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  Inclusive D-*+/- meson cross sections and D-*+/--jet correlations in photoproduction at HERA

Aktas, A., Andreev, V., Anthonis, T., Antunovic, B., Aplin, S., Asmone, A., et al. (2007). Inclusive D-*+/- meson cross sections and D-*+/--jet correlations in photoproduction at HERA. European Physical Journal C, 50(2), 251-267.

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Aktas, A.1, Author
Andreev, V.1, Author
Anthonis, T.1, Author
Antunovic, B.1, Author
Aplin, S.1, Author
Asmone, A.1, Author
Astvatsatourov, A.1, Author
Babaev, A.1, Author
Backovic, S.1, Author
Baghdasaryan, A.1, Author
Baranov, P.1, Author
Barrelet, E.1, Author
Bartel, W.1, Author
Baudrand, S.1, Author
Baumgartner, S.1, Author
Beckingham, M.1, Author
Behnke, O.1, Author
Behrendt, O.1, Author
Belousov, A.1, Author
Berger, N.1, Author
Bizot, J. C.1, AuthorBoenig, M. O.1, AuthorBoudry, V.1, AuthorBracinik, J.1, AuthorBrandt, G.1, AuthorBrisson, V.1, AuthorBruncko, D.1, AuthorBusser, F. W.1, AuthorBunyatyan, A.2, Author           Buschhorn, G.1, AuthorBystritskaya, L.1, AuthorCampbell, A. J.1, AuthorCaron, S.1, AuthorCassol-Brunner, F.1, AuthorCerny, K.1, AuthorCerny, V.1, AuthorChekelian, V.1, AuthorContreras, J. G.1, AuthorCoughlan, J. A.1, AuthorCox, B. E.1, AuthorCozzika, G.1, AuthorCvach, J.1, AuthorDainton, J. B.1, AuthorDau, W. D.1, AuthorDaum, K.1, Authorde Boer, Y.1, AuthorDelcourt, B.1, AuthorDel Degan, M.1, AuthorDe Roeck, A.1, AuthorDe Wolf, E. A.1, AuthorDiaconu, C.1, AuthorDodonov, V.2, Author           Dubak, A.1, AuthorEckerlin, G.1, AuthorEfremenko, V.1, AuthorEgli, S.1, AuthorEichler, R.1, AuthorEisele, F.1, AuthorEliseev, A.1, AuthorElsen, E.1, AuthorEssenov, S.1, AuthorFalkewicz, A.1, AuthorFaulkner, P. J. W.1, AuthorFavart, L.1, AuthorFedotov, A.1, AuthorFelst, R.1, AuthorFeltesse, J.1, AuthorFerencei, J.1, AuthorFinke, L.1, AuthorFleischer, M.1, AuthorFlucke, G.1, AuthorFomenko, A.1, AuthorFranke, G.1, AuthorFrisson, T.1, AuthorGabathuler, E.1, AuthorGarutti, E.1, AuthorGayler, J.1, AuthorGerlich, C.1, AuthorGhazaryan, S.1, AuthorGinzburgskaya, S.1, AuthorGlazov, A.1, AuthorGlushkov, I.1, AuthorGoerlich, L.1, AuthorGoettlich, M.1, AuthorGogitidze, N.1, AuthorGorbounov, S.1, AuthorGrab, C.1, AuthorGreenshaw, T.1, AuthorGregori, M.1, AuthorGrell, B. R.1, AuthorGrindhammer, G.1, AuthorGwilliam, C.1, AuthorHabib, S.1, AuthorHaidt, D.1, AuthorHansson, M.1, AuthorHeinzelmann, G.1, AuthorHenderson, R. C. W.1, AuthorHenschel, H.1, AuthorHerrera, G.1, AuthorHildebrandt, M.1, AuthorHiller, K. H.1, AuthorHoffmann, D.1, AuthorHorisberger, R.1, AuthorHovhannisyan, A.1, AuthorHreus, T.1, AuthorHussain, S.1, AuthorIbbotson, M.1, AuthorIsmail, M.1, AuthorJacquet, M.1, AuthorJanssen, X.1, AuthorJemanov, V.1, AuthorJonsson, L.1, AuthorJohnson, D. P.1, AuthorJung, A. W.1, AuthorJung, H.1, AuthorKapichine, M.1, AuthorKatzy, J.1, AuthorKenyon, I. R.1, AuthorKiesling, C.1, AuthorKlein, M.1, AuthorKleinwort, C.1, AuthorKlimkovich, T.1, AuthorKluge, T.1, AuthorKnies, G.1, AuthorKnutsson, A.1, AuthorKorbel, V.1, AuthorKostka, P.1, AuthorKrastev, K.1, AuthorKretzschmar, J.1, AuthorKropivnitskaya, A.1, AuthorKruger, K.1, AuthorLandon, M. P. J.1, AuthorLange, W.1, AuthorLastovicka-Medin, G.1, AuthorLaycock, P.1, AuthorLebedev, A.1, AuthorLeibenguth, G.1, AuthorLendermann, V.1, AuthorLevonian, S.1, AuthorLindfeld, L.1, AuthorLipka, K.1, AuthorLiptaj, A.1, AuthorList, B.1, AuthorList, J.1, AuthorLobodzinska, E.1, AuthorLoktionova, N.1, AuthorLopez-Fernandez, R.1, AuthorLubimov, V.1, AuthorLucaci-Timoce, A. I.1, AuthorLueders, H.1, AuthorLux, T.1, AuthorLytkin, L.2, Author           