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Planar B4 Rhomboids: The Rare Earth Boride Halides RE4X5B4

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Mattausch, H., Simon, A., & Felser, C. (1997). Planar B4 Rhomboids: The Rare Earth Boride Halides RE4X5B4. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 101, 8851-9957. doi:10.1021/jp971500q.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-0018-5E5E-D
The new compounds RE4X5B4(RE)La, Ce, Pr, Gd and X)Br, I) and RE4I5B2C RE)La, Ce) are prepared via the reaction of RE metal, REX3and B, or B and C at temperatures 1670gTg 1270 K in welded tantalum ampoules. Chains of interconnected B4 rhomboids are the characteristic features of the crystal structures. According to band structure calculations, the compounds are one-dimensional metals which undergo a gradual metal-to-semiconductor transition at low temperature as experimentally indicated by the steep inrease of electrical resistivity.