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  Deformation versus Sphericity in the Ground States of the Lightest Gold Isotopes

Cubiss, J., Andreyev, A., Barzakh, A., Van Duppen, P., Hilaire, S., Péru, S., et al. (2023). Deformation versus Sphericity in the Ground States of the Lightest Gold Isotopes. Physical Review Letters, 131(20): 202501. doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.131.202501.

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Date of Discard: 2024-02-26
Comment: dublette
Cubiss, J. G.
Andreyev, A. N.
Barzakh, A. E.
Van Duppen, P.
Hilaire, S.
Péru, S.
Goriely, S.
Al Monthery, M.
Althubiti, N. A.
Andel, B.
Antalic, S.
Atanasov, D.1           
Blaum, K.1                 
Cocolios, T. E.
Day Goodacre, T.
de Roubin, A.1           
Farooq-Smith, G. J.
Fedorov, D. V.
Fedosseev, V. N.
Fink, D. A.1           
Gaffney, L. P.Ghys, L.Harding, R. D.Huyse, M.Imai, N.Joss, D. T.Kreim, S.1           Lunney, D.Lynch, K. M.Manea, V.1                 Marsh, B. A.Martinez Palenzuela, Y.Molkanov, P. L.Neidherr, D.O’Neill, G. G.Page, R. D.Prosnyak, S. D.Rosenbusch, M.Rossel, R. E.Rothe, S.Schweikhard, L.Seliverstov, M. D.Sels, S.Skripnikov, L. V.Stott, A.Van Beveren, C.Verstraelen, E.Welker, A.Wienholtz, F.Wolf, R. N.1                 Zuber, K. more..
1Division Prof. Dr. Klaus Blaum, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_904548              
 Dates: 2023-11-14
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version ID: item_3551010_1
Item State: Discarded
Name of Context: Publications of the MPI for Nuclear Physics, Affiliated to: MPI for Nuclear Physics