Makankine, A.1, AuthorMalden, N.1, AuthorMalinovski, E.1, AuthorMarage, P.1, AuthorMarshall, R.1, AuthorMarti, L.1, AuthorMartisikova, M.1, AuthorMartyn, H. U.1, AuthorMaxfield, S. J.1, AuthorMehta, A.1, AuthorMeier, K.1, AuthorMeyer, A. B.1, AuthorMeyer, H.1, AuthorMeyer, J.1, AuthorMichels, V.1, AuthorMikocki, S.1, AuthorMilcewicz-Mika, I.1, AuthorMilstead, D.1, AuthorMladenov, D.1, AuthorMohamed, A.1, AuthorMoreau, F.1, AuthorMorozov, A.1, AuthorMorris, J. V.1, AuthorMozer, M. 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1Univ Freiburg, Phys Inst, D-7800 Freiburg, Germany.; Univ Birmingham, Sch Phys & Astron, Birmingham B15 2TT, W Midlands, England.; Univ Antwerp, B-2020 Antwerp, Belgium.; VUB, ULB, Inter Univ Inst High Energies, Brussels, Belgium.; Rutherford Appleton Lab, Didcot, Oxon, England.; Inst Nucl Phys, Krakow, Poland.; Univ Dortmund, Inst Phys, D-44221 Dortmund, Germany.; Joint Inst Nucl Res, Dubna, Russia.; Ce Saclay, CEA, DSM, DAPNIA, Gif Sur Yvette, France.; DESY, Hamburg, Germany.; Univ Hamburg, Inst Expt Phys, D-2000 Hamburg, Germany.; Univ Heidelberg, Inst Phys, D-6900 Heidelberg, Germany.; Univ Heidelberg, Kirchhoff Inst Phys, D-6900 Heidelberg, Germany.; Univ Kiel, Inst Expt & Angewandte Phys, D-24098 Kiel, Germany.; Slovak Acad Sci, Inst Expt Phys, Kosice 04353, Slovakia.; Univ Lancaster, Dept Phys, Lancaster LA1 4YW, England.; Univ Liverpool, Dept Phys, Liverpool L69 3BX, Merseyside, England.; Queen Mary & Westfield Coll, London, England.; Lund Univ, Dept Phys, S-22100 Lund, Sweden.; Univ Manchester, Dept Phys, Manchester M13 9PL, Lancs, England.; Univ Aix Marseille 2, IN2P, CNRS, CPPM, Marseille, France.; CINVESTAV, Dept Fis Aplicada, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.; CINVESTAV, Dept Fis, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.; Inst Theroet & Expt Phys, Moscow, Russia.; Lebedev Phys Inst, Moscow, Russia.; Max Planck Inst Phys & Astrophys, Munich, Germany.; Univ Paris 11, CNRS, IN2P3, LAL, Orsay, France.; Ecole Polytech, CNRS, IN2P3, LLR, F-91128 Palaiseau, France.; Univ Paris 06, LPNHE, F-75252 Paris 05, France.; Univ Paris 07, LPNHE, F-75221 Paris 05, France.; CNRS, IN2P3, F-75005 Paris, France.; Univ Montenegro, Fac Sci, Podgorica, Montenegro.; Acad Sci Czech Republ, Inst Phys, CR-10400 Prague, Czech Republic.; Rhein Westfal TH Aachen, Phys Inst, Aachen, Germany.; Charles Univ Prague, Fac Math & Phys, CR-11636 Prague, Czech Republic.; Univ Rome Tre, Dipartimento Fis, Rome, Italy.; Univ Rome Tre, INFN Roma 3, Rome, Italy.; Inst Nucl Res & Nucl Engery, Sofia, Bulgaria.; Paul Scherrer Inst, Villigen, Switzerland.; Univ Gesamthsch Wuppertal, Facbereich C, D-5600 Wuppertal, Germany.; Yerecan Phys Inst, Yerevan, Armenia.; DESY, Zeuthen, Germany.; ETH, Inst Teilchenphys, CH-8006 Zurich, Switzerland.; Univ Zurich, Inst Phys, CH-8006 Zurich, Switzerland., ou_persistent22              
2Prof. Bogdan Povh, Emeriti, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_907545              




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 Dates: 2007-04
 Publication Status: Issued
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 Rev. Type: Peer
 Identifiers: eDoc: 337056
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Title: European Physical Journal C
  Alternative Title : Eur. Phys. J. C
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: -
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 50 (2) Sequence Number: - Start / End Page: 251 - 267 Identifier: ISSN: 1434-6044