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  Sloan digital sky survey: early data release

Stoughton, C., Lupton, R. H., Bernardi, M., Blanton, M. R., Burles, S., Castander, F. J., et al. (2002). Sloan digital sky survey: early data release. Astronomical Journal, 123(1), 485-548.

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Stoughton, C., Author
Lupton, R. H., Author
Bernardi, M., Author
Blanton, M. R., Author
Burles, S., Author
Castander, F. J., Author
Connolly, A. J., Author
Eisenstein, D. J., Author
Frieman, J. A., Author
Hennessy, G. S., Author
Hindsley, R. B., Author
Ivezic, Z., Author
Kent, S., Author
Kunszt, P. Z., Author
Lee, B. C., Author
Meiksin, A., Author
Munn, J. A., Author
Newberg, H. J., Author
Nichol, R. C., Author
Nicinski, T., Author
Pier, J. R., AuthorRichards, G. T., AuthorRichmond, M. W., AuthorSchlegel, D. J., AuthorSmith, J. A., AuthorStrauss, M. A., AuthorSubbaRao, M., AuthorSzalay, A. S., AuthorThakar, A. R., AuthorTucker, D. L., AuthorVanden Berk, D. E., AuthorYanny, B., AuthorAdelman, J. K., AuthorAnderson, J. E., AuthorAnderson, S. F., AuthorAnnis, J., AuthorBahcall, N. A., AuthorBakken, J. A., AuthorBartelmann, M.1, Author              Bastian, S., AuthorBauer, A., AuthorBerman, E., AuthorBöhringer, H.2, 3, Author              Boroski, W. N., AuthorBracker, S., AuthorBriegel, C., AuthorBriggs, J. W., AuthorBrinkmann, J., AuthorBrunner, R., AuthorCarey, L., AuthorCarr, M. A., AuthorChen, B., AuthorChristian, D., AuthorColestock, P. L., AuthorCrocker, J. H., AuthorCsabai, I. N., AuthorCzarapata, P. C., AuthorDalcanton, J., AuthorDavidsen, A. F., AuthorDavis, J. E., AuthorDehnen, W., AuthorDodelson, S., AuthorDoi, M., AuthorDombeck, T., AuthorDonahue, M., AuthorEllman, N., AuthorElms, B. R., AuthorEvans, M. L., AuthorEyer, L., AuthorFan, X. H., AuthorFederwitz, G. R., AuthorFriedman, S., AuthorFukugita, M., AuthorGal, R., AuthorGillespie, B., AuthorGlazebrook, K., AuthorGray, J., AuthorGrebel, E. K., AuthorGreenawalt, B., AuthorGreene, G., AuthorGunn, J. E., Authorde Haas, E., AuthorHaiman, Z., AuthorHaldeman, M., AuthorHall, P. B., AuthorHamabe, M., AuthorHansen, B., AuthorHarris, F. H., AuthorHarris, H., AuthorHarvanek, M., AuthorHawley, S. L., AuthorHayes, J. J. E., AuthorHeckman, T. M., AuthorHelmi, A.1, Author              Henden, A., AuthorHogan, C. J., AuthorHogg, D. W., AuthorHolmgren, D. J., AuthorHoltzman, J., AuthorHuang, C. H., AuthorHull, C., AuthorIchikawa, S. I., AuthorIchikawa, T., AuthorJohnston, D. E., AuthorKauffmann, G.1, Author              Kim, R. S. J., AuthorKimball, T., AuthorKinney, E., AuthorKlaene, M., AuthorKleinman, S. J., AuthorKlypin, A., AuthorKnapp, G. R., AuthorKorienek, J., AuthorKrolik, J., AuthorKron, R. G., AuthorKrzesinski, J., AuthorLamb, D. Q., AuthorLeger, R. F., AuthorLimmongkol, S., AuthorLindenmeyer, C., AuthorLong, D. C., AuthorLoomis, C., AuthorLoveday, J., AuthorMacKinnon, B., AuthorMannery, E. J., AuthorMantsch, P. M., AuthorMargon, B., AuthorMcG'hee, P., AuthorMckay, T. A., AuthorMcLean, B., AuthorMenou, K., AuthorMerelli, A., AuthorMo, H. J.1, Author              Monet, D. G., AuthorNakamura, O., AuthorNarayanan, V. K., AuthorNash, T., AuthorNeilsen, E. H., AuthorNewman, P. R., AuthorNitta, A., AuthorOdenkirchen, M., AuthorOkada, N., AuthorOkamura, S., AuthorOstriker, J. P., AuthorOwen, R., AuthorPauls, A. G., AuthorPeoples, J., AuthorPeterson, R. S., AuthorPetravick, D., AuthorPope, A., AuthorPordes, R., AuthorPostman, M., AuthorProsapio, A., AuthorQuinn, T. R., AuthorRechenmacher, R., AuthorRivetta, C. H., AuthorRix, H. W., AuthorRockosi, C. M., AuthorRosner, R., AuthorRuthmansdorfer, K., AuthorSandford, D., AuthorSchneider, D. P., AuthorScranton, R., AuthorSekiguchi, M., AuthorSergey, G., AuthorSheth, R., AuthorShimasaku, K., AuthorSmee, S., AuthorSnedden, S. A., AuthorStebbins, A., AuthorStubbs, C., AuthorSzapudi, I., AuthorSzkody, P., AuthorSzokoly, G. P., AuthorTabachnik, S., AuthorTsvetanov, Z., AuthorUomoto, A., AuthorVogeley, M. S., AuthorVoges, W., AuthorWaddell, P., AuthorWalterbos, R., AuthorWang, S. I., AuthorWatanabe, M., AuthorWeinberg, D. H., AuthorWhite, R. L., AuthorWhite, S. D. M.1, Author              Wilhite, B., AuthorWolfe, D., AuthorYasuda, N., AuthorYork, D. G., AuthorZehavi, I., AuthorZheng, W., Author more..
1Cosmology, MPI for Astrophysics, Max Planck Society, ou_159876              
2High Energy Astrophysics, MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_159890              
3Theory and Complex Plasmas, MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics, Max Planck Society, ou_159894              


Free keywords: atlases; catalogs; surveys
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Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2002
 Publication Status: Published in print
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 Rev. Type: Peer
 Identifiers: eDoc: 10978
ISI: 000173767400039
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Title: Astronomical Journal
  Alternative Title : Astron. J.
Source Genre: Journal
Publ. Info: -
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 123 (1) Sequence Number: - Start / End Page: 485 - 548 Identifier: ISSN: 0004-6256