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  Search for tetraquark states $X_{cc\bar{s}\bar{s}}$ in $D_{s}^{+}D_{s}^{+}~(D_{s}^{*+}D_{s}^{*+})$ final states at Belle

Belle Collaboration, Gao, X., Li, Y., Shen, C., Adachi, I., Aihara, H., et al. (2022). Search for tetraquark states $X_{cc\bar{s}\bar{s}}$ in $D_{s}^{+}D_{s}^{+}~(D_{s}^{*+}D_{s}^{*+})$ final states at Belle. Physical Review D, 105, 032002. Retrieved from https://publications.mppmu.mpg.de/?action=search&mpi=MPP-2022-45.

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Belle Collaboration1, Author
Gao, X.Y.1, Author
Li, Y.1, Author
Shen, C.P.1, Author
Adachi, I.1, Author
Aihara, H.1, Author
Asner, D.M.1, Author
Atmacan, H.1, Author
Aushev, T.1, Author
Ayad, R.1, Author
Behera, P.1, Author
Belous, K.1, Author
Bessner, M.1, Author
Bhardwaj, V.1, Author
Bhuyan, B.1, Author
Bilka, T.1, Author
Bobrov, A.1, Author
Bodrov, D.1, Author
Bonvicini, G.1, Author
Borah, J.1, Author
Bozek, A.1, AuthorBračko, M.1, AuthorBrowder, T.E.1, AuthorBudano, A.1, AuthorCampajola, M.1, AuthorČervenkov, D.1, AuthorChang, M.-C.1, AuthorChang, P.1, AuthorChen, A.1, AuthorCheon, B.G.1, AuthorChilikin, K.1, AuthorCho, H.E.1, AuthorCho, K.1, AuthorCho, S.-J.1, AuthorChoi, S.-K.1, AuthorChoi, Y.1, AuthorChoudhury, S.1, AuthorCinabro, D.1, AuthorCunliffe, S.1, AuthorDas, S.1, AuthorDe Pietro, G.1, AuthorDhamija, R.1, AuthorDi Capua, F.1, AuthorDingfelder, J.1, AuthorDoležal, Z.1, AuthorDong, T.V.1, AuthorDossett, D.1, AuthorFerber, T.1, AuthorFrey, A.1, AuthorFulsom, B.G.1, AuthorGarg, R.1, AuthorGaur, V.1, AuthorGabyshev, N.1, AuthorGiri, A.1, AuthorGoldenzweig, P.1, AuthorGu, T.1, AuthorGuan, Y.1, AuthorGudkova, K.1, AuthorHadjivasiliou, C.1, AuthorHalder, S.1, AuthorHartbrich, O.1, AuthorHayasaka, K.1, AuthorHayashii, H.1, AuthorHedges, M.T.1, AuthorHou, W.-S.1, AuthorHsu, C.-L.1, AuthorIijima, T.1, AuthorInami, K.1, AuthorInguglia, G.1, AuthorIshikawa, A.1, AuthorItoh, R.1, AuthorIwasaki, M.1, AuthorIwasaki, Y.1, AuthorJacobs, W.W.1, AuthorJang, E.-J.1, AuthorJia, S.1, AuthorJin, Y.1, AuthorJoo, K.K.1, AuthorKahn, J.1, AuthorKaliyar, A.B.1, AuthorKang, K.H.1, AuthorKaryan, G.1, AuthorKawasaki, T.1, AuthorKichimi, H.1, AuthorKiesling, C.1, AuthorKim, C.H.1, AuthorKim, D.Y.1, AuthorKim, K.-H.1, AuthorKim, Y.-K.1, AuthorKodyš, P.1, AuthorKonno, T.1, AuthorKorobov, A.1, AuthorKorpar, S.1, AuthorKovalenko, E.1, AuthorKrižan, P.1, AuthorKroeger, R.1, AuthorKrokovny, P.1, AuthorKuhr, T.1, AuthorKumar, R.1, AuthorKumara, K.1, AuthorKuzmin, A.1, AuthorKwon, Y.-J.1, AuthorLai, Y.-T.1, AuthorLam, T.1, AuthorLange, J.S.1, AuthorLaurenza, M.1, AuthorLee, S.C.1, AuthorLi, C.H.1, AuthorLi, J.1, AuthorLi, L.K.1, AuthorLi, Y.B.1, AuthorLi Gioi, L.1, AuthorLibby, J.1, AuthorLieret, K.1, AuthorLiventsev, D.1, AuthorMartini, A.1, AuthorMasuda, M.1, AuthorMatsuda, T.1, AuthorMatvienko, D.1, AuthorMaurya, S.K.1, AuthorMeier, F.1, AuthorMerola, M.1, AuthorMetzner, F.1, AuthorMiyabayashi, K.1, AuthorMizuk, R.1, AuthorMohanty, G.B.1, AuthorMussa, R.1, AuthorNakao, M.1, AuthorNatkaniec, Z.1, AuthorNatochii, A.1, AuthorNayak, L.1, AuthorNiiyama, M.1, AuthorNisar, N.K.1, AuthorNishida, S.1, AuthorOgawa, K.1, AuthorOgawa, S.1, AuthorOno, H.1, AuthorOskin, P.1, AuthorPakhlov, P.1, AuthorPakhlova, G.1, AuthorPang, T.1, AuthorPardi, S.1, AuthorPark, H.1, AuthorPark, S.-H.1, AuthorPatra, S.1, AuthorPaul, S.1, AuthorPedlar, T.K.1, AuthorPestotnik, R.1, AuthorPiilonen, L.E.1, AuthorPodobnik, T.1, AuthorPopov, V.1, AuthorPrencipe, E.1, AuthorPrim, M.T.1, AuthorRöhrken, M.1, AuthorRostomyan, A.1, AuthorRout, N.1, AuthorRusso, G.1, AuthorSahoo, D.1, AuthorSandilya, S.1, AuthorSangal, A.1, AuthorSantelj, L.1, AuthorSanuki, T.1, AuthorSavinov, V.1, AuthorSchnell, G.1, AuthorSeino, Y.1, AuthorSenyo, K.1, AuthorSevior, M.E.1, AuthorShapkin, M.1, AuthorSharma, C.1, AuthorShiu, J.-G.1, AuthorSimon, F.1, AuthorSingh, J.B.1, AuthorSokolov, A.1, AuthorSolovieva, E.1, AuthorStanič, S.1, AuthorStarič, M.1, AuthorStottler, Z.S.1, AuthorSumihama, M.1, AuthorSumiyoshi, T.1, AuthorTakizawa, M.1, AuthorTamponi, U.1, AuthorTanida, K.1, AuthorTenchini, F.1, AuthorUchida, M.1, AuthorUno, K.1, AuthorUno, S.1, AuthorUrquijo, P.1, AuthorUsov, Y.1, AuthorVan Tonder, R.1, AuthorVarner, G.1, AuthorVinokurova, A.1, AuthorWaheed, E.1, AuthorWang, E.1, AuthorWang, M.-Z.1, AuthorWang, X.L.1, AuthorWatanabe, M.1, AuthorWatanuki, S.1, AuthorWon, E.1, AuthorXu, X.1, AuthorYabsley, B.D.1, AuthorYan, W.1, AuthorYang, S.B.1, AuthorYe, H.1, AuthorYin, J.H.1, AuthorYuan, C.Z.1, AuthorZhai, Y.1, AuthorZhang, Z.P.1, AuthorZhilich, V.1, AuthorZhukova, V.1, Author more..
1Max Planck Institute for Physics, Max Planck Society and Cooperation Partners, ou_2253650              


