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Contribution to the European blackfly taxa (Diptera: Simuliidae) named by Enderlein


Zwick,  Heide
Limnological River Station Schlitz, Max Planck Institute for Limnology, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Max Planck Society;

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Zwick, H. (1995). Contribution to the European blackfly taxa (Diptera: Simuliidae) named by Enderlein. Aquatic Insects, 17(3), 129-173.

Cite as: https://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-000F-C940-7
G. Enderlein named many new blackfly taxa. Types of European species group names were examined. Lectotypes (LT) were designated, also for several senior synonyms described by other authors, e.g., Friederichs and Lundstroem. The true identity of S. pallipes Fries, 1824, was established. Only few of Enderlein's names are valid, many more are synonyms of taxa named by other authors. Previous use of names proposed by Enderlein in the literature is often in conflict with the actual identity, e.g., Rubzov (1959-1964); this is discussed. In a Table, the list of taxa studied is confronted with the use of the same names in a recent catalogue (Rubzov and Yankovsky, 1988), which is often still different. The following names are: Valid: Prosimulium tomosvaryi End. (= P. nigripes (End.), P. pexifrons End., P. balcanicum End.); P. latimucro (End.); S. (N.) lundstromi (End.) (= N. kerteszi End.); S. parvum End., holotype; S. janzeni End., LT; S. (Wilhelmia) balcanicum (End., LT). Synonyms: P. macropyga Lundström (= Hellichia latifrons End., holotype); Cnephia pallipes (Fries) (= Cnetha lapponica End., LT; C. heymonsi End., LT) [not Metacnephia pallipes in the sense of Rubzov, 1940, 1956 = M. saileri (Stone, 1952)]; Metacnephia lyra (Lundström, LT) (= Astega tabescentifrons End., holotype; C. vesfita End.); Stegopterna trigonium (Lundström) (= Cnetha freyi End., LT; Stegopterna richteri End., LT); Simulium (Boophthora) erythrocephalum (De Geer) (= S. tenuifrons End., LT); S. (Byssodon) maculatum (Meigen) (= Prosimulium vigintiqualerni End.); S. (N.) angustilarse (Lundström) (= Cnetha kertes7.i var. melanobrachium End., LT; C. knochi End., LT; C. flavicornis End., holotype); S. (N.) costatum Friederichs (= C. incornuta End., LT; C. barbativentris End., LT); S. (N.) vernum Macquart (= C. trabeata End., LT; C. pritzkowi End., LT; C. albipileataEnd., LT; C. schielei End., LT; C. wigandi End., LT); S. (Psilozia) vittatum Zetterstedt (= P. groenlandica End., 1936, holotype, secondary junior homonym of S. groenlandicum End., 1935 = S. asakakae Smart); S. (Schoenbaueria) nigrum (Meigen) (= Seh. matthiesseni End., LT; Seh. peetsi End., LT; S. behningi End., LT; Miodasia opalinipennis End., LT); S. (Sch.) pusillum Fries (= Sch. arctica End., secondary junior homonym of S. arcticum Malloch = S. roevdeae Smart); S. (S.) argenteostriatum Strobl (= S. schoenbaueri End.; S. alternans End., holotype); S. (S.) noelleri Friederichs (= S. tenuimanus End., LT; S. septentrionale End., LT; Cryptectemnia lindneri End., holotype); S. (S.) intermedium Roubaud (= Odagmia specularifrons End., holotype); S. (S.) ornatum Meigen (= S. ornatum pratorum Friederichs, LT; 0. konsuloffi End., holotype); S. (S.) trifasciatum Curtis (= 0. wilhelmiana End., LT; 0. angustimanus End., LT; 0. nigriperna End., holotype; Discosphyria odagmiina End., holotype); S. (S.) colombaschense (Fabricius) (= S. violaceum End., LT); S. (S.) reptans (Linné) (= S. latimanus End., LT; S. heidenreichi End., holotype; S. heringi End., LT); S. (S.) argyreatum Meigen (= S. montanum End., LT, primary junior homonym of S. montanum Philippi, 1865 = S. polae Smart; S. mehelyi End., LT); S. (S.) variegatum Meigen (= N. bulgarica End., LT); S. (S.) morsitans Edwards (= S. gerstaeckeri End., LT); S. (S.) posticatum Meigen (= S. pseudoreptans End., LT); S. (S.) rostratum (Lundström) (= S. wilhelimii End., LT; S. groenlandicum End., 1935, holotype); S. (Tetisimulium) bezzii (Corti) (= N. tristrigata End., LT; Friesia tristrigata obscura End., LT); S. (W.) equinum (Linné) (= W. equina orichalcea End.; W. equina annulitibia End., LT; N. brunettii End.); S. (W.) lineatum (Meigen) (= W. falcula End.). Doubtful names are: Nevermannia liurvathi End., LT (? syn. of S. (Eusimulium) angustipes Edwards); N. angustifrons End., LT (? syn. of S. (N.) bertrandi Grenier et Dorier); Cryptectemnia laticalx End., holotype (? syn. of S. (N.) codreanui Serban); S. murmanum End., syntypes; Oclagmia simoffi End., type lost; W. dahlgrueni End. (? syn. of S. (W.) equinum (Linné); S. ochrescentipes End. The status of these nominal taxa is discussed; descriptive notes and several illustrations are included.