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  A change in the optical polarization associated with a γ-ray flare in the blazar 3C 279

Fermi LAT Collaboration, 3C 279 Multiband Campaign, Abdo, A. A., Ackermann, M., Ajello, M., Axelsson, M., et al. (2010). A change in the optical polarization associated with a γ-ray flare in the blazar 3C 279. Nature, 463(7283), 919-923. doi:10.1038/nature08841.

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Fermi LAT Collaboration, Author              
3C 279 Multiband Campaign, Author              
Abdo, A. A., Author
Ackermann, M., Author
Ajello, M., Author
Axelsson, M., Author
Baldini, L., Author
Ballet, J., Author
Barbiellini, G., Author
Bastieri, D., Author
Baughman, B. M., Author
Bechtol, K., Author
Bellazzini, R., Author
Berenji, B., Author
Blandford, R. D., Author
Bloom, E. D., Author
Bock, D. C.-J., Author
Bogart, J. R., Author
Bonamente, E., Author
Borgland, A. W., Author
Bouvier, A., AuthorBregeon, J., AuthorBrez, A., AuthorBrigida, M., AuthorBruel, P., AuthorBurnett, T. H., AuthorBuson, S., AuthorCaliandro, G. A., AuthorCameron, R. A., AuthorCaraveo, P. A., AuthorCasandjian, J. M., AuthorCavazzuti, E., AuthorCecchi, C., AuthorÇelik, Ö., AuthorChekhtman, A., AuthorCheung, C. C., AuthorChiang, J., AuthorCiprini, S., AuthorClaus, R., AuthorCohen-Tanugi, J., AuthorCollmar, W.1, Author              Cominsky, L. R., AuthorConrad, J., AuthorCorbel, S., AuthorCorbet, R., AuthorCostamante, L., AuthorCutini, S., AuthorDermer, C. D., Authorde Angelis, A., Authorde Palma, F., AuthorDigel, S. W., Authordo Couto e Silva, E. , AuthorDrell, P. S., AuthorDubois, R., AuthorDumora, D., AuthorFarnier, C., AuthorFavuzzi, C., AuthorFegan, S. J., AuthorFerrara, E. C., AuthorFocke, W. B., AuthorFortin, P., AuthorFrailis, M., AuthorFuhrmann, L., AuthorFukazawa, Y., AuthorFunk, S., AuthorFusco, P., AuthorGargano, F., AuthorGasparrini, D., AuthorGehrels, N., AuthorGermani, S., AuthorGiebels, B., AuthorGiglietto, N., AuthorGiommi, P., AuthorGiordano, F., AuthorGiroletti, M., AuthorGlanzman, T., AuthorGodfrey, G., AuthorGrenier, I. A., AuthorGrove, J. E., AuthorGuillemot, L., AuthorGuiriec, S., AuthorHanabata, Y., AuthorHarding, A. K., AuthorHayashida, M., AuthorHays, E., AuthorHoran, D., AuthorHughes, R. E., AuthorIafrate, G., AuthorItoh, R., AuthorJackson, M. S., AuthorJóhannesson, G., AuthorJohnson, A. S., AuthorJohnson, W. N., AuthorKadler, M., AuthorKamae, T., AuthorKatagiri, H., AuthorKataoka, J., AuthorKawai, N., AuthorKerr, M., AuthorKnödlseder, J., AuthorKocian, M. L., AuthorKuss, M., AuthorLande, J., AuthorLarsson, S., AuthorLatronico, L., AuthorLemoine-Goumard, M., AuthorLongo, F., AuthorLoparco, F., AuthorLott, B., AuthorLovellette, M. N., AuthorLubrano, P., AuthorMacquart, J., AuthorMadejski, G. M., AuthorMakeev, A., AuthorMax-Moerbeck, W., AuthorMazziotta, M. N., AuthorMcConville, W., AuthorMcEnery, J. E., AuthorMcGlynn, S., AuthorMeurer, C., AuthorMichelson, P. F., AuthorMitthumsiri, W., AuthorMizuno, T., AuthorMoiseev, A. A., AuthorMonte, C., AuthorMonzani, M. E., AuthorMorselli, A., AuthorMoskalenko, I. V., AuthorMurgia, S., AuthorNestoras, I., AuthorNolan, P. L., AuthorNorris, J. P., AuthorNuss, E., AuthorOhsugi, T., AuthorOkumura, A., AuthorOmodei, N., AuthorOrlando, E.1, AuthorOrmes, J. F., AuthorPaneque, D., AuthorPanetta, J. H., AuthorParent, D., AuthorPavlidou, V., AuthorPearson, T. J., AuthorPelassa, V., AuthorPepe, M., AuthorPesce-Rollins, M., AuthorPiron, F., AuthorPorter, T. A., AuthorRainò, S., AuthorRando, R., AuthorRazzano, M., AuthorReadhead, A., AuthorReimer, A., AuthorReimer, O., AuthorReposeur, T., AuthorReyes, L. C., AuthorRichards, J. L., AuthorRochester, L. S., AuthorRodriguez, A. Y., AuthorRoth, M., AuthorRyde, F., AuthorSadrozinski, H. F.-W., AuthorSanchez, D., AuthorSander, A., AuthorSaz Parkinson, P. M. , AuthorScargle, J. D., AuthorSgrò, C., AuthorShaw, M. S., AuthorShrader, C., AuthorSiskind, E. J., AuthorSmith, D. A., AuthorSmith, P. D., AuthorSpandre, G., AuthorSpinelli, P., AuthorStawarz, L., AuthorStevenson, M., AuthorStrickman, M. S., AuthorSuson, D. J., AuthorTajima, H., AuthorTakahashi, H., AuthorTakahashi, T., AuthorTanaka, T., AuthorTaylor, G. B., AuthorThayer, J. B., AuthorThayer, J. G., AuthorThompson, D. J., AuthorTibaldo, L., AuthorTorres, D. F., AuthorTosti, G., AuthorTramacere, A., AuthorUchiyama, Y., AuthorUsher, T. L., AuthorVasileiou, V., AuthorVilchez, N., AuthorVitale, V., AuthorWaite, A. P., AuthorWang, P., AuthorWehrle, A. E., AuthorWiner, B. L., AuthorWood, K. S., AuthorYlinen, T., AuthorZensus , J. A., AuthorZiegler, M., AuthorUemura, M., AuthorIkejiri, Y., AuthorKawabata, K. S., AuthorKino, M., AuthorSakimoto, K., AuthorSasada, M., AuthorSato, S., AuthorYamanaka, M., AuthorVillata, M., AuthorRaiteri, C. M., AuthorAgudo, I., AuthorAller, H. D., AuthorAller, M. F., AuthorAngelakis, E., AuthorArkharov, A. A., AuthorBach, U., AuthorBenítez, E., AuthorBerdyugin, A., AuthorBlinov, D. A., AuthorBoettcher, M., AuthorBuemi, C. S., AuthorChen, W. P., AuthorDolci, M., AuthorDultzin, D., AuthorEfimova, N. V., AuthorGurwell, M. A., AuthorGusbar, C., AuthorGómez, J. L., AuthorHeidt, J., AuthorHiriart, D., AuthorHovatta, T., AuthorJorstad, S. G., AuthorKonstantinova, T. S., AuthorKopatskaya, E. N., AuthorKoptelova, E., AuthorKurtanidze, O. M., AuthorLahteenmaki, A., AuthorLarionov, V. M., AuthorLarionova, E. G., AuthorLeto, P., AuthorLin, H. C., AuthorLindfors, E., AuthorMarscher, A. P., AuthorMcHardy, I. M., AuthorMelnichuk, D. A., AuthorMommert, M., AuthorNilsson, K., AuthorDi Paola, A. , AuthorReinthal, R., AuthorRichter, G. M., AuthorRoca-Sogorb, M., AuthorRoustazadeh, P., AuthorSigua, L. A., AuthorTakalo, L. O., AuthorTornikoski, M., AuthorTrigilio, C., AuthorTroitsky, I. S., AuthorUmana, G., AuthorVillforth, C., AuthorGrainge, K., AuthorModerski, R., AuthorNalewajko, K. , AuthorSikora, M., Author more..
1High Energy Astrophysics, MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_159890              




Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2010-02-18
 Publication Status: Published in print
 Pages: -
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 Rev. Method: Peer
 Identifiers: DOI: 10.1038/nature08841
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Title: Nature
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: -
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 463 (7283) Sequence Number: - Start / End Page: 919 - 923 Identifier: ISSN: 0028-0836