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Automation of phage display fro high-throughput antibody development


Konthur,  Zoltan
Max Planck Society;

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Konthur, Z., & Walter, G. (2002). Automation of phage display fro high-throughput antibody development. Targets, 1, 30-36.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-0010-8CA4-C
Linking a protein displayed on the phage surface (phenotype) to its encoding DNA (genotype, which is integrated into the phage genome) allows us to survey large recombinant Antibodies are important tools for the detection of diagnostic markers and are the most well-known examples of specific molecular interactions. We have developed automated technology that enables the selection of antibodies and other interacting molecules from large recombinant libraries. The physical link between phenotype and genotype in phage display allows selective isolation and amplification of a particular phage encoding a desired antibody fragment. Successive rounds of phage selection, amplification and screening are performed at high throughput, using a pin-based magnetic particle processor. The integration of this with existing DNA and protein array technology enables industrial screening of complex libraries and opens up a new level of functional genomic analysis.