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Contribution to Collected Edition

The Euro and Labour Market and Wage Policies


Crouch,  Colin
Auswärtiges Wissenschaftliches Mitglied, MPI for the Study of Societies, Max Planck Society;
University of Warwick Business School, UK;

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Crouch, C. (2002). The Euro and Labour Market and Wage Policies. In K. Dyson (Ed.), European States and the Euro: Europeanization, Variation, and Convergence (pp. 278-304). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-0012-533A-5
Assesses the capacity of national‐level labour‐market institutions to adapt to developments within the Euro‐zone, and how far the move towards a single currency might provoke or obstruct the coordination of its labour markets. Perhaps its most striking conclusion, which contradicts the zero‐sum assumption that power gained by the EU is lost to member states, is that the re‐nationalization of industrial relations systems that has been provoked by EMU can co‐exist positively with, rather than undermine, the potential growth of Europe‐wide coordination.