$ lepton ($d_\tau$) using an 833~fb$^{-1}$ data sample collected near the $\Upsilon(4S)$ resonance, with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy $e^+ e^-$ collider. Using an optimal observable method, we obtain the real and imaginary parts of $d_\tau$ as ${\rm Re}(d_\tau) = ( -0.62 \pm 0.63 ) \times 10^{-17} ~e{\rm cm}$ and ${\rm Im}(d_\tau) = ( -0.40 \pm 0.32 ) \times 10^{-17} ~e{\rm cm}$, respectively. These results are consistent with null electric dipole moment at the present level of experimental sensitivity and improve the sensitivity by about a factor of three.


 Dates: 2022
 Publication Status: Published in print
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Title: Journal of High Energy Physics
  Abbreviation : JHEP
Source Genre: Journal
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Pages: - Volume / Issue: 04 Sequence Number: - Start / End Page: 110 Identifier: -