Free keywords: Belle
 Abstract: A search for double-heavy tetraquark state candidates $X_{cc\bar{s}\bar{s}}$ decaying to $D_{s}^{+}D_{s}^{+}$ and $D_{s}^{*+} D_{s}^{*+}$ is presented for the first time using the data samples of 102 million $\Upsilon(1S)$ and 158 million $\Upsilon(2S)$ events, and the data samples at $\sqrt{s}$ = 10.52~GeV, 10.58~GeV, and 10.867~GeV corresponding to integrated luminosities of 89.5~fb$^{-1}$, 711.0~fb$^{-1}$, and 121.4~fb$^{-1}$, respectively, accumulated with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric energy electron-positron collider. The invariant-mass spectra of the $D_{s}^{+}D_{s}^{+}$ and $D_{s}^{*+} D_{s}^{*+}$ are studied to search for possible resonances. No significant signals are observed, and the 90\% confidence level upper limits on the product branching fractions [${\cal B}(\Upsilon(1S,2S) \to X_{cc\bar{s}\bar{s}} + anything) \times {\cal B}(X_{cc\bar{s}\bar{s}} \to D_{s}^{+}D_{s}^{+}(D_{s}^{*+} D_{s}^{*+}))$] in $\Upsilon(1S,2S)$ inclusive decays and the product values of Born cross section and branching fraction [$\sigma(e^+e^- \to X_{cc\bar{s}\bar{s}} + anything ) \times {\cal B}(X_{cc\bar{s}\bar{s}} \to D_{s}^{+}D_{s}^{+}(D_{s}^{*+} D_{s}^{*+}))$] in $e^+e^-$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 10.52~GeV, 10.58~GeV, and 10.867~GeV under different assumptions of $X_{cc\bar{s}\bar{s}}$ masses and widths are obtained.


 Dates: 2022
 Publication Status: Published in print
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Title: Physical Review D
  Abbreviation : Phys.Rev.D
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