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Systematic notes on Holarctic Blephariceridae (Diptera)


Zwick,  Peter
Limnological River Station Schlitz, Max Planck Institute for Limnology, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Max Planck Society;

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Zwick, P. (1990). Systematic notes on Holarctic Blephariceridae (Diptera). Bonner Zoologische Beiträge, 41(3-4), 231-257.

Taxonomic and nomenclatorial notes on Holarctic Blephariceridae are presented. Several Asian species previously placed in Bibiocephala Osten-Sacken and Dioptopsis Enderlein, respectively, are assigned to Agathon von Roeder. Bibiocephala is redefined and restricted. The synonymy of Amika Kitakami with Bibiocephala is confirmed. Liponeura jezoensis Matsumura is a synonym of Bibiocephala infuscata Matsumura. Parablepharocera Kitakami is suppressed as a synonym of Blepharicera. Several species of the genus Blepharicera Macquart are redescribed, most from types; B. pusilla sp. n. (Malaysia), B. tanidai sp. n. (Japan) and B. macropyga sp. n. (China: Hainan) are named. B. tertia Kaul is synonymised with B. asiatica Brodsky. P. alhnicola (Kaul) and B. rahlaea (Kaul) are doubtful species. Asiobia Brodsky is a new synonym of Neohapalothrix Kitakami, N. acanthonympha (Brodsky) (comb. n.) is a probable synonym of N. manshukuensis (Mannheims). Manaliella Kaul is synonymised with Horaia Tonnoir. Horaia manaliella (Kaul) (comb. n.) is a doubtful species. Larvae originally described as those of H. manaliella are actually of another tribe, probably of some species of Philorus.