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Quaternary selenodiphosphates(IV): MIMIII[P2Se6], (MI =Cu, Ag; MIII = Cr, Al, Ga, In)

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Pfeiff, R., & Kniep, R. (1992). Quaternary selenodiphosphates(IV): MIMIII[P2Se6], (MI =Cu, Ag; MIII = Cr, Al, Ga, In). Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 186(1), 111-133. doi:10.1016/0925-8388(92)90626-K.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-0019-B879-A
The layered compounds CuCr[P2Se6] (m.p. 730-degrees-C, incongruent), AgCr[P2Se6] (m.p. 720-degrees-C, incongruent), AgAl[P2Se6] (m.p. 588-degrees-C, congruent), CuIn[P2Se6] (m.p. 642-degrees-C, incongruent), AgIn[P2Se6] (m.p. 673-degrees-C, congruent), alpha-AgGa[P2Se6] (m.p. 450-degrees-C, congruent) and beta-AgGa[P2Se6] (metastable) were prepared from the elements in evacuated silica tubes (molar ratios M(I):M(III):P:Se = 1:1:2:6) by heating up to 750-degrees-C (10 h) followed by quenching/annealing or by cooling from the melt (Bridgman technique). The crystal structures of CuIn[P2Se6], AgIn[P2Se6] (trigonal, P31cBAR; a = 639.2(0), 648.3(1); c = 1333.8(1), 1333.0(4) pm; Z = 2) and beta-AgGa[P2Se6] (trigonal, P31cBAR; a = 637.5(6), c = 1332.0(1) pm; Z = 2) are related to the CdI2 structure type whereas the crystal structures of CuCr[P2Se6], AgCr[P2Se6] and AgAl[P2Se6] (monoclinic, C2/m; a = 619.3(3), 630.5(8), 634.8(5); b = 1072.4(2), 1091.7(3), 1098.9(3); c = 690.9(9), 699.1(1), 702.8(4) pm; beta = 107.2(7), 107.7(1), 107.2(1)-degrees; Z = 2) are related to the CdCl2 structure type. Alpha-AgGa[P2Se6] (orthorhombic, Pbca; a = 1216.9(5), b = 2248.4(6), c = 747.3(2) pm; Z = 4) shows close relationships to the crystal structure of Ag4[P2Se6].