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  A measurement of the t dependence of the helicity structure of diffractive rho meson electroproduction at HERA

Adloff, C., Andreev, V., Andrieu, B., Anthonis, T., Arkadov, V., Astvatsatourov, A., et al. (2002). A measurement of the t dependence of the helicity structure of diffractive rho meson electroproduction at HERA. Physics Letters B, 539(1-2), 25-39.

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Adloff, C.1, Author
Andreev, V.1, Author
Andrieu, B.1, Author
Anthonis, T.1, Author
Arkadov, V.1, Author
Astvatsatourov, A.1, Author
Babaev, A.1, Author
Bahr, J.1, Author
Baranov, P.1, Author
Barrelet, E.1, Author
Bartel, W.1, Author
Becker, J.1, Author
Beglarian, A.1, Author
Behnke, O.1, Author
Beier, C.1, Author
Belousov, A.1, Author
Berger, C.1, Author
Berndt, T.1, Author
Bizot, J. C.1, Author
Bohme, J.1, Author
Boudry, V.1, AuthorBraunschweig, W.1, AuthorBrisson, V.1, AuthorBroker, H. B.1, AuthorBrown, D. P.1, AuthorBruckner, W.1, AuthorBruncko, D.1, AuthorBurger, J.1, AuthorBusser, F. W.1, AuthorBunyatyan, A.2, Author              Burrage, A.1, AuthorBuschhorn, G.1, AuthorBystritskaya, L.1, AuthorCampbell, A. J.1, AuthorCao, J.1, AuthorCaron, S.1, AuthorCassol-Brunner, F.1, AuthorClarke, D.1, AuthorClerbaux, B.1, AuthorCollard, C.1, AuthorContreras, J. G.1, AuthorCoppens, Y. R.1, AuthorCoughlan, J. A.1, AuthorCousinou, M. C.1, AuthorCox, B. E.1, AuthorCozzika, G.1, AuthorCvach, J.1, AuthorDainton, J. B.1, AuthorDau, W. D.1, AuthorDaum, K.1, AuthorDavidsson, M.1, AuthorDelcourt, B.1, AuthorDelerue, N.1, AuthorDemirchyan, R.1, AuthorDe Roeck, A.1, AuthorDe Wolf, E. A.1, AuthorDiaconu, C.1, AuthorDingfelder, J.1, AuthorDixon, P.1, AuthorDodonov, V.2, Author              Dowell, J. D.1, AuthorDroutskoi, A.1, AuthorDubak, A.1, AuthorDuprel, C.1, AuthorEckerlin, G.1, AuthorEckstein, D.1, AuthorEfremenko, V.1, AuthorEgli, S.1, AuthorEichler, R.1, AuthorEisele, F.1, AuthorEisenhandler, E.1, AuthorEllerbrock, M.1, AuthorElsen, E.1, AuthorErdmann, M.1, AuthorErdmann, W.1, AuthorFaulkner, P. J. W.1, AuthorFavart, L.1, AuthorFedotov, A.1, AuthorFelst, R.1, AuthorFerencei, J.1, AuthorFerron, S.1, AuthorFleischer, M.1, AuthorFleming, Y. H.1, AuthorFlugge, G.1, AuthorFomenko, A.1, AuthorForesti, I.1, AuthorFormanek, J.1, AuthorFranke, G.1, AuthorGabathuler, E.1, AuthorGabathuler, K.1, AuthorGarvey, J.1, AuthorGassner, J.1, AuthorGayler, J.1, AuthorGerhards, R.1, AuthorGerlich, C.1, AuthorGhazaryan, S.1, AuthorGoerlich, L.1, AuthorGogitidze, N.1, AuthorGrab, C.1, AuthorGrabski, V.1, AuthorGrassler, H.1, AuthorGreenshaw, T.1, AuthorGrindhammer, G.1, AuthorHadig, T.1, AuthorHaidt, D.1, AuthorHajduk, L.1, AuthorHaller, J.1, AuthorHaynes, W. 