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  50 Years of Quantum Chromodynamics

Gross, F., Klempt, E., Brodsky, S. J., Buras, A. J., Burkert, V. D., Heinrich, G., et al. (2023). 50 Years of Quantum Chromodynamics. European Physical Journal C, 83, 1125.

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Gross, Franz1, Author
Klempt, Eberhard1, Author
Brodsky, Stanley J.1, Author
Buras, Andrzej J.1, Author
Burkert, Volker D.1, Author
Heinrich, Gudrun1, Author
Jakobs, Karl1, Author
Meyer, Curtis A.1, Author
Orginos, Kostas1, Author
Strickland, Michael1, Author
Stachel, Johanna1, Author
Zanderighi, Giulia1, Author
Brambilla, Nora1, Author
Braun-Munzinger, Peter1, Author
Britzger, Daniel1, Author
Capstick, Simon1, Author
Cohen, Tom1, Author
Crede, Volker1, Author
Constantinou, Martha1, Author
Davies, Christine1, Author
Debbio, Luigi Del1, AuthorDenig, Achim1, AuthorDeTar, Carleton1, AuthorDeur, Alexandre1, AuthorDokshitzer, Yuri1, AuthorDosch, Hans Günter1, AuthorDudek, Jozef1, AuthorDunford, Monica1, AuthorEpelbaum, Evgeny1, AuthorEscobedo, Miguel A.1, AuthorFritzsch, Harald1, AuthorFukushima, Kenji1, AuthorGambino, Paolo1, AuthorGillberg, Dag1, AuthorGottlieb, Steven1, AuthorGrafstrom, Per1, AuthorGrazzini, Massimiliano1, AuthorGrube, Boris1, AuthorGuskov, Alexey1, AuthorIijima, Toru1, AuthorJi, Xiangdong1, AuthorKarsch, Frithjof1, AuthorKluth, Stefan1, AuthorKogut, John B.1, AuthorKrauss, Frank1, AuthorKumano, Shunzo1, AuthorLeinweber, Derek1, AuthorLeutwyler, Heinrich1, AuthorLi, Hai-Bo1, AuthorLi, Yang1, AuthorMalaescu, Bogdan1, AuthorMariotti, Chiara1, AuthorMaris, Pieter1, AuthorMarzani, Simone1, AuthorMelnitchouk, Wally1, AuthorMesschendorp, Johan1, AuthorMeyer, Harvey1, AuthorMitchell, Ryan Edward1, AuthorMondal, Chandan1, AuthorNerling, Frank1, AuthorNeubert, Sebastian1, AuthorPappagallo, Marco1, AuthorPastore, Saori1, AuthorPeláez, José R.1, AuthorPuckett, Andrew1, AuthorQiu, Jianwei1, AuthorRabbertz, Klaus1, AuthorRamos, Alberto1, AuthorRossi, Patrizia1, AuthorRustamov, Anar1, AuthorSchäfer, Andreas1, AuthorScherer, Stefan1, AuthorSchindler, Matthias1, AuthorSchramm, Steven1, AuthorShifman, Mikhail1, AuthorShuryak, Edward1, AuthorSjöstrand, Torbjörn1, AuthorSterman, George1, AuthorStewart, Iain W.1, AuthorStroth, Joachim1, AuthorSwanson, Eric1, Authorde Téramond, Guy F.1, AuthorThoma, Ulrike1, AuthorVairo, Antonio1, AuthorDyk, Danny van1, AuthorVary, James1, AuthorVirto, Javier1, AuthorVos, Marcel1, AuthorWeiss, Christian1, AuthorWobisch, Markus1, AuthorWu, Sau Lan1, AuthorYoung, Christopher1, AuthorYuan, Feng1, AuthorZhao, Xingbo1, AuthorZhou, Xiaorong1, Author more..
1Max Planck Institute for Physics, Max Planck Society and Cooperation Partners, ou_2253650              


Free keywords: Phenomenology of High Energy Physics
 Abstract: This paper presents a comprehensive review of both the theory and experimental successes of Quantum Chromodynamics, starting with its emergence as a well defined theory in 1972-73 and following developments and results up to the present day. Topics include a review of the earliest theoretical and experimental foundations; the fundamental constants of QCD; an introductory discussion of lattice QCD, the only known method for obtaining exact predictions from QCD; methods for approximating QCD, with special focus on effective field theories; QCD under extreme conditions; measurements and predictions of meson and baryon states; a special discussion of the structure of the nucleon; techniques for study of QCD at high energy, including treatment of jets and showers; measurements at colliders; weak decays and quark mixing; and a section on the future, which discusses new experimental facilities or upgrades currently funded. The paper is intended to provide a broad background for Ph.D. students and postdocs starting their career. Some contributions include personal accounts of how the ideas or experiments were developed.


 Dates: 2023
 Publication Status: Issued
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Title: European Physical Journal C
  Abbreviation : Eur.Phys.J.C
Source Genre: Journal
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Pages: - Volume / Issue: 83 Sequence Number: - Start / End Page: 1125 Identifier: -