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  Status of the gravitational-wave detector GEO600

Lück, H. (2007). Status of the gravitational-wave detector GEO600. Talk presented at Splinter Meeting A.

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Lück, Harald1, Autor              
1Laser Interferometry & Gravitational Wave Astronomy, AEI-Hannover, MPI for Gravitational Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_24010              


Schlagwörter: -
 Zusammenfassung: A54 Cosmic Ray Acceleration in Galactic Wind Shocks A71 Detection of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos with LOFAR A80 Status of the gravitational-wave detector GEO600 A87 Recent Results and Future of the MAGIC gamma-ray telescope A92 Cosmic ray detection with the radio technique A93 Cosmic Ray Physics with IceCube A94 The resonance-like gamma-ray absorption processes for use in astrophysics A97 Geometry reconstruction of air shower fluorescence detectors revisited A102 Supermassive Binary Black Holes & Radio Jets A108 Muonic Component of Air Showers Measured by KASCADE-Grande A110 Towards new frontiers: observation of photons with energies above 1018 eV A112 The IceCube Neutrino Telescope A114 The ground-based gamma-ray observatory CTA A116 IceCube: Recent Results and Prospects A117 Particle Physics with AMANDA and IceCube A118 Altitude dependence of fluorescence light emission by extensive air showers A120 Neutrino-induced cascades in AMANDA & IceCube A122 Enhancement Telescopes for the Pierre Auger Southern Observatory in Argentina A123 Proton spectra from relativistic shock environments in AGN and GRBs A124 The Baikal Neutrino Telescope – Physics Results A127 Searches for point-like sources of cosmic neutrinos with IceCube A128 The MAGIC/IceCube Target of Opportunity Programtest run A131 Supernova detection with IceCube: from low to high energy neutrinos A132 Measurement of the UHECR energy spectrum from hybrid data of the Pierre Auger Observatory A133 Extension of IceCube at Lower Energy: the Use of AMANDA as Nested Array and the Future Prospectives A135 Searching for neutrinos with the Pierre Auger Observatory A138 Search for Transient Emission of Neutrinos in IceCube A140 Acoustic Neutrino Detection in Antarctic Ice A159 AMANDA limits on the diffuse muon-neutrino flux: physics implications A164 Investigation of the Radio Emission of Cosmic Ray Air Showers with LOPES A168 The Northern Site of the Pierre Auger Observatory A170 Shower reconstruction and size spectra with KASCADE-Grande data A171 Neutrinos from Gamma Ray Bursts: predictions and limits from AMANDA-II data A172 Simulation study of shower profiles from ultra-high energy cosmic rays A174 Upper limit to the photon fraction in cosmic rays above 1019 eV from the Pierre Auger Observatory A176 Astrophysics at MeV energies A180 Study of the Cosmic Ray Composition above 0.4 EeV using the Longitudinal Profiles of Showers observed at the Pierre Auger Observatory A185 Backgrounds for UHE horizontal neutrino showers A186 The Front-End Cards of the Pierre Auger Surface Detectors: Test Results and Performance in the Field A187 Monte Carlo Studies for MAGIC-II A194 Measuring the proton-air cross section from logitudinal air shower profiles A195 The UHECR energy spectrummeasured at the Pierre Auger Observatory A203 Highlights of Observations of Galactic Sources with the MAGIC telescope A207 Adesign study for a 12.5 m ∅ Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescope for ground-based γ -ray astronomy A210 The Future of Long-Wavelengths Radio-Astronomy in Germany: LOFAR and GLOW A211 Online Monitoring of the Pierre Auger Observatory A216 OPTIMA-Burst – Catching GRB Afterglows (and other Transients) with High Time Resolution A227 JEM-EUSO mission A232 Rapid Variations in AGN: Clues on Particle Accelerators A235 Systematic search forVHEgamma-ray emission from X-ray bright high-frequency peaked BL Lac objects A237 Prospects for GeV Astronomy in the Era of GLAST A241 Improvements of the energy reconstruction for the MAGIC telescope by means of analysis and Monte Carlo techniques A265 Discovery of VHE γ -rays from BL Lacertae with the MAGIC telescope A266 Results of two observation cycles of LS I+61°303 with the MAGIC telescope A267 Wide Range Multifrequency Observations of Northern TeV Blazars A269 Diffusive and convective cosmic ray transport in elliptical galaxies


Sprache(n): eng - Englisch
 Datum: 2007-09
 Publikationsstatus: Im Druck publiziert
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 Ort, Verlag, Ausgabe: -
 Inhaltsverzeichnis: The German / British detector GEO600 operates within a worldwide network of large scale gravitational-wave detectors. This presentation will give an overviewof the current performance and future prospects.
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 Identifikatoren: DOI: 10.1002/asna.200740001
 Art des Abschluß: -


Titel: Splinter Meeting A
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Titel: Astronomische Nachrichten
  Andere : Astron. Nachr.
Genre der Quelle: Zeitschrift
Blümer, Johannes, Autor
Ort, Verlag, Ausgabe: Weinheim : WILEY-VCH Verlag
Seiten: - Band / Heft: 328 (7) Artikelnummer: - Start- / Endseite: 593 - 624 Identifikator: ISSN: 0004-6337
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