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1Rhein Westfal TH Aachen, Inst Phys 3, D-5100 Aachen, Germany; Univ Birmingham, Sch Phys & Space Res, Birmingham B15 2TT, W Midlands, England; Free Univ Brussels, VUB, Inter Univ Inst High Energies, Brussels, Belgium; Univ Antwerp, B-2020 Antwerp, Belgium; Rutherford Appleton Lab, Didcot OX11 0QX, Oxon, England; Inst Nucl Phys, Krakow, Poland; Univ Dortmund, Inst Phys, D-4600 Dortmund, Germany; Joint Nucl Res Inst, Dubna, Russia; CEA Saclay, DSM, DAPNIA, F-91191 Gif Sur Yvette, France; DESY, D-2000 Hamburg, Germany; Univ Hamburg, Inst Expt Phys, Hamburg, Germany; Univ Heidelberg, Inst Phys, D-6900 Heidelberg, Germany; Univ Heidelberg, Kirchhoff Inst Phys, Heidelberg, Germany; Univ Kiel, Inst Expt & Angew Phys, Kiel, Germany; Slovak Acad Sci, Inst Expt Phys, Kosice 04353, Slovakia; Univ Lancaster, Sch Phys & Chem, Lancaster, England; Univ Liverpool, Dept Phys, Liverpool L69 3BX, Merseyside, England; Univ London Queen Mary & Westfield Coll, London E1 4NS, England; Lund Univ, Dept Phys, Lund, Sweden; Univ Manchester, Dept Phys, Manchester M13 9PL, Lancs, England; Univ Mediterrannee, CNRS, CPPM, IN2P3, Marseille, France; Inst Theoret & Expt Phys, Moscow 117259, Russia; PN Lebedev Phys Inst, Moscow 117924, Russia; Max Planck Inst Phys & Astrophys, D-80805 Munich, Germany; Univ Paris 11, LAL, Orsay, France; Ecole Polytech, CNRS, LPNHE, IN2P3, F-91128 Palaiseau, France; Univ Paris 06, LPNHE, CNRS, IN2P3, Paris, France; Univ Paris 07, LPNHE, CNRS, IN2P3, Paris, France; Acad Sci Czech Republ, Inst Phys, Prague, Czech Republic; Charles Univ, Fac Math & Phys, Prague, Czech Republic; Univ Roma Tre, Dipartimento Fis, Rome, Italy; Ist Nazl Fis Nucl, Rome, Italy; Paul Scherrer Inst, Villigen, Switzerland; Berg Univ Gesamthsch Wuppertal, Fachbereich Phys, Wuppertal, Germany; Yerevan Phys Inst, Yerevan 375036, Armenia; DESY, Zeuthen, Germany; Swiss Fed Inst Technol, Inst Teilchenphys, Zurich, Switzerland; Univ Zurich, Inst Phys, Zurich, Switzerland, ou_persistent22              
2Prof. Bogdan Povh, Emeriti, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_907545              
3Division Prof. Dr. Manfred Lindner, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_904549              


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 Abstract: The helicity structure of the diffractive electroproduction of rho mesons, e + p --> e + rho + Y, is studied in a previously unexplored region of large four-momentum transfer squared at the proton vertex, t: 0 < t' < 3 GeV2, where t' = \t\ - \t\ min. The data used are collected with the HI detector at HERA in the kinematic domain 2.5 < Q(2) < 60 GeV2, 40 < W < 120 GeV No t dependence of the r(00)(04) spin density matrix element is found. A significant t dependent helicity non-conservation from the virtual photon to the rho meson is observed for the spin density matrix element combinations r(00)(5) + 2r(11)(5) and r(00)(1) + 2r(11)(1). These t dependences are consistently described by a perturbative QCD model based on the exchange of two gluons. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.


Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2002-07-11
 Publication Status: Published in print
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 Identifiers: eDoc: 31818
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Title: Physics Letters B
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