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Electric and magnetic properties of CeSi2-xGax Kondo lattices (0<x<1.3)

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Moshchalkov, V. V., Petrenko, O. V., Yasnitskii, R. I., Pozigun, S. A., & Grin, Y. N. (1987). Electric and magnetic properties of CeSi2-xGax Kondo lattices (0<x<1.3). Soviet Physics - Solid State, 29(7), 1155-1158.

Cite as: https://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-0019-884E-F
The temperature dependences of the resistivity, the magnetic susceptibility, and the thermoelectric power were studied in CeSi 2-xGa x Kondo lattices (0les xles1.3) having the alpha-ThSi 2 structure. Measurements were made at 1.7< T<300 K. It was found that, as the gallium content x increases, a transition from a high to a low Kondo temperature TK occurs at xap0.2-0.3. This is an analog of the alpha-gamma transition in metallic cerium. It was also found that when 0.1les xles1.3 the CeSi 2-xGa x alloys pass from the paramagnetic to the ferromagnetic state at a temperature TMlsim12 K. This temperature is almost independent of x near the phase transition; for 0.7lsim xles1.3, it falls from 12 K at x=0.7 to 5 K at x=1.3, probably indicating a decreased electron density when silicon is replaced by gallium in CeSi 2-xGa x.